40 Days to the BRAVE New You

Love Yourself Without Limits

Transform how You see Yourself

By changing YOU, it will change how others treat you too.

Have you ever wondered if you can…

BECOME BOLD in ways you have only thought about.
BECOME RESPECTFUL to yourself in private and public.
TAKE ACTION to overcome your past shadows.
BECOME VICTORIOUS as you face your past.

The answer is…


You can be transformed into the BRAVE New You.


You cannot live differently than you believe and I believe it is TIME for you to believe in YOU!

40 Days to the BRAVE New You  is a systematic approach for gaining clarity and insight into the love of God for you. You will gain new understanding in your own personal relationship with God.

It takes you from who you are into who you want to become and transforms your heart as you heal from past wounds and pain. This study will awaken you to your true inheritance of life and love and living in a new way for YOU.  

What is the BRAVE Process

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About Donna

cropped-fda799db-856c-4824-ba1a-2eb3cd6a6f57.jpegDonna is Certified Life Coach and ordained minister with a passion for helping others identify past emotional cycles that keep them from taking steps of action. She loves helping others the mind.  Her mission is to help others understand their own personal worth and address deep rooted low self-esteem and self-hatred. Where did it come from? Why is it allowed to lead you? She has tools to help you make new decisions including books and online classes. However, her sweet spot is coaching you in a group or one on one so that you can transform your emotions. She uses various techniques to help address your past and then turns you around so that you are leading yourself into a new future. Traumatic emotional issues do NOT have to keep you stuck on crazy mode. She addresses emotional issues buried deep inside so  you are able to break repeated cycles that keep you stuck.

Donna invests her time coaching others so you can experience victory over your past shadows while learning how to love yourself without limits so you can pursue your unfulfilled dreams.

How I can Help YOU!!!

40 Days to the BRAVE New You is a powerful experience. You will learn how to treat yourself with boldness and respect. You will have daily personal LOVE yourself assignments from the LOVE YOURSELF LIST! These action steps will show you how to be KIND to you. This BRAVE Process will change you and eventually it will change how others treat you too.

40 Days to the BRAVE New You was a seven year journey of facing the past and moving into the future with greater  wisdom and understanding. You will be inspired by Donna’s passion and call to infuse inheritance and kingdom into the lives of those she coaches, leads, talks with and cares about.  Donna has created BRAVE to change you into the person you dream to become.

BECOME BOLD in ways you have only thought about. BECOME RESPECTFUL to yourself in private and public. TAKE ACTION to overcome your past shadows and BECOME VICTORIOUS as you face your past and BECOME ENCOURAGING for yourself.

This sought after coaching program will increase your confidence in you!  It will change your productivity and help you transform YOU…as never before.

The 40 Days to the BRAVE New You program helps you learn how to...



YOUR tomorrow does not need to look like your today

Don’t go thru another day feeling trapped and hopeless in the way you see your future…learn how to stop, take a breath, and see yourself.


The truth is that how you see yourself frames how others also see you. But by changing your perspective, you will see yourself with new confidence, respect, and love. Your new image allows the environment to change.

Don’t keep getting caught up in the same patterns. Re-frame yous self-image and bring transformation in your family, work, and relationships…

40 Days to the BRAVE New You is all about you and designed to give you tools and a step-by-step process to help lead you into a new tomorrow.

What makes this unique

Many solutions focus on the mind and many protocols focus on the spirit but the mind-body-spirit connection is important and all three are addressed in our coaching.


Our program is uniquely designed to work on addressing emotions impacting your spirit, soul and body. You can address your thoughts but many times without addressing the emotional frequencies in the body, the triggers are not easily removed and cause us to follow repeating cycles.

Our Group Coaching Process

Many call group coaching a Mastermind...but Donna calls it
the TOUGH Stuff Series. 

She gets real and deals with issues most refuse to talk aloud about.

Tough Stuff Coaching is designed to help you...

- HEAR personal experiences & testimonies

- DISCOVER the STRUGGLE with explainable emotions such as fear, 
  resentment, anger, shutting down, betrayal, sadness, offense, 
  paranoia, etc.

- CLARIFY your emotional Issues

- EXPLORE the route your mind took in “a” moment so you can locate 
  the root

- BE EQUIPPED TO IDENTIFY & RELEASE your own hindering emotions

- EMBRACE fresh vision for your family’s freedom

- RECEIVE personal prayer

- UNDERSTAND how to free yourself from family influences 
  & root systems/triggers

Here’s What’s Included


The 40 Days to the BRAVE New You group coaching experience takes place through 8 weeks of online recorded coaching calls and includes worksheets and assessment surveys. Each week contains fresh material, strategic exercises, personal prayer and creative flow to encourage you in moving forward. We meet for up to two hours and sometimes longer depending on content.

Through these 8 weeks you will BECOME BOLD in ways you have only thought about. BECOME RESPECTFUL to yourself in private and public. TAKE ACTION to overcome your past shadows and BECOME VICTORIOUS as you face your past and BECOME ENCOURAGING for yourself..

Here’s an overview of the 8 week schedule:

Note that each session will take up to 2 hours.

The next 40 Days to the BRAVE New You group coaching is scheduled for
Fall, 2019. 

You will be able to access and watch missed videos online.

What others are saying about the 40-Day Study


If you don’t know Donna Reiners, then you should. If you do know her, then immediately the thought of passion comes to mind — passion for Jesus and life. This series is a good course to get to know her and the One she is so passionate about: Jesus and His Presence.

In this series, laid out as practical challenges in a transforming journey, Donna becomes your thought provoker, your coach and mentor, and your encourager along the way. She will be a catalyst to a new you. You will be challenged to truly like yourself and provoked to a new boldness to become who God designed you to be. You know why? Because not only has God given her a revelation toward “a brave new you” she models the lifestyle by the way she lives.

Jesus came preaching a new kingdom — a kingdom of love like no one had ever seen. In the presence of Jesus’ love, you will find treasures for yourself. Your life will revolutionize others around you. They will be grateful just to know you. Donna will not only give you revelations as to how to love anew, she will hold your hand and strengthen you along the way. Prepare to be challenged into a passionate relationship with Jesus. You are going to love the new you.

Bob L. Phillips

Bob L. Phillips Ministries, Inc.
Heartland Church in Ankeny, Iowa


Donna Reiners is a proven author and an anointed teacher. She’s also a committed practitioner who diligently helps individuals overcome myriads of diverse circumstances. By the end of this 40-day study, you will have the answers that empower you with increased momentum towards the fulfillment of your life goals.

Rev. Jill Mitchell O’Brien
President, Kingdom Connections International Inc.

I met Donna Reiners in 2014, and from the start I knew this lady was not normal. The Word tells us we are a peculiar people and that we are to be different. We are to stand out and not do things the way the world does them. We are to be set apart. Donna has done a great job in writing this book to help you do that very thing. She has laid out some principles that give you a great foundation on how to build according to God’s way and not the world’s way of doing things. As her pastor, I can say that Donna’s greatest attribute is that she truly loves people and wants to help them find the Source from where this Love originates. I pray you enjoy this book but most of all, I hope you find the love of the Father. I hope you feel the passion that Donna carries to know Him and to make Him known.

Darrin Begley
Author, I AM identified
Pastor, God’s House, Inc.

Branded By God Ministries

Attention: This may well be the most significant and transformational book you have read in your whole life. Read it carefully, slowly and dutifully. You owe this to yourself. This is also a daring book in that it plunges us into the massive flock of problems that gather around our dealing with our concepts of self. Let’s face it, we have a tendency to think either too much or too little of ourselves because self is always with us. What a novel idea, to avoid both these dangerous pitfalls by intentionally agreeing with God and loving ourselves. This book walks in “where angels fear to tread.”

The author has dared from the beginning to open the curtains on her past, the trials, the failures, the battles, the inner demons and all. She has emerged from her past, not only with a limp but also to an enlightened life of God’s love. I love her “synopses”, beyond a dozen, that form the foundations of truth from which she writes and speaks. I also love the challenges issued in her demands of openness and honesty on all our parts. She invites, yea, demands us to take the truth into our minds and think it, then speak it with our mouths and, most important of all, activate it into a lifestyle of movement.

I thrill at the possibility of this becoming a text for study with individuals, small groups, large groups, old groups and young groups. Thanks, Donna for opening your life to us in daring and stunning vulnerability! I predict for this treatise a fantastic future!

Jack Taylor
President, Dimensions Ministries
Melbourne, Florida

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