Power of Intention

I want to talk about the power of intention. Taking hold of your thoughts… Capturing your thoughts… It’s done intentionally. It is not a random act of kindness. It is an intentional action on the inside of you that captures an ill willed thought and stops it from moving out of you into the space of another human being. If you find yourself entertaining a thought or an idea or an out right curse toward another person… Stop and reconsider. Picture yourself snatching it up with your hands … and throwing it into a trashcan. Cancel that thought. Look at that thought in your mind and put a great big X Mark on top of it. Canceled. Denied. Reject that thought from living inside of you and cancel that thought from going after another person so that it lives inside of them. Intention is powerful. Let’s be intentionally kind toward ourselves and toward others. Love, d #jesus #prayer #splanknaimg_6588

Slippery Slope of hurt

Some years ago I was hurt by something out of my control and none of my business. That hurt permeated my belief system and operated as an offense. My unoffendable heart became so offended that I stepped away from loving the church. I had turned into a slippery slope of hurt, unbeknownst to me and it subtly and openly demonstrated itself through personal fault finding and criticism of the church. Regrettably, when I objectively peer into my own heart I can see how I stepped away from pursuing God with my entire being. This is of course what the enemy was after – my relationship with God, my love for His word and loving others. It was a subtle yet slippery slope as I allowed disappointment to encase my heart. All it takes is a little lie to stop you from trusting  Him, others and yourself.

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, I’m sure you caught the turn from loving unconditionally to criticizing. Will you forgive me?

Forgiving unconditionally is the key to loving unconditionally and the cross made room for all.  When you hold unforgiveness it affects all parts of your being – your thoughts – your words and your actions  I asked God some time ago to restore me to His original intent – HE and I are on a journey of discovery. I’m learning who I am as His daughter. I’m learning who I am without the opinion of others. I’m learning who I am when I’m wrong in my flesh yet still righteous in Him.  I’m learning to live as if already forgiven. And I’m learning to live as if others are already forgiven too. Join me in this adventure with Him…

Until soon,


Falling Short

People want us to accept them right where they are. People want us to love them right where they are. We all do the best we can while we are on the way to where we are going. We all fall short. Why do we fall short? We fall short, because we are all being perfected or completed by his love. Everyone is in process. Maturity is forgiving. Being forgiven. Maturity is not throwing it in one another’s face where we have failed. Maturity is not venting in order to get it off your chest so that you make sure that other person knows where they harmed you.  Identity is staying in a relationship as we all grow into his image more strongly and more clearly and more definitely. I encourage you to look at your own flaws instead of someone else’s. I encourage you to do what the word says… Put on Christ. Forgive as you have been forgiven before anyone ever wrongs you. Then you will have no inclination to bring up another person’s fault because you would have already forgiven them before it even happened.  This is what Jesus Christ did on the cross. He forgave all of us. We get to do the same. He said do not count it against anyone. If you do not count it against them… Then you do not bring it up before them… He has forgiven us as far as the east is from the west. We are supposed to do the same. Indeed… This also is a process.

Forgive those who throw your past up into your face. Move forward. Do not hold it against them. After all they are already forgiven.

 Until soon, 

Distraction, Detour & Destruction

Motivated Monday – I was quarantined with a mysterious fever and deep cough. My husband took me to Urgent Care where it was clear I was not in my right mind. Delirious it seemed. Quickly, the medical staff assessed my situation and gave me a breathing treatment. A long one. At first, I thought what is the purpose of this? I can breathe fine. Then, it was clear I wasn’t breathing fine. Pure oxygen was needed to bring me back into my right mind. My right mind.

My right mind.

What is that exactly?

What is my right mind?

When I left the Urgent Care facility, I was not feeling better physically, but my thoughts were clearer. My right mind came back through pure oxygen. Then, the oxygen moved through my body supplying much needed nutrients to my cells so that my body could fight the sickness.

And this is my thought process. My right mind is when I am in UNION with CHRIST WHO IS PURE OXYGEN. What is it to breathe pure oxygen? I think it is focusing on only Him Who in turn leads me into His will. Breathing pure oxygen is the only answer. Breathing Him in and breathing only Him out so that HE is all that is within me. I find this union when I lay aside all that lays on me to distract, to detour, to destroy me. The problem is that the clothes of distraction fit so well and the road to detour looks so fetching and the idea of destruction seems like such a term of grandeur for the likes of me.

So, there I was under a heavy blanket of yuck searching Him out for answers and solutions as to why I got sick and how to avoid it in the future.

But, HE brought it all back to HIMSELF and pure oxygen. And then, I brought it back to where I have allowed mixture to muddle up the purity of His oxygen and His calling in me.

What if the calling is so clear, so concise, so obvious and so narrow that you just cannot see it? Those were my thoughts as I peeled off another layer of distraction, detour and destruction.

Until soon,