Turkeys & Eagles

Fearless Friday-It’s not an easy thing really….following a never ending never changing God. In the midst of it, we must be willing to reinvent ourselves through renovation….through changing…to desiring to grow and live and mature and be like God. Jesus told His disciples that obeying Him was how to show Him they loved Him. Obey. In some circles that’s a four letter word. Yet, obedience is trusting or yielding to His Spirit. How do you learn to obey? Jesus obeyed and matured. We will mature as we grow in knowing His Word….in knowing His love.  Though the Bible was written to specific people in a different day- those beautiful, strong life filled words will fill you with confidence and boldness…they will give you direction in the night and help you learn how to fly like an eagle versus staying grounded like a turkey.  When you love God, I believe you will desire to know the book He wrote to and through men….words that will cause your mind to be stable and words that cause your mind to discern rightly. The words He wrote then were personal and straight forward and held instructions for godliness and righteousness. Goes words then will still instruct you today…

We can prevent ourselves from becoming like our surroundings by surrounding ourselves with those who know and love God and love us. ….It’s simple really…if you are going to fly…be around eagles…if you want to remain a turkey…who might get captured and eaten for thanksgiving…then……you know the rest…so can make the better choice and go the way of the eagle….its up to you. 

Until next time, d 


2 thoughts on “Turkeys & Eagles

  1. I like this! My last boss would ask, “Are you a pigeon or an eagle?” if you made some type of mistake. ‘Only eagles work here’ was his motto. Suddenly he changed the question to “What are you…an eagle or a turkey?” When I asked about the change he said, “well, all pigeons do is sh!+ on people. At least a turkey will feed a family. But the eagle is the only one to fly the highest.”
    Have a good and blessed day

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