Unfazed And No Longer Confused 

Love this post by Michelle Bollom – it’s long but worth it – at the end you get to be UNDAUNTED!!! Read onward….

Restored Ministries Blog

This morning I woke up to day five of my fasting experience and although I am so thankful that God has been faithful on the revelations and encouragement I was wavering a bit in my resolve.

I was tired and feeling horrible and second guessing my ability to do this. My blood sugar had been very low and this morning I just could not focus. I was rushing God through on my quiet time and when He led me to the verse I knew was my download, I was like – bingo! Wow, now we are 5 for 5! Yeah!

You see, I recognized the verse Romans 8:37 so I thought I already knew what God wanted me to share since that is the verse for Conquering Overeating – my local emotional eating support ministry that meets every Thursday night.

But God was saying- nope, you don’t know it all…

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