4th INVITE into Silence

Rarely do I have a day I have not carefully scheduled or consider as important. Rarely do I live a day when I’m not meeting someone on purpose with purpose or spending time with God or in His Word or cooking a healthy meal for my husband or exercising my body, writing to encourage another soul or visiting someone who needs help or is alone. When I was young I had no idea who I was or what I wanted in life and it showed in my aimless life. I avoided silence because I avoided myself. I busied myself with busyness because I avoided me and the many quandaries of that day and time. The busier I made my mind – the more I avoided what I needed to actually finish. I encourage you today to meet yourself!! You will find you are amazing…. love love,

Invitation into silence ©Donna ReinersCheck out an enjoyable short read by your friend (me) and be encouraged in your new day with YOURSELF!

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Love love – d

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