Flat On Your Back – Look Up!

A fellow blogger released an article recently that resonated inside and want to share it with you.

Her name is Michelle Bollom with Restored Ministries – here is her blog and FB information:10256946_10203948634746786_7724770455136373506_n

“Some people only look up when something has knocked them flat on their back.

Our problems can seem overwhelming when we allow the things of the present to loom larger in our gaze than the things of eternity.

Life works better when we learn how to glance at the things of the world but gaze at God. ‪#‎LiveRestored‬

And let us gaze at Yeshua, Him who is The Author and The Perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was His, endured the cross and ignored the shame, and He sits upon the right side of the throne of God.~ Hebrews 12:2 Aramaic Bible in Plain English”


20150216-NDIP10067Blessings to you – Until soon,
Donna Reiners

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