DEADLINES dragging you??

Motivated Monday 

Are up up against dead lines? Don’t be afraid! Take it one step at a time. Even if you are right up against it – don’t give up!make a list! Check it twice. Look at that clock square in the eye. Focus. Go for it! Don’t turn back! Finish!! Even if you are LATE…..get er’ done! For yourself!! You want an honest moment? I’m finishing something right this moment that is a 2 year old commitment. Why so long??  Life happened. People died. Curveballs came. I HAD TO BREATHE!!! So, now I’m returning to the starting line. Some items I CANNOT get back to but this one thing???? I must!! Integrity calls my name!! My friend, if you have something like this nipping at your neck like a bug that won’t go away…it may be a get er’ done item!! AND IT WILL be well worth your time just to look yourself in the eye and say job done. See you at the finish line.  


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