The Sun’s Up

Have you ever NOT wanted to open your door, check your mail or go outside when the sun’s up?
Maybe your personal insides just want to stay in the dark and relish the pain you feel?
HEY! That’s not good for you and I’m here to take you from choosing dark to life.
Now, you know that even if it is a gray gloomy day outside that there is a sun shining up in that sky right?
It is time to take authority over your own atmosphere my friend.
Imagine if you will a full on sun that is shining inside through your walls and into your hall and piercing into your roof. Embrace it. Let it pierce into your soul.
Decide now, the Sun’s up and you can be up too.
Don’t give up my friend.
Don’t turn to the left or right looking for it all to end.
Instead, let the warmth of the sun call you into life.
Let the reality of your darkness bring forth the light.
The Sun’s up – grab hold – take a deep breath.
Breathe in and out and then do it again.
I love you – maybe you forgot and think you are alone.
But it is a lie – hear my kind tone.
You are important.
You are alive on purpose.
Be Braver my friend – the Sun’s up and you can be too..

The Sun’s Up

Is Euthanasia for you? Babies & Old People – Break from the norm…

Is Euthanasia for you? You may not get to choose.
I just read an article discussing Euthanasia including a forced and seemingly tricky move by a doctor and family regarding a parent. This also can include children. Surely not? Oh yes and though not all countries with universal health care have legalized euthanasia, Netherlands, Belgium, Columbia, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland, and Germany have universal health care and apparently are on board. I ask – is Euthanasia for you?
Did you know there are currently 10 places in the U.S. with legalized euthanasia? Physician-assisted death or Suicide Assisted Death or “medical aid in dying” is legal in ten jurisdictions: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Montana, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Is euthanasia for you?

If you would like to read the article that sheds light on this very current subject – you can do so here –

I realize this is not my normal jam and so my apologies if you are offended – but honestly – when you are pushing 60 – life looks a bit different. True relationship with those whom you consider “family” is important. You might think it is unthinkable but is it? There is a reason, we are encouraged not to allow our hearts to be hardened.
Blessings and until soon – d

Christmas Day

Fearless Friday- it’s here. Once a year  this day comes. Sometimes it’s filled with fresh bread, potatoes, stuffing and turkey. Other times it just may be a sandwich or a cup of coffee. 

You may be surrounded by many.

Or sitting alone.

Either way – you have you with you. 

Sometimes it may not feel like enough. You may need comfort. Strength. Kindness with skin on…but it may not be near. Or nobody knows how you feel. So you are disappointed. It’s important that you grab hold of you. You are important.

I’ve learned that you may think that person over there is happy and you may think they have it all together…but truth is that nobody does.


Regardless of appearance. 

I write this today because you may be struggling. You are not alone. You may be tired. You are not alone. You may be anxious. You are not alone. Life doesn’t seem fair. You are not alone. 

You are necessary. Significant. Important. Special. Persevering. Strong. Well able.


You are not alone.

I say Merry Christmas from the depths of my heart. I’ve spent Christmas Day alone. I have been the one in need on a day when everyone else seemed happy, content or fulfilled. I was not alone. I had me. And you do too.

Go look yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself a few things will you?? Read from my picture note below. 

Forward to a friend. 

Follow me – Love, d 


Bold and Beautiful ©Donna Reiners

Bold & Beautiful 3 of 3

Beaten Black and Blue

My sister remembered another time when she was a little girl, and my dad got angry over something she did. He beat her so black and blue she could barely walk. If she had gone to school the next day, the authorities would have taken Daddy away and locked him up for a long time.  She admits that she had a sassy mouth and that was part of the problem. She challenged his authority, and he did not know any other way to express his displeasure, other than to treat her the way he had been treated. She had no relationship with our dad. Am I excusing our Dad? No, I’m not excusing. However, when you enter into that mature place in the LORD, you identify the reasons people do what they do. She knows he was wrong to treat her in that manner, and she was bound up by fear and intimidation and anger and self-hatred for most of her life, simply because that was how she was treated. She did not know any other way to respond to his behavior. She became an intimidating, challenging, manipulating. Condemned for years by her own self image, she was set free by the love of God, and the unceasing mercy of His steadfast faithfulness in her life. JESUS loved my sister out from her cave. She is now a person who is non-condemning and more empathetic to the tears and frustrations of others.

When you receive the love and forgiveness of our Father in heaven, you learn how to give it out as well.

What kind of season are you in right now? Are you in a season of pain because of a wounded heart or are you in a kaleidoscope of fear? Are you discouraged or feel beat up? Has God been showing you some things about your heart that He would like to change? Did you know that every change He desires to make is for our own good? He wanted to heal Sandy’s heart. God did not want her living her entire life with a wounded heart! Just as He healed Sandy, He is also concerned about you! Have you have experienced a difficulty that has caused you great pain or sorrow? Maybe you are grieving due to the loss of a loved one? Maybe you are confused from an act of betrayal? Maybe you feel rejected, and would rather no one know the truth of how you feel on the inside. Be assured that God knows and God cares, and He will not leave you as you walk through the experiences of life and in time HE makes us all TO #BEBRAVER as we become BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Do you feel discouraged or beat up? Briefly express to the Lord how you feel in this season and why. Be sure and write it down so that you can see where you were/are and where you are headed. 

Pray with me

I do feel discouraged and beat up and need to be renewed according to Your Spirit. Help me feel alive again. Show me how to cast off this discouragement and despair and cause me to enter into life again! I need You Jesus! Help me! I admit that my heart has been wounded time after time, and I am so afraid to trust anyone. It is difficult for me to believe You have good plans for me and want me to enjoy life. So, Lord, come and change my distorted view of You. I forgive all those people who have offended me. I admit I responded to their abuse by letting it strongly hold me in a non-forgiving attitude all of these years. I release them and I release myself from my own unforgiving heart in Jesus name. I choose to FORGIVE!! I love You Jesus and need You to lead me into Truth and love and trust again. Lead me through this season God, and take me to the other side. Walk with me through this pain, so that I can be set free. I love You and as I learn how to #BEBRAVER, I look forward to living life BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Send this to friends who need to see their own beauty.

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VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

Victim of Hate 2 of 5

She hated me

VICTIM OF HATE ©Donna Reiners

When I was born, rumor has it that my older sister was sick with something contagious and unable to see me for at least two weeks. All she could hear from the top of the stairs was ooooh and ahhhh over this little newborn baby sister who displaced her position as the youngest. From what I understand, she was ignored and it really hurt her feelings. I certainly can understand – can’t you? She was already part of a world where she was abused and neglected by the very ones who were supposed to protect her. Our parents had no idea how to love or be loved. In addition, she was a little seven-year old girl whose world was rapidly changing, and I was a major cause of it. She moved from being Daddy’s little princess to being the 3rd daughter, and surely it hurt. What do you do when you are a little girl in pain with no one safe to talk to? The enemy comes to talk to you and bring you into an inward world filled with his thoughts. He turns us inward so that we can become a victim of hate.

From the moment she learned of my conception, thoughts of resentment from the enemy began to filter into her pure and sweet young mind, and by the time I was born, hatred had also been born and she, without realizing it, hated me. She didn’t want to hate me, but she did and in our family, she was the enemy’s next victim of hate.

Question – do you see yourself as a victim? It took years for her to be free but she is free and you can be as well! My sister loves me and we both love one another with a depth that only God could have brought to us. HEALING brings you from victim to victory. I’ll be explaining more in part 3.

Father, I pray that Your truth will penetrate our hearts. Let Your mentality come forth and let us become VICTORS in Jesus name. Let it be!

To be continued…

Send this to friends who need some help coming out from being a victim of hate.

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