Nepal and Christians Who Preach On The Backs of The Dead

This is an excellent article. I challenge you to read it. Tell me what you think.

john pavlovitz

Praying 4 the lost souls in Nepal. Praying not a single destroyed pagan temple will b rebuilt & the people will repent/receive Christ.
– Preacher Tony Miano on Twitter

Right now people in Nepal are still buried beneath the rubble and some Christians are already standing upon it to preach.

As of this writing, nearly 4,000 lives are confirmed lost with more sure to be added. The images and stories are simply devastating; such incredible sadness and loss and pain, still some self-professed followers of Jesus aren’t content with that.

They must add religious insult to terrible injury, salt to the open flesh of the already horribly wounded.

It’s one of the more tasteless and disheartening patterns repeated by certain extreme segments of the Jesus-following population, to rush to any tragedy; mass shootings, natural disasters, high-profile deaths, and to sermonize recklessly.

Like ambulance-chasing lawyers, they speed to places of disaster and grief, and instead of embracing…

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