Run Me Over

Run Me Over copyright Donna ReinersSeriously? Are you not looking where you are going? Apparently not. Did you almost run me over?
So, I’m driving down the road on the way to my weekly class and I slowed to allow two moms with their baby strollers cross the road. They are hesitant but get the hint and start to cross when lo and behold a white car whizzes past me as if I’m not even there. The result was almost hitting me AND almost hitting the strollers. I’m like – really????? Is this necessary? I let the stroller mamas past and drive forward with a thought…wouldn’t it be interesting if she is headed where I am headed? It was HAHAHA funny when I saw her white car drive into the same driveway as me! Oh how funny life can me sometimes, don’t you think? It was humorous to me and I commented – you almost ran me off the road! And do you know what she replied? “Oh, was that you?” Oh was that you?!! That’s it?! HA!
Where am I going with this….? I’ll tell you. She was/is oblivious to anything except where SHE WAS HEADED. I’m not sure how different she is from the rest of us and to be honest, it was pretty difficult to be upset even though she did just about run me over.
What do YOU do when someone wants to run you over?
I just want to encourage you today to look where you are going…how are you getting there? Are you running someone over in your zeal to push ahead and finish your race? Just remember, this is not a sprint – it is a marathon. So, be kind along the way. Watch where YOU are going and maybe stop and help someone along the way instead of barging ahead as if your race is the only race that is important. When you stop to get a drink, how about fetching a drink for someone else too? Then, you can rest with a friend while you prepare to head back out …there…where you may just get run over 🙂

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