Peace Is Yours

Super Saturday-Let the God of peace be your Peace. I kid you not – He is real and He really is The One Who created the Universe. Begin your own transition from seeking for hope in religion to seeking the face of a real Person – the Father of the planet. Don’t let any religion hold you captive when there is a God Who wants to hold your heart and be your Hope.
You will not be left alone. Spirit comes to guide you into the Father. What a journey! Love-@donnareiners  


2 thoughts on “Peace Is Yours

  1. How beautiful are those words It’s so good when you know The Real Everyday God
    Hope you and Craig are well 😇

    1. Yes. We are wonderful. Thankful for changing with the king…moving forward with Him. We are making new friends in our neighborhood and our church. It’s been good..loving on folks who don’t go to church but forming relationships with folks who genuinely need a Friend forever. Been so sweet… We love you and bless you and would love to get together sometime. We are maintaining relationships with folks we have known a long time – or at least we are with those who have an interest. Been a learning season. Love love!!

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