Stuck in a Parking Lot

Felt lead to send this today. Hope you are encouraged. Love-d

Brave to Braver

Have you ever felt stuck in a parking lot with no way out? You wonder how you got there and try as you do to relocate – it seems every turn brings you back to the same parking place. You wonder what it means and you wonder how long the season will remain. However, more than that, you simply wonder how you ever got stuck in a parking lot.
You cry out but no one seems to hear.
You weep yet no one sees the tears.
Stuck in the parking lot for what feels like years.

Are you in a quandary looking for sin?
Glancing to the past to see where you have been?
Forward you go with no move in sight?
Clearly in life your day is now night…

Thankful you are though some won’t believe
that you can be grateful when feeling bereaved.

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