No More Games

Braver Saturday – No More Games – the enemy in the earth and between our own ears is always shaming and blaming. It’s a game. Come up higher into His Truth. You are made in His Image. Love yourself. Love-d

Do less with more

Braver Saturday – Do less with more focus. Do what you must while on the way to where He is taking you. Sometimes you spend a long season cleaning up the messes from past decisions. That’s okay. It’s part of the journey, Jesus is with you. That’s the whole Purpose – that He is with us…as you faithfully take care of issues that just cannot be ignored anymore – those things that niggle at your mind like a simmering pot on the stove – whether legal, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or financial …over time…as you handle X y z you eventually get to that place of strength and humble beginnings…where you can focus on less and accomplish more. Do less with more. So, don’t be afraid to finish what you started. Look, there really are seasons where you can’t walk away from your past because it’s facing you each morning to remind you to follow up and follow through on what was begun…keep chipping away and trust Him each step of the way. Stay filled up with His presence and His courage as He walks with you….and He will direct you – focusing one day at a time WILL GET YOU THROUGH the darkness and you WILL SEE less problems and more solutions. Don’t give up!! Don’t turn back!!! It’s gonna be okay. Eventually, you will move out of what you do and it will move you from all you know into who you have become and that’s when you see it….those obstacles and those fearful decisions were all part of shaping and molding you into the courageous person you have become… Do less with more focus and over the process of time, you leave what you know to step into who you have become. #blogger #faith #church #kingdom #anxiety #anxietyquotes #mentalhealth #fitnesss #gym #life #bebraver

Colors in The Storm

Braver Wednesday-Storms come and go. Ask for eyes to see the colors in your storm. Let the promises He has given you come to remembrance in the storm. Let HOPE arise. God is NOT DEAD!! HE hears. HE sees. HE knows. Hold on my friend. Your business can turn. 

Your marriage can turn.

Your work can turn.

Your health can turn.

Your life can turn.

Your love can turn.

Let hope arise.

Turn from the storm and look to the colors in the storm. Then, remember the promise. Love-d

Light up the Dark

Fearless Friday- Why don’t you be the light in someone else’s darkness? As believers we justify walking out life alone because Jesus had friends unwilling or unable to stick with Him. We spiritualize loneliness saying our ‘need’ or someone else’s need should only be for Him. Perhaps we should heed His admonition to His disciples to remain awake? Perhaps this is an example of how we can be friends with others. Once someone begged me to be their friend. The intense need this woman had was unbearable. Over time I watched her blossom and bloom through our friendship. She never became dependent on me for her source of happiness. She just needed some light in her darkness so she could find her way out. 
In the family of Christ we should be healthy & mature enough to be friends with others. We should not have to beg for relationship with one another. Is it possible we should see the need of isolation as significant as shelter, food, or water? A possible breeding ground for suicide, sickness & bitterness may be lack of relationship. So, why don’t you light up someone else’s darkness? You might gain a lifelong friend. Love, d 


Command Victory

Tenacious Tuesday – Choose victory today. Don’t allow your thoughts to lead you into the vice grip of an enemy. Command victory in your own heart. Command strength.

Say it with me.

Look into a mirror. Now, say with me – I COMMAND VICTORY SOUL! I COMMAND YOU YO CHOOSE JOY!! 

Do it again.

And again.


Breathe in and out. 

Love, d

Theme of your life

Motivated Monday-When the dark works to overcome your attitude, plans, friendships, business or time with Him – just remember that the God Who created EVERYTHING – lives INSIDE OF YOU. SERIOUSLY. You really gonna let those voices bombarding your head become stronger than the LIGHT WHO LIVES INSIDE YOU?? 

NOPE. Didn’t think so. You are not. Love-d 

Gods Building

Tenacious Tuesday -You may not feel like it. You may not understand it. But you are God’s house…His building…His home. 

So, live in peace with you… With God inside you – you are gonna shine…Love d

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You have purpose

Super Saturday – You have purpose friend. Regardless of your yesterday – your very breath gives you purpose. Peer through the dark. Wait. You’re too close to sunrise to give up now. 

Until soon-d 


Breathe under water 

Tenacious Tuesday – Had a picture of someone fighting against someone who was holding their head under water. It’s like I saw the person drowning let go and sink as if they were dead. Wisdom. Strategy. They went under out from the grasp of the enemy drowning them. Supernatural understanding on the unseen weapons!! They began to swim and then they began worship and they found themselves able to breathe under water. Whoa!!!! They found what they were made for through worship and the King gave them breath as they learned how to swim underwater.


Risk. Step out. Step in. Swim. Find what you are made for in business and life and you will flourish and breathe and live in spite of the circumstances. Love, Donna  


The One

Super Saturday

Never under estimate the power of the one – that one person you were late to work for because you stopped to comfort them – that one person you were stuck in traffic for because you talked them out of harming them self – that one person you took time for on the phone for again and again. God cares about the one- starting with you. Hey you moms – you are late because of caring for a child or a teen – those seeds you sow will reap a harvest – that love you give matters. That child will get one day how much you give and why you give – for now though just know God knows and HE loves you and is pleased with your sacrifice. Don’t give up!!