It’s a choice

How do you personally get free from judgments if you always remind yourself and others of wronging or being wronged? It’s a choice.

Jesus wiped away all the wrong and being wronged. He chose.

Are we going to wipe away the memory of what He did on behalf of humanity? What happened to Him was atrocious.

So, His intention was forgiveness for all mankind.

Are we going to continue to hold unforgiveness for any and all mankind? Or receive what He did for all mankind’s wrongs including yours, mine and those who wronged our bloodlines? Choice.

If I continued to remind my family of their abuse (for the purpose to make sure they never do anything wrong to me again) how do you think that would go? They would feel condemned. Also, how would they ever forgive themselves? Had I held their wrongs against them…it would have held those same wrongs against myself. Choice.

I am not about to remove my family from my presence because they remind of how I was abused?

If I’m reminded of how I was abused, it is because I am still clinging to my wounds and I am unhealed in my heart.

What if I beat the hell out of my sisters for beating the hell out of me?

What if I hated their guts and wanted nothing to do with them because of how they treated me when I was a kid? Seriously. Think of the process of hatred and how it rules and reigns in the thought life…

It bears no good fruit whatsoever… it just causes more hate. Choice.

Just thinking aloud.


Walk This Same Earth

At the risk of making you the reader mad – Let me be the minority voice and have my own little ruckus because I’m an unknown woman who grew up on the wrong side of the track whose daddy owned a worm ranch and you know how fun that was to be known as the family with the worms whose nickname was Sewage… You and I both walk this same earth. Yes, I am white so go ahead and presuppose now before you read onward cause I’m sure it’s gonna make somebody mad…cause you know…that seems to be the preferred emotion this day…you know…to get angry instead of a change of mind or actually have a conversation face to face versus on facebook or this device where we do not see the pain in each others eyes and we stay clear of any kind of true compassion for the life we have lived or are now living.
WHY does the sickening hate in American continue to be about racism and not identifying the true issue?
Historically, it seems here in America, we stop and cling to the word racism every time there is any kind of violence against a non-white and then the nation riots (not the first time) and then we have an outcry against racism. If a stand against racism were the answer would it have been resolved by now? The issue is identity in all colors and not just white. We live on this same earth.
Violence was not how Martin Luther King handled his life – that man is a man who crosses all denominational and all economical and all color boundaries. He demonstrated dignity and literally changed society…He knew who He was and Whose. He paid a price for it. He was fearless.
My goodness – Why do you suppose we do not develop past our own skin color? Yes, AGAIN, I acknowledge I’m still white and now some may be protesting from non-white skin and say something like this: “You don’t know what it is like to walk in my shoes…or my mom’s or grandfathers or …….onward…. And you don’t know what it was like to walk in mine either. This country is IMMATURE IN developing respect… for just about anything really when you think about it…. We all want to shift blame to somebody else for why we have a lack of identity. I see the disrespect in the mom for her role as I see her ignore her child while on her phone every single day when she walks the kid around the corner. I see the kids next door completely ignore instructions from their parents. I almost get hit by cars thinking it is cool to race down the highway in rush-hour as they endanger all of us in their competition. I see an entire family including kids on their cell phones at dinner ignoring one another. These are all colors and all ages and all economics. Disrespect for one another is learned. Respect is learned. But lack of love is probably at the core root. 
You are right – I don’t know what it was like to walk or what it IS like to walk in your shoes. I was bullied as a kid and as an adult every single day (not tarred and feathered) but continually hit and continually made fun of and was poor and paid for vacations with bottles my parents found on the side of the road so part of me has had some issues maybe some of you did not have…
I grew up under the leadership of an earthly father who felt hitting was the best way to communicate his love language. I grew up with kids who ridiculed me daily and I hated myself with a vengeance most my life… What I experienced is not the same as any-color racism – 
ALTHOUGH at the time it tore me apart and almost took my life many times in my lifetime….
Racism is found in all cultures across the globe – cultural prejudice within and outside of all sorts of sects and family lines and cities and nations including inside America.
Yet all of us walk on this same earth.
And honestly, it seems to be white people who stop whatever they are doing to jump up and down to come to the defense of racism more than anyone – is it guilt? Do we want to be popular? Do we want others to think well of us? Do we want more friends? Do we really want to make a difference? Why is the cry for racism only during riots and bloodshed?
If it was really solely a race issue – do you think it could have been resolved by now?
Are you really convinced race is the issue?
COULD it be deeper than race…deeper than skin shade…?
I just wish we had a true strategy to solve this sickening emotion/hatred.
I’m thinking we as a nation – a people – all over the globe – don’t know who we are and we don’t know WHOSE we are and we don’t acknowledge we have the exact same color blood and we breathe the exact same air and we have the same organs. We won’t consider that we all came from the same Spirit and we all return to the same Spirit after we leave this same earth that we all walk on together.
Instead, we use emotions as our excuse for actions and behavior
that belittles, reinforces, dishonors, angers and rules atmospheres…separates, divides, shifts blame and takes blame.
I was thinking today that it is ironic to think the one rioting may be robbing their heavenly neighbor?? Sad to think the one prejudice against that other is having attitude with someone who holds God Already living inside them and living alongside of them and will see them in the next place of existence…until then – we all walk on this same earth.
It is not just us white people who don’t now who we are – it is every color as we walk this same earth.
Screwed Up MESS is what is happening folks.
End of my rant.
Have a great day.
Make a non violent rumble will you?
Let your voice be heard.
But let it be a voice for humanity and not just your section of humanity… because right now we are ALL focused on this one thing…in unity to stop something that we won’t stop by using all these little posts and antics of poopularity…………. 🙂
Go ahead.
Be mad. When we are mad, we stop being kind to others AND ourselves…
because that is how the emotion of hate – separation – division – works…
hate is an inside job that shows up on the outside… 
If I were not white would you still be mad for me writing this?
Love is an inside job.
Where is our Wisdom as an entire people?
BUT a Union in Love from Love with an origin from ABOVE Who may even live inside of you (even if you have turned to hate God or Higher Power or WHATEVER/WHOMEVER You call the one who gives you breath and blood) So, are we fighting amongst our own brothers and sisters? WHEN REALLY we are all really one color…. ?? Something to think about as we walk this same earth.
Interesting to think we have the same Father …  we were all birthed…
You have thoughts? I would love to hear some response from love not hate. So, if you don’t know me, you won’t hear compassion, you won’t see the tears, you won’t care about my heart that cares…

Walk the Same Earth

Changing my Focus

Braver Wednesday – it’s not as easy as thinking that whatever you think you will get. But what if what you are thinking in the negative will never come to pass? Then you wasted all that precious time thinking dreary dead filled thoughts. Let’s change our focus. Let’s expect something different. Let’s hope for more. Let’s enjoy where we are while on the way to where we are going. Love, D


Super Saturday- Your ease in forgiving others is the evidence that you have forgiven yourself. Love, d 



Super Saturday- seriously – friends are hard to come by…

I love people. For the most part, I love through and through including the not so beautiful part. I figure we are all in progress. This card came in the mail and it brought tears to my eyes. It was that day when I appreciated that touch from God maybe more than other days..that day when I’m the one who needed loved through and through including the not so beautiful part. Thanks friend. 

Be a friend today even if you don’t have any yourself. Sometimes being the friend instead of needing one – is enough.



Forgiving is Afoot

Fearless Friday

Forgiving is a choice and rarely a feel good feeling especially when betrayal or dishonor was afoot. All I can say is that Jesus offered a new and better way. If He forgives from the cross – surely we are empowered to forgive after resurrection. Holy Spirit lead us into truth – we choose to follow you into resurrection with others and with fearless and love others and yourself by forgiving. While you forgive say with me- I choose to  be patient and kind with me too. Love-d 

Self Sabotage?


Self sabotage??
In the midst of life happening around you – do you have a vision for you? Do you know what God wants with you? Or are you simply living day by day by day in survival mode? IF you are in survival mode, do you have a plan to implement so that you can move from survival to thriving? Have you been in self sabotage mode? Or is someone else throwing you under a bus? Maybe you have embraced the thoughts of the enemy by accident. I have had to stop periodically and look objectively into my own private world and make a new decision. How about you? 



Bold and Beautiful ©Donna Reiners

Bold & Beautiful 3 of 3

Beaten Black and Blue

My sister remembered another time when she was a little girl, and my dad got angry over something she did. He beat her so black and blue she could barely walk. If she had gone to school the next day, the authorities would have taken Daddy away and locked him up for a long time.  She admits that she had a sassy mouth and that was part of the problem. She challenged his authority, and he did not know any other way to express his displeasure, other than to treat her the way he had been treated. She had no relationship with our dad. Am I excusing our Dad? No, I’m not excusing. However, when you enter into that mature place in the LORD, you identify the reasons people do what they do. She knows he was wrong to treat her in that manner, and she was bound up by fear and intimidation and anger and self-hatred for most of her life, simply because that was how she was treated. She did not know any other way to respond to his behavior. She became an intimidating, challenging, manipulating. Condemned for years by her own self image, she was set free by the love of God, and the unceasing mercy of His steadfast faithfulness in her life. JESUS loved my sister out from her cave. She is now a person who is non-condemning and more empathetic to the tears and frustrations of others.

When you receive the love and forgiveness of our Father in heaven, you learn how to give it out as well.

What kind of season are you in right now? Are you in a season of pain because of a wounded heart or are you in a kaleidoscope of fear? Are you discouraged or feel beat up? Has God been showing you some things about your heart that He would like to change? Did you know that every change He desires to make is for our own good? He wanted to heal Sandy’s heart. God did not want her living her entire life with a wounded heart! Just as He healed Sandy, He is also concerned about you! Have you have experienced a difficulty that has caused you great pain or sorrow? Maybe you are grieving due to the loss of a loved one? Maybe you are confused from an act of betrayal? Maybe you feel rejected, and would rather no one know the truth of how you feel on the inside. Be assured that God knows and God cares, and He will not leave you as you walk through the experiences of life and in time HE makes us all TO #BEBRAVER as we become BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Do you feel discouraged or beat up? Briefly express to the Lord how you feel in this season and why. Be sure and write it down so that you can see where you were/are and where you are headed. 

Pray with me

I do feel discouraged and beat up and need to be renewed according to Your Spirit. Help me feel alive again. Show me how to cast off this discouragement and despair and cause me to enter into life again! I need You Jesus! Help me! I admit that my heart has been wounded time after time, and I am so afraid to trust anyone. It is difficult for me to believe You have good plans for me and want me to enjoy life. So, Lord, come and change my distorted view of You. I forgive all those people who have offended me. I admit I responded to their abuse by letting it strongly hold me in a non-forgiving attitude all of these years. I release them and I release myself from my own unforgiving heart in Jesus name. I choose to FORGIVE!! I love You Jesus and need You to lead me into Truth and love and trust again. Lead me through this season God, and take me to the other side. Walk with me through this pain, so that I can be set free. I love You and as I learn how to #BEBRAVER, I look forward to living life BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Send this to friends who need to see their own beauty.

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Until next time,

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

Victim of Hate 4 of 5

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

The shelter of pain

My siblings grew up under the shelter of pain, rejection, beatings and misunderstandings. We were not the Christ filled, love centered home. We had a daddy who had grown up in the depression in a household where you got three bullets and a gun and your grocery store was located in the nearby forest. If you came back with only 1 bullet, the rule was that you had to also come back with two rabbits. Dad had been brought up by a mom who had been married and divorced nine times before her death at 91. So, he never knew the loving kindness of a father figure. He only knew the betrayal and abandonment of one woman and nine men. Our dad was a drill instructor in the navy, back when beating the troops was just a part of the day-to-day training. Our mom was born in obscurity and embarrassment and poverty. Because of her own shame, rejection and abandonment issues, she rarely stood up to the violence and anger alcohol brought into the home. So, it is understandable that all my sisters knew how to give was the very thing they had been given – abuse. Our parents had each been a victim of hate and us kids too had each been a victim of hate.

But we did not have to remain victims. There is a place inside where you grab hold of Truth and become victorious. You must decide today to #BEBRAVER than ever and get free from your past. Your past does not have to be your today. Your parent’s abuse is not your today. Grab hold of God and let God’s Truth give you a new today. Today, you turn to victory in Jesus name. Let it be.

Victim of Hate no more
Donna Reiners

Change your mind and not longer listen to be a victim of hate

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VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

Victim of Hate 3 of 5

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

The Work of an Enemy

As a little girl I found out that no matter what I did to please my sister, it was never enough. It was my heart’s desire for her to love me. Inside my mind were the thoughts of the enemy saying to me how much my sister did not want me and how much I was unwanted by everyone in our family. All these were lies. I did whatever I could to get her attention and gain her acceptance. My heart desperately wanted to be with my sister. My thoughts lead me into wanting to be her tag-a-long, because I wanted her to accept and love me! Unfortunately, no matter how I attempted to show her how much I loved her, it never worked. The enemy had poisoned her mind toward me and without realizing it, she wanted nothing to do with me and so no matter what I did to “make her love me”, it was never enough. She was a victim and I was too.

Before I go on, I want to explain to you that her hate for me was an unseen enemy who planted and lived and desired to destroy not just me but her as well. Think about it. She believed she hated me and because she hated me, I believed lie number 1: I had no worth. And that just served to add to my growing belief about lie number 2: no one loved me. Now, listen, this was not a plot just against me – this was a plot against her. The hate she felt toward me was also how she felt about herself and it was not really how she felt….it was a system put in place by an enemy….if darkness can convince us we have no worth, then we will live as if we have none. This woman – my sister – overcame this darkness and she has tremendous worth and sees my worth and EVEN sees the worth of those who seem to hate her. WOW. What a turn around.

This mentality of believing I had no worth and that no one loved me ruled my life, until I dealt with it at the cross. This is the same cross my sister came to that changed her from a vessel of hatred to a vessel of love. However, because I was thirty when I actually committed to living my life in Him, that mindset of hatred was my safe place for the first thirty years of my life. Those feelings toward myself did not just magically leave my heart. Because of the graciousness of the Lord, the Holy Spirit enabled me to believe Him, and what He said in His Word, about others and myself, and slowly but surely my mind changed. As I grew in the Truth about myself, I also grew in the Truth about what He said about my family. The Lord gave me understanding on the whys and the hows regarding our childhood. I began to understand that though she had chosen those thoughts toward me, she was not my enemy. She too had been a victim of the enemy, just like I had been, and only needed a revelation of God’s love to turn her around. Somehow in my heart I just knew she would one day choose Him and receive His great and wonderful love for her, and that would dispel the awful hatred she had toward me. Slowly but surely I embraced his Word of Truth for me, and one of them was a key to learning how to love my sister even when she seemingly had hatred in her heart towards me.

2 Tim 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.

God did not want me to be afraid! God does not want you afraid! After the Lord showed me this scripture, I had to begin to let go of fear, and I had to learn how to embrace courage! Can you embrace courage today? Can you become #Braver? Unfortunately, I had lived under the rule of fear for so long, that it was not an easy process. Fear was a best friend and it was very very difficult to embrace another attitude. But it was not impossible. I realized that fear was why my sister had not loved me! She too had been afraid of love, and she did not really truly know how to love because she had not experienced pure love either. The truth was that neither one of us knew how to love or be loved. Do you? Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. Can you forgive? Then you can love. Can you be forgiven? Then you can receive love. God gave me a picture of my sister’s heart one day, and I could see her desire to be loved, and I could see her loneliness and her fear of abandonment and all the other junk from OUR past. The Lord brought compassion for her. No longer did I take it personal when she seemed to shun or reject me, because I knew it truly had nothing to do with me! It wasn’t personal! This was an all out war for HER SOUL TOO that the enemy had begun in her very early in her life, and I just happened to be a victim of it, not the reason for it. We had both individually been a victim of hate.

Are you a victim of hate? You do not have to remain one.

Father, I pray you will come and reveal truth and let Your perception go deep within the one reading. Let your LOVE and YOUR sound mind and your power embrace this reader and let today be a new day to begin the process of freedom in Jesus name.

Send this to friends who would relate to being a victim of hate.

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