Breathe Again

Tenacious Tuesday- Another day today. I don’t have it all together. Many things happening. My mind swirling. So I’ve had to stop. Breathe. Consider. This week a man died who was in the prime in his life. Breathe. This week a woman found answers to life long health issues. Breathe. This week a family was born again and immersed in the presence of our Father. Breathe. This week another man’s brother died. Breathe. This week a sister found life. Breathe. Again. 

God the Father of the entire planet was tenacious in how He prepared for mankind. HE sent the Breath of Life. Tenacity is available for you and we have access to it now, this day.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe again. You have partnered with Tenacity and have another day on this planet. I’m thankful to breathe and intend to live thankfully tenacious.

Breathe again. Love, d  


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