A Short Announcement

20140308-NDI10033I’ve received a few (not many) but a few complaints regarding the length of my articles. Certainly, I want to be an encouragement and so if you are avoiding reading these because of length then I want to fix that notion right now.  So, I’m making a change in my presentation.

In the front part of each blog, I will have a thought or scripture or idea along with a short encouragement…and then for those who want to read onward, I’ll probably still have a naturally long winded article to go along with it. This satisfies you who have time to read the lengthy notes as well as those of you who truly only have a few minutes to spare each day. I would appreciate you letting me know if this works for you…just reply or email me at donna@bravetobraver.com.

Blessings and much peace to you and yours!!

Donna Reiners donna@bravetobraver.com


3 thoughts on “A Short Announcement

  1. GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL……….I enjoy the (WHOLE READ) but I am also a READER and I also MAKE TIME for the READING as I know when God has ALIGNED certain RELATIONSHIPS I never want to MISS the NUGGETS of WISDOM that you send……SO for me I don’t look at it as just a READING of an ARTICLE……I READ IT FOR (WISDOM) and INSIGHT and how what you have written may (APPLY) to my LIFE currently or was their something I missed that I need to look at…..EITHER WAY IT IS ALWAYS a BLESSING THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR HEART THROUGH YOUR WRITING……HAVE A BLESSED DAY ( and MAY FAVOR, HONOR and the RICHNESS of GOD”S GLORY ) Rest Upon You

    Ms. Yolanda Tezeno – JEREMIAH 31:1-34 When God Gives Divine Revelation and Divine Vision and YOU SHALL SEE HIS MANIFESTED PURPOSES…


    1. Thank you Donna. Yes, I agree and so I’m attempting to do this with all my upcoming posts….I’m editing as much as I can before they are published. Have an amazing and blessed day. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share with someone who would be encourage. d


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