The Destructive Lie of “God’s Favor”

I found this article fascinating. I’m surrounded by many who use the favor words all the time – from a parking spot to a good doctor report…. Though I think I’d like to do a study on favor in the New Testament and understand the context in which it was used…,for the most part I feel his words were significant and helpful.

john pavlovitz


He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Matthew 5:45

Sometimes the lies we believe are so subtle and so seductive that it’s really not a fair fight. The sales pitch can be so enticing and the promises so grand, that we can’t be blamed at all for embracing them without greater scrutiny, because that might mean having to give-up what our hearts want so desperately to be true.

Every day, I come across Christians who are quite certain that they have #godsfavor upon them, and they boldly declare the fact to anyone within earshot and timeline.

Not surprisingly though, this declaration nearly always immediately follows reports of their success, advancement, or some perceived external “blessing” (not unlike the NFL field goal kicker who points to the sky only after the ball sails through the uprights and never when he misses wide right). These folks…

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One thought on “The Destructive Lie of “God’s Favor”

  1. Amen Donna. A good reminder that no matter what happens, good or bad, we are loved and so thankful HE is present to love us through it all. thank you! Judy


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