Feeling Deep

Feeling deep thoughts for the deep thinkers in grief or pain.

The pain was so deep I could not touch it yet so close I could not get around it.
Pieces of pain like glass splintered under the feet. Not sure how to move without cutting themselves.
The Pain of the feeling the deep kind.
The pain that calls, pulls and consumes. The pain of finality.
The pain of no more.
The pain of standing on the rock in strength…while you wait for joy.
My compassion meter is strong but my rescue meter competes.
It’s difficult to watch a loved one writhe in emotional pain. I want to take them in my arms until it subsides.
I want to break through the boundaries they put in place to protect themselves. I want to help them move forward.
Removing the memory connection will alleviate the instability that fearfully haunts and paralyzes them.
Removing the raw real trauma frequencies that came into their body will help restore health, wellness of mind and stability of heart.

It doesn’t change what happened to them but it does give them clarity to make new decisions from peace not pieces.
Don’t give up – you are close to the new you. You’re standing. You’re climbing.
You’re stronger than you know. You’re one of a kind. You’re safe to feel. Safe to heal. Safe to grow.
You have permission to feel your deep pain. You have permission to live again.
If you’re not safe to feel alone, get with someone who can let you express your heart.
One day you’ll see your strength. Receive truth and life. Love in the pain.
Life through the tears. Union in the brokenness. New start with a fresh breath.

In the mean time, you get to say goodbye to those old patterns, old ways of thinking, old ways of living, old ways of rejecting the ones near you or rejecting yourself. You get to face your past and move past it – it is most definitely time.

One day you’ll feel joy. One day you’ll see intention and one day it will make sense.
One day the strong strength of the rock will be infused into the memories.
One day you’ll feel the sun again through the deep thinking. Feeling deep.

I love you- d

Oh, how we grow

Oh how we grow.
Last month, I realized my heart felt and very tender. My dad died 20 years ago.
He died holding my sister Sandy’s hand.
Funny how I did not appreciate my parents when I was young. Not like I do now. Even their mistakes are significant to me today. I’m learning even now from their goodness,
their sacrifices,
their pioneering ways,
their stances,
their efforts,
their intelligence,
their education –
as well as their ignorance in some areas or narrowness in others.
Oh, how we grow.
Of course as a stepparent and spiritual parent, I have better understanding regarding the decisions my parents made and why.
Segue – I married a man with two children almost 18 years ago and now I realize also my influence was important then and still is today. When we married, I wanted the kids to love, respect and honor their dad. I emphasized Father’s day and his birthday and even Christmas. When they were growing up, I saw myself as an ADD On. However, God corrected me years ago and showed me how the spouses of their parents were as worthy of honor as the biological parents. I am sharing because when they were growing up, I did not see the need for them to honor me. I had what I now realize was a lack of entitlement (did not need it) and my desire for them to love their dad overshadowed Truth. Unknowingly, I imparted a disrespect to them in the area of authority and parenting by not helping them honor their other parents. If you are a stepparent or spiritual parent – please do not disregard yourself as unimportant. It is not wise. Oh, how we grow.

Back to my story – we did not have much growing up but they did the best they could with what they had – and now – I get it.
And oh do I miss my dad and mom. I miss my dads hugs and I miss my moms scent. I missed her most because she lead me into Truth and loved me unconditionally.

I miss my moms wisdom and my dads sense of humor. She created cards for me. She celebrated. I have one of the cards she made me even today. Now, I send texts. It’s sad but seems to be the value others place on holidays or birthdays. So, I’m adjusting. I miss her soft skin and I miss his laugh. I miss her handwriting – not a text with limited connection. I miss her life and the ability to see her face to face.
My parents talked about everything. They expressed their opinion to one another.
They did not always agree but that was okay. I remember his voice. I don’t remember hers … Oh, how we grow.

I do recall my dad blessing us with a prayer and his words before he passed away. We all held hands. It was miraculous.

I have better respect for him and her now. She was kind and she wanted relationship with me. She wanted to spend time with me. Mom liked me as I was -a messed up broken needy kid who wanted to be loved. She introduced me to Jesus. It was her greatest gift to me – His love and His courage … that I committed to later in life. She did not see me learn Spanish or play the guitar – two things I wanted to do when I was a little girl. That’s okay.

Though she died young, she was courageous. Sometimes she is why I don’t give up. Sometimes she is why I reach out to others. Sometimes she is why I shut my mouth. A woman with few words whose words were impactful when she used them. Kind. Did I mention kind? Did I mention her unconditional love? Did I mention she made room to know me and wanted to know me? I miss that kind of connection. Few want to get to know others.

Yea. I miss her relationship. I miss how she encouraged me.
She was sincere and intentional. She was smart and creative.
I’m still learning from her….Funny how those 18 years with her impacted me so greatly.

I miss what I could have learned from my dad had I honestly wanted to hear him or know him.
Lots of missing without regret or darkness. I am simply acknowledging weaknesses that are not as prominent today…and wishing I had known them longer. They had value and I missed their worth when here on planet earth. 🌏 🌏
Living courageously from His light and their presence… one moment at a time.
This earth time passes quickly … Oh, how we grow.
Love, d

Women, Wine & Wellness on 1/20: 6-8pm

Hello friends – I know we are a world wide group but if you are in the Houston or Katy Texas area,
I invite ladies to our first Women, Wine & Wellness West Houston meeting 1/20/20 from 6-8pm at Mona Italian Food restaurant.
Mona is nestled between Corner Bakery and Masala Wok behind Chick Fi La – 19355 Interstate 10 at Greenhouse.
You can purchase your ticket here

Women, Wine & Wellness West Houston is a professional social networking organization with chapters all over the nation.
We have one in Cypress, Irvine and scattered all throughout the United States.

I invite you to join us as we take our organizations and businesses from the normal networking for business growth to networking for community growth.
We want to be with you in business and in life.
You do not have to own your own business to be part. You may be retired and hold invaluable information for us all.

We start at 6pm with social time where your ticket purchased 1 glass of wine, appetizers and an opportunity to get to know other women leaders and hear an expert in the wellness category.
You are welcomed to have tea, soda or water as your beverage.
Before our speaker, we will introduce our members and table sponsors and also have opportunity for a door prize from one of our businesses.
After our speaker, you will get to hear all about WWW and how to be involved personally or professionally.
Blessings to you – Donna Reiners
Certified in Energy Psychology, Tapping and look forward to coaching & connecting you from your head to your soles.

You can purchase at the door or $25 and can get further details on this Facebook link.
I am not a medical professional or a licensed counselor. Please be advised at your own risk and drink responsibly.

Marketing Women, Wine and Wellness West Houston Area - Social Networking
Premier Networking and Social group for women in the West Houston area.


Prayerful thoughts

What if our thoughts are prayers?

What if it matters what we think to The One Who answers prayer?

What if renewing our mind works hand in hand, complimenting our prayer life?

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” ~ 1st Thes 5:16-18 love-d #prayer


 Have courage. You are a place of intention.

Someone is for you. You may feel alone but being alone and feeling alone are not the same. There is a Voice inside that is the Voice not just of reasoning but of confidence, humility, faithfulness and no matter what you succeed or fail in – this Voice is for you.
Have courage. When feeling as if the world is against you – this Influencer is not. Intention.

When you are still enough to hear the process of your Greatest Partner inside you begin to see a will that is more loving that your own. You begin to notice a longevity with this Partner’s will that has an action plan for the long term. When we decide to follow the Voice of the One Who knows you better than anyone – you can bet that nothing can stop those plans. You ARE going to face obstacles – some you knew about – some that you do not know about and some you felt ready for and some you have no idea how you will live through them.

Not giving up is the key to your sanity, success and stability. Have courage and intention.
You are an overcomer. Do not allow discouragement to eat at you day by day until you find yourself confused and wondering about your course of action. Do not expect easy peasy as you receive to move ahead and forward into dreams you want yet do not see manifest.
You are not alone. You have a Very Present Help in your day of wonder, wandering and wilderness as well as confusion, capsizing and contentment. Pure Intention.

Becoming stressed out is not your friend. Stress wants to take you down a pathway of insanity and dis-ease and dishonor of your own self. Yet Providence is your Friend and always has the upper hand. So, stay close to the voice of Rest. Let me clarify that rest is NOT the voice that feeds your every want or desire. The voice that feeds that part of your soul is usually strife – not rest. The Voice of Life is the thought leads you into more life and it is the voice of confidence that leads you into expectancy. Life Intention.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to even determine the direction you are following was expectancy because at times circumstances seem to overwhelm the leaning into this Voice. Ask for the pathway of Life.
Do not just run ahead in haste to get what you want to reach that new goal or be the first one. Instead, lean into that One Who makes way for your pace, your journey, your heart’s desires.

When you trust, it is another step of building equity with the One Who lives inside you. Have courage. It is like money in the bank but its return is greater than financial. Safely your heart is held when you lean into your Greatest Partner inside. Invest TRUST. Invest LOVE. Love is the greatest currency. Loving you. Loving the one with you. Loving others.
The more you trust and build this equity in relationship, the more empowered you feel to listen and obey the instinct inside leading you to a more fruitful opportunity or land. Trusted Intention.

Sometimes it is sooooo chaotic on your insides and you long for peace. Have courageous intention.
Then, there are days you have rest and peace yet you lean into noise or a way to fill your time with thoughts that are not part of the equity.
Practice when you are able to be still in the midst of confusion and terror. practice leaning into this place of Trust where you are inside the Bank of Love where you have built the equity…you can find not just peace – but a contentment and a victory dance that causes you to be strong, stable and balanced.

This is your year my friend. What is your Intention?

You are taking inches that become feet that become miles that become short distances that become long distances that bring fulfillment to the deep thoughts – the deeper dreams – the stronger successes – from the place of Rest and long term evaluation.

A place of intention – this is who we are and Whose.
We were each made with intention. You have purpose. It is deep inside – one that reveals over time…
Courageous Intention – this is who you are.

Psalm 33:20 – We wait in hope for the LORD WHO is our help and our shield. In Him, our hearts rejoice for we trust in His holy name. –

Psalm 56:3-4 – When I am afraid, I will trust you. In God, Whose word I praise, in God I will trust; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortal man do to me?

Romans 8:31 – What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Align your intention with Truth and Intention will line up with you.

Be Confident & Breathe

Be Confident and Breathe.
CONFIDENT that He Who started it will finish it…
Marriage is similar to friendship, family – even work or church friends I think.
It takes commitment to stay the course, love the one in the mirror and the ones you are with.
It takes being willing to shut up and give in as well as stand up and let it go.
It takes hugging it out instead of running out the door. Confident enough to hug even in the face of being rejected.
It takes loving someone through their tears instead of telling them to shut up because you are uncomfortable or just cannot fix it (and feel inadequate).
Love is a strong choice and the minute you run from one person who makes you crazy is probably when you find that same person looking back at you when you are alone in the bathroom. 
You may love some who refuse to love you back. You may apologize to those who refuse to acknowledge your humility. Let it go. Confident.
Simply thank God you are alive. They are alive. You have another day. I’m telling you that your emotions will cause you to say things you don’t really mean that you will have to apologize for…or justify the words because you feel entitled to “feel” whatever you are feeling.
Its that whole perspective thing. Confident He will finish it, you and them.
Hug the one who makes you crazy. Or you will run them over or walk away from them.
You probably make them crazy too.
Hug the one who ticks you off. Or you will kick them out or leave them stranded.
You probably tick them off too.
Hug the one who makes you feel invalidated. You are they will harbor resentment for “feeling” like you don’t matter or are not in the room or are just unimportant.
They probably feel invalidated too. Confident.
Love the one who makes you feel angry. They are probably angry too.
SOOOOOO much goes into the tapestry of loving ourselves and humanity.
Loving and swallowing the failure we feel because we cannot go back and fix what is unfixed and the pain we feel about the loss we feel and the inadequacy we feel…
Feel. Feel. Feel. Oh My.
Feelings lie but Truth stands the test of time.
See the Truth in the one who you want to desert. Maybe they are just as insecure as you are but cannot express it.
See the Truth inside yourself – that there is One Who will never leave you or them….no never… Confident.
Take a deep breath – breathe in and out and then do it again and then do it again.
Hug yourself. Hug them. Start over. Confident.
Don’t let the cycle of run away get you sick and tired of sick and tired and stress you out so much that you want to throw in the towel.
You can’t go back but you can step forward.  Confident.
Love, Donna

Still the Soul without His Voice

I do not believe boundaries should be made for boundaries sake. Often, this is similar to the law in that we need to do something to protect ourselves or someone else – instead of hearing what Father is doing in a situation and obeying His voice.

Are there time with a need for real boundaries? Of course – but real boundaries are not created to protect us from being inconvenienced or liked or so we can be like Burger King.

Wait, I’m not poo pooing on boundaries – I’m just saying that boundaries without His voice instructing with His motives which are all about Him…His kingdom and His purposes – is just another rule in place to serve our flesh.

The flesh of Jesus was mangled not so much so that our flesh is protected – but so we can overcome what mangled Him.

Just a thought…

Too much Hope?

When someone offers you what feels like “too much hope” through an unorthodox way whether it be mental, physical or emotional and you say no based on something that happened in the past to you or to someone else…….. I just want to remind you that you might just miss your opportunity to have a positive change to your life.

What if your no to this “weird too much hope” can’t explain or understand it thing is your no to you speaking, talking, hearing or walking?

Let your tomorrow be different than your past.

And if you are afraid to hope too much because of being disappointed in the past …all I can tell you is that I would prefer to step out and be disappointed than stay stuck in hopelessness which says NO to anything positive. What about you?

I know…. this may not make sense to all of you but some of you get it.

Stop being afraid of your own shadow.

Stop being afraid of the impossibilities.

Start saying hello to the possibilities.

Start saying hello to even ONE LITTLE STEP FORWARD!!

Hope again!

I almost refused to share with someone today something that I know has the capability to change her life and the lives of those around her. Almost.

Then, I felt that nudge inside….. “Why are you afraid to bring hope?” We met with a family and literally changed their lives in a positive way. It was NOT false hope. It was not healing either…but it was definitely improvement. Thank You God!

I remember years ago I was in a situation with a church staff/pastor where our belief systems collided. They called to ask me questions about whether I believed that God healed today. I had been hanging out with some of the women in his church and he was “concerned”. As we explored our conversation, it was as if I had a rope around my neck and I would not get out alive. You see, I did not graduate a seminary (or cemetery) is what my pastor 25 years ago said it was called. Anyhow, my point is that I was fairly new in leaning strongly into believing God healed instead of thinking He did not. After a very long conversation, the bottom line was that he had been hurt years ago – his church he felt had been hurt years ago from what he believed to be “false prophetic words” regarding healing and atonement and all that went in between. His point however was that all those comments and prophecies did was give false hope because that person died. They were devastated and he insinuated that his church was devastated and that it created basically a bad name for God and so he did not want me to influence his church with a belief system that included atonement. I was stuck.

How do I honor this pastor and his belief system and honor God and His belief system and help the women continue to move forward into more life in Christ and let them have their OWN belief system? I was not ruled by fear and the ladies did not want to be ruled by fear either. After all, God IS LOVE – He does not “just love”… I had to choose. I was not scared which honestly was miraculous at the time because I had such a strong submission to authority and wanted more than anything to please pastors or anyone in any kind of leadership and authority… But there was a VOICE…….inside me.

THE Voice – THAT Voice INSIDE me.

I KNEW that voice… I did not know all the information that pastor knew and I did not know how to lead a church but I knew inside me that I was safe to believe and Hope in the One Who healed and believe in healing. This was HIS leading from the inside of me.

Was this pastor lead by the same voice? I believe so but we all hear through our own filters. Maybe there were places inside me that were developed differently than the places in His heart inside him. He was mature and I was mature but in different areas. Now, many years later I’m mature in other areas and have changed. I have great respect for his heart for his congregation and his desire to protect them. On the other hand, I realize I must follow that voice…as I learn and grow I would prefer it to be in hearing Him not just hearing information and following doctrines of safety.

I had seen some healed. I had been healed of some conditions supernatural. Years later, I have experienced more of the same – healed and not healed. Yet, is this because our God of Hope is inconsistent? Is this because God is not a Healer? If I’m not healed, is God the bad guy?

These are thoughts that we all have from time to time right? When you are growing in what you know about Creator…you ask questions and when you are growing in Who Creator is or what you think He is…you ask questions and when you actually converse with Him and get to know Him and you feel He is getting to know you…and you think HEY is God a Person Who hears me and knows me and is real and HE KNOWS ME????? WOW. Everything changes. Share with friends.

Love- Donna Reiners

Hurry Up w Crystal Griffith

Hurry Up! With Crystal Griffith and Radiant Joy Consulting

Showing, involving, or requiring haste or urgency…

Heard that a few times before? As if you are purposely going too slow or you feel like you can’t keep up?

If you’re a parent, it probably feels like the only words you ever say! Hurry up, move along, let’s go…

You know the drill.

As a business owner, you feel the hustle constantly. You tend to feel behind a lot. You are trying to keep up with the latest and greatest ways to earn clients.

As a fellow Christ-follower, you may even feel the urgency to heal faster, walk your journey better, be able to share Christ with more people.

The list goes on and on.

What if we stopped?

Stopped all the hurry, the hustle, the competition to be more, do more, and just started to live more.

If we work deliberately to be quiet, listen, and be intentional in our directions, slow our roll to actually enjoy those we are with, be present in our moments.

We would be less anxious, less stressed, more rested, and more in connection with the one who has the absolute best plan for you!

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Time Pressures

Fabulous article that you CAN relate to- Time Pressures by–Kathy Collard Miller

I have a hard time saying no! As a child, I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings and wanted everyone’s approval. As a result, I was usually distressed out because I was trying to please everyone and didn’t have enough time or energy to be everything to everyone.

Since then I’ve learned a phrase that set me free: “a need is not necessarily a call.” I like to rephrase it as, “An opportunity is not necessarily God’s open door.” Just because I hear of a need doesn’t mean God is calling me to respond to it. I’d begun to put that idea into practice when I heard of a need: the reorganization of a church group whose leadership had all resigned. I went to the meeting but emotionally had to sit on my hands, for fear I’d raise them to volunteer for all sorts of things. But I didn’t think this was where my strengths would best be used so I kept telling myself, “God hasn’t called me to this.”

Evidently everyone else had heard of that same idea because no one volunteered for anything! Two weeks later, I heard of an opportunity that was exactly right for my talents and I became involved. I was so glad I hadn’t volunteered at the previous meeting because I would have been distressed trying to fulfill both. Later I heard that a group of volunteers had stepped forward to carry on the work of the first group, even though they hadn’t been at the reorganization meeting.

I learned that God can guide me and provide all the time He wants me to have as I obey Him.

Keep shining my friends!! Until soon and many Blessings friends!!