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Personal emotions coaching is one of the methods Donna uses to help you gain freedom from your emotional turmoil and gain better understanding of how to move forward in your personal and professional life.

Donna uses Splankna Therapy to help clients find their own restoration. In our lifetimes, we experience ups and downs, defeats and successes, difficulties that want to remove us from the planet OR prevent us from succeeding to our fullest potential. These experiences many times determine our spiritual, mental or emotional health. Negative emotions get stored as toxins in our bodies when we experience anything the body equates to as trauma. Then, we make decisions in that experience from an unhealthy place. The result is we believe lies either about ourselves or those around us. These lies become our worldview.

Emotions cause us to react in ways that make zero sense. Those emotions can control us and prevent us from moving forward in life. Sure, we work through some of these issues in private but there are times when you just need a kick-start into the next level of peace.

You may have solid emotional obstacles that are stopping your progress. For instances, you may have lies you have believed, vows you have made and agreements surrounding issues or circumstances that all define how you respond to life professionally and personally.

Donna leads you through the release of these toxic emotions that were deposited at the height of your trauma. Many times the release of those feelings free you from unwanted cycles and repetitive drama.

A deposit is required at the time you book your appointment in West Houston. You have an information packet you are emailed to review and sign. Donna also travels with additional fees when necessary including lodging, food, time and transportation. Contact Donna to discuss scheduling an appointment.

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As an Emotions Coach

Oil1When I was introduced to this modality, I recognized I had issues where I was beating a dead horse. It was as if life was against me. I would be offended or defensive for no reason. Splankna helped my responses change so I was no longer tormented but am healthier and more at peace in my emotions. This tool helped me face life straight on when I used to be my greatest saboteur! I’m thankful and I LOVE helping others gain their own peace.

These techniques are used to offer a new journey into your emotions and spirit where you can identify the why behind the can’t. Also, when you get your own negative attitudes out of your own way you can find a closer relationship with your own self, others and God. We work with you to help you discover who you are, so you can grow purposeful and productive.

Understand Donna is not a licensed counselor or medical professional.  She is making no claims to “heal” or “fix” problems but is using this modality in conjunction with the Holy Spirit to help move you forward in the area(s) of your struggle.

How I can Help YOU!!!

I have learned through my training and from countless ministry sessions with individuals, that emotions from your past tend to dictate your reactions to the future. There are various techniques I use that not only allow you to identify the root causes of your shut downs, but also allow you to release and remove the emotions so that you can have a brand new response and a transformed future.

What others are saying about Donna’s coaching

Naomi Contreras

She is compassionate, insightful and hears the Lord consistently. Sessions are sometimes tough topics but it is always a pleasure to walk through them with Donna. Highly recommend her.

Sandy Lee Nelson

This woman comes from a place of brokenness that gives her incredible insight. Having stared many enemies in the face and defeating them, she has a “been there”, “done that” mentality that is completely wrapped in compassion. She is prayerful before, during and after each session. Her God given revelations mean you won’t get any cookie-cut answers. What you will get is a life coach who is for you and not against you, who is honest with you but supportive of you but most of all doesn’t believe in defeat. She will celebrate your victories with you no matter how big or how small. Meeting with Donna is like meeting with Jesus with skin on! She wants you to have life and life abundant and she will help you to achieve it!

Wes Tarpley

Donna Reiners is no mere counselor.
She is a Sage clothed in love. An inspiration empowered by Grace Himself. A guide through the minefields of legalism and self effort.
And a healer of the broken, downtrodden and hopeless.

She has been divinely used by God to bring restoration and freedom to my family. She has also become a trusted friend who speaks the Truth in Love. There is one thing though that she does not do. She refuses to play mind games.

Thank you Donna Reiners. You are the Light of Day in times of darkness and a Royal intercessor bringing victory and renewed courage.

Jacob DeHaven

I really enjoyed working with Donna as her therapy as the help and knowledge that I got from her greatly enhanced my relationship with myself and Jesus and I mean GREATLY. When I met her it was a time in my life where things had gone downhill as far as health, relationships, job, school and I would say religion as well. The spiritual side of everything is that I was looking into new age stuff and drenched with sinful mindsets and such. In some cases immediately and in some cases later on, she helped me understand many things that are vital to the Christian faith and even the absolute power behind it. The sessions and even just phone calls with her helped me clear up much of the confusion behind where I was headed and where I should be going.  With my new relationship with God, I saw rapid guidance into effective healing modalities. One of the things that I had dealt with was a series of spinal injuries- some from accident and some from miss use of exercise and posture. I really feel that my new connection with the lord had led me to my current therapist that is fixing me well. No other doctor/ trainer/ therapist had any idea what was going on because they had never seen a condition like mine before. I also had dealt with Lyme disease and while that was a very similar story, I immediately saw guidance after a prayer that led me into what seems to be my most effective treatment for it. There was another doctor that I had seen for general health that played a giant roll in things and like I said, I feel like all of this contributed because of her leading me to God. I was led to what felt like an impossibility! Bottom line is that she was very effective in showing me Christ!

Now as far as the immediate experience, it was very powerful yet interesting. I felt very powerful shifts in my body during many of our sessions and even brought up some things in my past that I had almost forgotten about. We even exposed some spiritual deception at one point. One of our sessions, we had prayed for family members as there were behaviors from them that were causing trouble in the family. The family that I saw shortly after did seem to have changed when I first saw them but what was super fascinating was that later on saw another family member who was known for being aggressive. Even my dad said that she was so much nicer and she even seemed much happier as well.  The last thing to mention is that Donna is very good about picking things up on people to the point of which she has influenced me even on a personal level in some of my decisions for the far better. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to better themselves and their relationship with God.

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About Splankna

Splankna is a modality submitted to the Holy Spirit using a combination of muscle testing to see where the pain is buried, eye movements from EMDR and tapping on meridian points. More detailed information is below regarding session format.  Splankna also incorporates prayer as an integral part of every session. Visit the following links as well for more information:

I am Masters Level Certified Splankna Practitioner. I appreciate how this technique appears to address issues at the sub-conscious and energetic levels. It uses applied kinesiology to assist in identifying the issue, and then the protocol assists you to release negative emotions stored within you that may be triggering a current reaction. Once the emotional (feeling) is released, the trigger is removed so you are released to make better choices in life and living.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Donna Reiners makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this web site, and such information is subject to change without notice. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this web site with other sources, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician.

Donna Reiners and Craig Reiners are not licensed counselors or medical professionals. Individual Results vary.

Donna Reiners  is a Certified Splankna Practitioner and coaches all ages and professions into emotional wholeness.

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