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Talking Back to God on Kindle

A 10-12 week course on the life of Jesus Christ. This study takes you on a journey with Holy Spirit to experience what Jesus prayed – when, why, where – not exhaustive but a thorough study of how Jesus prayed and with whom…

Talking Back to God English 41v-uJqGG0L

Becoming One on Kindle

Jesus desires for you to be with Him and He bids you to come. HE dares you to invite Him into the inner most thoughts of your heart as well as your most intimate times in the bedroom. Let Him make your intimacy the place of communion with Him it should be. Your bed can actually become an altar of love and commitment and covenant between you, your husband and God. It is at His throne alone where you will find peace, love, strength, strategy and wisdom to carry out the principles of Beholding, Believing and Belonging. I originally wanted to call this The Sexual Experience but I let a pastor talk me out of it because of the word sexual. Then, Kris Valloton came out with The Sexual Revolution. Next time, I listen to God first…

Becoming One-LetterHalf B- Cover

Voices in My Head on Kindle

A bible study that includes many scripture references for you to saturate yourself with that say who GOD says you are versus what you think about you.

Voices in My Head B1 from Life Bible Study cover 1mg

Talking Back to God in Spanish (Respondiendole a Dios) on Kindle

Jesus prayed – when, why, where, what and how – not exhaustive but a thorough study of how Jesus prayed and with whom…

Talking Back to God Cover2

Woman Come Out of the Cave on Kindle

This book is for the hurting, the abandoned, the broken, the empty, the rejected, the betrayed, the sad and the mournful, the pain-filled, the sorrowful, the abused and the neglected. If you have not encountered pain and do not need to be encouraged, then this book is not for you.

Woman Come Out of the Cave B- Cover Front

Step by Step Fast and Pray for the Next Generation on Kindle

A 40 day guide to fasting and praying for the next generation. It includes a step by step day by day guide….each day has a scripture and a prayer with it to pray. The book also contains instructions on how to involve an entire church or organization in fasting and praying for someone specific or a specific purpose and so on. It gives suggestions on how to calendar it and also gives you options on fasting…either one meal, two meals, three meals or 24 hours. It is simple and anyone can join in the fast from the young to elderly.

step by step 51j8d0MPDUL._SY346_

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Books

  1. What a wonderfully encouraging and blessed blog you have here. It was such a pleasure getting to know you at the queens shoot last month. I look forward to posting them as the very last photoshoot of my reign as Ms. Texas Plus America 2013. Thank you for the wonderful farewell and I consider it a blessing having gotten to know you.


    1. Meaghan – Oh my goodness….do you know that I JUST NOW saw this?? I’m so sorry for taking so long to respond….literally am seeing this right now. It was a pleasure to take your photo. You are a beautiful woman and it was an honor to do it. I wish you much success and health and wholeness in your future …in your career and in your beauty 🙂 Blessings and much peace – Donna Reiners


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