Not the Norm

Motivated Monday-Okay so not only am I not the norm but this commentary is not the norm.

My norm is that everything is okay or going to be okay and that the devil is a liar and that you can pursue Him and come out on top.

Today is not the norm.

I’m in pain, not feeling well, uncomfortable, dizzy and confused. There I said it…it’s almost like a cussword when you say to a Christian that you are confused…yet sometimes it is what comes. My question to myself is how long do I give myself permission to live here?

Someone I know seems to hate my optimism. Hates my viewpoint of life. Hates that no matter what, for the most part, I remain at peace. Angry that I don’t shed the same tears, yell at the same militants, lose my composure. They think if I don’t express myself the way they express themselves then I must be not feeling anything….yet ..they don’t know or maybe don’t care to know that if I lose my peace – I’ll go to pieces…

Would they like me more if I lost my mind? Yelled. Threatened others. Stomped to make a point. Agreed with their anger to such a point that I got so angry that I threw glasses or plates or ran my car off a cliff? Hurt myself? Hurt others? 

I won’t return to who I used to be.

So how long will I remain I this state of being? About a second.

Ain’t got NO TIME to fall to pieces. I’m realigning with peace so that I can walk with the God of peace and make decisions from peace instead of pieces of distress. 

Love, d

4 thoughts on “Not the Norm

  1. Good word! Praying also that you feel better. 😍 We can’t go wrong when we head straight to the Great Physician. Thanks for the reminder. Love you my sweet friend.

  2. Amen sister! I have a friend very similar to what you’re referring too. I too think she wants me to scream and yell at what’s going on. We did stand on the streets in Kearny yesterday against Abortion, and I felt good about that. It was a peaceful declaration of my disgust for killing, mutilating, and selling our precioius little babies. God bless you Donna for sharing our feelings so openly. You help the rest of us to know we are NOT alone. Love ya….Judy Judy LaBrune, NC NUHEALTH Nutritional Consultant 308-325-0924 Creating Healthier Lives God Bless you


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