Finish the old-Move into the new

Super Saturday – I see the Lord calling us to finish our commitments and start anew. But what’s that mean in real time? How do you finish the old and move into the new?

Look at what’s undone and do it – one thing at a time. 

I have tshirt a to make and deliver, a few small books to put on Amazon, a small group project to complete, a dentist to go see, some blood work to have done, a garage to clean out.

What about you? How is your relationship with God????? HE made us white as snow and gave us new clothes to wear. Have you lived in your new clothes? Until soon – d


One thought on “Finish the old-Move into the new

  1. Doing this! Actually stepped out of a previous commitment that I made last May. Doesn’t hurt anyone else for me to say no to this. Just my image. Lol! What will so and so say? I’m over that. I’m ok with what God says about it! Gives me back some precious time to do what God calls me to do daily. I remembered something you wrote awhile back and between prayer and that piece of writing it spoke to me today… I feel a peace that is from God. Now… I can do the things undone! Love you! Thank you for your good words. Love Jesus in your heart!

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