Power of Intention

I want to talk about the power of intention. Taking hold of your thoughts… Capturing your thoughts… It’s done intentionally. It is not a random act of kindness. It is an intentional action on the inside of you that captures an ill willed thought and stops it from moving out of you into the space of another human being. If you find yourself entertaining a thought or an idea or an out right curse toward another person… Stop and reconsider. Picture yourself snatching it up with your hands … and throwing it into a trashcan. Cancel that thought. Look at that thought in your mind and put a great big X Mark on top of it. Canceled. Denied. Reject that thought from living inside of you and cancel that thought from going after another person so that it lives inside of them. Intention is powerful. Let’s be intentionally kind toward ourselves and toward others. Love, d #christianity #prayer #splankna #selfhelp #bebraver

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Donna Reiners 

What if it’s you?

Winning Wednesday- it could be someone has wronged you and you are upset deep inside where no one can see it. Maybe it’s so deep you can’t see it. Maybe it’s you who have wronged another. Friend, remember that you have both been forgiven. #BEBRAVER and Agree with His mercy that triumphed over His judgement – and yours. Love-d 


Light up the Dark

Fearless Friday- Why don’t you be the light in someone else’s darkness? As believers we justify walking out life alone because Jesus had friends unwilling or unable to stick with Him. We spiritualize loneliness saying our ‘need’ or someone else’s need should only be for Him. Perhaps we should heed His admonition to His disciples to remain awake? Perhaps this is an example of how we can be friends with others. Once someone begged me to be their friend. The intense need this woman had was unbearable. Over time I watched her blossom and bloom through our friendship. She never became dependent on me for her source of happiness. She just needed some light in her darkness so she could find her way out. 
In the family of Christ we should be healthy & mature enough to be friends with others. We should not have to beg for relationship with one another. Is it possible we should see the need of isolation as significant as shelter, food, or water? A possible breeding ground for suicide, sickness & bitterness may be lack of relationship. So, why don’t you light up someone else’s darkness? You might gain a lifelong friend. Love, d 


Not the Norm

Motivated Monday-Okay so not only am I not the norm but this commentary is not the norm.

My norm is that everything is okay or going to be okay and that the devil is a liar and that you can pursue Him and come out on top.

Today is not the norm.

I’m in pain, not feeling well, uncomfortable, dizzy and confused. There I said it…it’s almost like a cussword when you say to a Christian that you are confused…yet sometimes it is what comes. My question to myself is how long do I give myself permission to live here?

Someone I know seems to hate my optimism. Hates my viewpoint of life. Hates that no matter what, for the most part, I remain at peace. Angry that I don’t shed the same tears, yell at the same militants, lose my composure. They think if I don’t express myself the way they express themselves then I must be not feeling anything….yet ..they don’t know or maybe don’t care to know that if I lose my peace – I’ll go to pieces…

Would they like me more if I lost my mind? Yelled. Threatened others. Stomped to make a point. Agreed with their anger to such a point that I got so angry that I threw glasses or plates or ran my car off a cliff? Hurt myself? Hurt others? 

I won’t return to who I used to be.

So how long will I remain I this state of being? About a second.

Ain’t got NO TIME to fall to pieces. I’m realigning with peace so that I can walk with the God of peace and make decisions from peace instead of pieces of distress. 

Love, d

Triumph Over a Bad Day

Motivating Monday

Yes. They are talking about you. Again. Fix your thoughts on Him. Somebody else ratted you out. Fill your thoughts with good. They passed you by on promotion day. Watch Him change your future. You just vented to somebody with more words than they needed. Praise Him. You have thoughts from a gutter. Press through with thoughts from heaven. You feel confused and forgotten. Govern your private world with his ideas. You are ALIVE. Let the spirit of your mind be inundated with heaven. Fill your business with Him. Fill thoughts for yourself with GOOD!!  Fill your friendships with good. It may have started as a bad day, but you choose to triumph over evil with good. See you- out there where our thoughts become words. Let the words be from heaven!  You are more than a conqueror! You are triumph!!


Bold and Beautiful ©Donna Reiners

Bold & Beautiful 2 of 3

Bold and Beautiful ©Donna ReinersThou shalt not steal- thus sayeth our daddy

When one of my sisters was a little girl in 1st grade, our parents gave her a piggy bank for her birthday. Unfortunately, they did not put any money in it. So, one night, this sister got into Mama’s purse and got some change to put in her bank. Then, she went into Mom and Dad’s room and woke them up to show them that she had money in her bank. She shook the bank for them and was so happy to hear the cling cling clang of change in her brand new penny bank! Mom and Dad got out of bed, and Dad got the Bible off of the shelf and beat her bottom saying, “Thou shalt not steal.” Poor sister remembers to this day the pain and disappointment of that moment. All she wanted was to hear the cling cling clang of change in her piggy bank! But instead, all she got was a memory that she was a thief. As a matter of fact, that event, as well as many others, traumatized her heart. Dad frequently lost his temper and disciplined her with an iron fist instead of a soft glove. Until a few years ago, this sister hated children, and thought anyone who ever had children was just plain stupid, until she saw a parent correctly discipline his child with love. At her friend’s house, she watched a dad spank his daughter because she had chosen not to obey him. This is what happened: he took her into another room and spanked her bottom. She yelled and screamed and hurt from the discipline. Then, he brought her into the front room, placed her into his lap and hugged her and told her he loved her, and that it was important she learn to obey her parents. This act of proper discipline, tempered with love, changed my sister’s heart forever regarding children. God healed her heart, because she saw that a child could be disciplined yet also loved. Oh, the pain our dad caused us because he never received discipline with love. All he knew was how to discipline out of anger and legalism, because that is all he ever received as a child. Though sister experienced years of a broken heart, she now faces life with an acknowledgment that when you belong to God, you can be healed if you let Him have your heart. Her wounded heart has been, and will continue to be, healed all the days she lives simply because she bravely loves God and HE IS making her BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

Do you know how much God loves you? Sometimes others do not treat us kindly. More than likely they were not treated kindly. I believe there is a reason kindness is listed AFTER the fruit of patience in the line of of the fruit of the spirit. It takes continual patience to learn how to be kind. I encourage you today to look at you – are you kind? Or are you a victim of being disciplined with an iron fist? Let it go. Let God be kind to you and you learn how to be kind to others and yourself too.

To Be Continued:

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Perception is Reality 2

Afraid to ask a question.Is God's Perception YOUR Reality? ©Donna Reiners

I always had an intense love for music and loved to sing. I had never joined choir in junior high or high school, because I was under the impression that it cost money to do it. Every year I had been too afraid to ask my parents or the school, because I was afraid of rejection and afraid to burden my parents with a bill for something so trivial. I learned as a junior in high school that no money had ever been required. I missed out on learning how to sing and how to develop a natural gifting simply because I was afraid to even ask a question. In addition, I still have a little note I wrote to my mom when I was just a little kid. I asked her if she would take me to the skating rink, I pleaded for her not to tell me her answer aloud. Instead, I asked her to write it down on the piece of paper I provided for her with a place for her to check yes or no. I was afraid of being rejected to the extent that I could not even hear a no without it causing me to cry or feel like there was something wrong with me. I lived under the fear of rejection. What about you? Perception is reality.

Over the years, I have been placed in circumstances where I was able to confront areas where I felt afraid or rejection. Over time, I have been healed of the fear of authority, the fear of being harmed. Of course through the journey, I was harmed and I did come across some who just were not for me but it was not the case with everyone. My perception has changed and I believe more in myself and in others than ever because I asked if His perception is reality.

Father, I pray for the reader and I ask for healing in the depth of who he or she is and I pray for a release from false preconceived notions about themselves and others. Let Your truth take the place so that they are one with You and Your perception is reality.

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