The Weapon of Thanksgiving!

This is fabulous insight. Take a few moments to read this…it is practical and will cause you to pause and consider your daily life… until next time!! d

Disrupting Culture

Jesus said that, “from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. (Mt 12:34)” As I have been listening to believers all over the country, I have heard hearts overflowing with words of fear, stress and anxiety. I have been asking the Lord about these fears and He has been emphasizing one word to me, “thanksgiving.” Not the holiday, but the attitude of the heart.
The Spirit showed me the picture of a Christian being squeezed by a vise and said, “When life squeezes us like a grape, Jesus should pour out of us because we are meant to abide in Him.” Much of the talk from believers contradicts our name. We are called “believers,” not complainers. If you don’t pray, beware; complaining fills the void of prayer.

We do not complain about what we are praying about. For example, if I am praying for my spouse for an hour…

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