No premature end

You don’t know how your #story ends so don’t end it prematurely. #coach #life #business #women #author #ISC19


Light up the Dark

Fearless Friday- Why don’t you be the light in someone else’s darkness? As believers we justify walking out life alone because Jesus had friends unwilling or unable to stick with Him. We spiritualize loneliness saying our ‘need’ or someone else’s need should only be for Him. Perhaps we should heed His admonition to His disciples to remain awake? Perhaps this is an example of how we can be friends with others. Once someone begged me to be their friend. The intense need this woman had was unbearable. Over time I watched her blossom and bloom through our friendship. She never became dependent on me for her source of happiness. She just needed some light in her darkness so she could find her way out. 
In the family of Christ we should be healthy & mature enough to be friends with others. We should not have to beg for relationship with one another. Is it possible we should see the need of isolation as significant as shelter, food, or water? A possible breeding ground for suicide, sickness & bitterness may be lack of relationship. So, why don’t you light up someone else’s darkness? You might gain a lifelong friend. Love, d 


Dance Again

Motivated Monday

Dance Again. Dancing instead of mourning. Truth is that we can mourn too long. Mourning is for a season not forever. You get to choose my friend. You are not betraying when you decide to pick up your mat and go forward. It’s not wrong to return to a position of rejoicing. Listen, don’t get trapped in the sticky false comfort that comes with prolonged grieving. It’s interesting that in the Old Testament- they set a boundary on grieving for loved ones. What? Yes. God knew that mourning too long was hard on the body and soul. HE knew it would take you off track and stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Have Coursge. #BEBRAVER LIVE AGAIN.  If you have been positioned in depression for a really long time, you may find it difficult to stand to your feet.?regardless, it starts with sitting up. You might be tempted to lay back down because you have lived in this false comfort for a really long time. Please – drag yourself out of bed!! I set you free!! Free to get up on your feet. Free to work again! Free to open your mail again! Free to go out with a friend again. Free to dance! Sing. Love! Laugh! LIVE AGAIN!!