Difficult Decision

Super Saturday – Today, I made a difficult decision…one that I did not make carelessly or quickly. I deliberated long and hard…weighing the consequences of both directions and in the end…I took the way less traveled. I don’t know what what the future holds..I only know Who holds it.

What about you? Are you making decisions with the Holy Spirit? HE is interested in every area and aspect of our beings. HE is our Most Intimate Partner. Don’t kid yourself – HE literally LIVES inside us…HE has a vested interest my friend….

So, when you feel nudged to make a difficult decision – inquire thoroughly in and out but most importantly inquire above…

Until next time,


Let me Hear Gods voice
Moving Forward IS the KEY to PURPOSE is Higher than fear.

2 thoughts on “Difficult Decision

  1. We can’t never go wrong if the one who is counseling us is the Holy Spirit of God. Who knows everything and wants the best for us, even if in the process we exercise long suffering.

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