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I am a Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping others identify who they are and what they want to become so that their future does not look like their past. I have experienced the inward struggle of voices, ideas and past emotional cycles that keep you from taking steps of action in private and public.

I have been up-close and personal with how emotions run you until they ruin you unless you renovate them. Your future can be different from your past. Your true self is found one day at a time.

This is where I can help.

BRAVE Overview

BRAVE was an idea that came to me before I became certified. BRAVE is an acronym for Bold, Respectful, Activated, Victorious and Encouraging – all for yourself. This has been how I have learned to live.

My mission is now to help you be BRAVE for you. For years, I felt condemned and unable to see my own personal worth because of deep rooted low self esteem and self-hatred. Inward, I grieved my very existence. As a child, my own siblings and peers constantly bullied me. From an early age I had convinced myself I would not live past thirty years old.

These traumatic emotional issues were buried deep inside me where they remained secret. Nobody knew my struggle because I appeared as if I had it together. However, the truth was that I was in pieces and daily felt I was in a battle for my life. This included wanting to give up, feeling as if I had no personal value or worth, finding myself confused and out of control and at times paralyzed and unable to make the simplest of decisions.

Today, I am a transformed woman and I invest my time coaching others so they can experience victory over their past shadows, love themselves without limits and pursue unfulfilled dreams.


Your Transformation

It is not too late to make a change in your today. You too can become BRAVE and recalibrate your life. You have much life to live! You are awake! You are alive! You are important! Do not remain controlled by past lies. Do not live angry and fearful. Do not remain shut down or depleted. You do NOT have to continue privately grief stricken or sad. NO! You are significant. You are unique. You are capable. You are well able. You have permission to love yourself. You have permission to be bold. You have permission to respect yourself.

Let me help you find victory over your past so that you can take back your life and become an encouragement for yourself and a contributor to society. If you or your business are misaligned and not achieving success, I want to help you determine why, help you correct it and lead you to live differently.

I will help you take bold steps to respect yourself in new ways, become victorious over your past and move into a brave new you in the privacy of your home, in the work you do and the relationships you have.

Let me help you…

Turn your pieces into peace…

Donna Reiners
Certified Coach
Let me help you transform your emotions.

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Contact me and let’s define a plan on how to make your future look different from your past.

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I work with you using various tools including books, online video programs, along with group/personal coaching programs. I also do various events and personal coaching sessions. In addition I provide, when you join my email list a variety of FREE videos/training materials to encourage you.


I post video teachings to encourage, challenge and transform how you live as part of our coaching curriculum. You can access either short clips or entire teachings in my video library.

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In addition, we have books and other training materials that can be purchased and used  for self-help or personal/group study in my coaching programs.

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You can either study online in a self-paced curriculum or enter into a group coaching commitment in a master class environment where we transform together over time. Programs include a variety of videos, written materials, and online surveys/personal reflection questions. These master classes have been developed through years of helping others conquer overwhelming emotions.

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Emotions Coaching


I WANT you to rediscover how valuable you are and I want you to KNOW maybe for the first time how significant and important your contribution really is on the planet.  Years ago, I had a lifelong spiritual mentor say that what God reveals, HE intends to heal and this has been true. This has resonated with me for years as HE has been faithful to restore my heart and give me clarity and hope.

My role as a Personal Development COACH is to help you find your own freedom and restoration. Much of what we do is designed to help you understand your emotions, the impact of past traumas and how they effect you in your daily life.

We then utilize Energy based tools that are focused on Christian principles to helps bring focused forgiveness while breaking past lies and vows that have kept you in a reoccurring program.

I use Splankna Therapy to help clients find their own restoration. In our lifetimes, we experience ups and downs, defeats and successes, difficulties that want to remove us from the planet OR prevent us from succeeding to our fullest potential. These experiences many times determine our spiritual, mental or emotional health. Negative emotions get stored as toxins in our bodies when we experience anything the body equates to as trauma. Then, we make decisions in that experience from an unhealthy place. The result is we believe lies either about ourselves or those around us. These lies become our worldview. Emotions cause us to react in ways that make zero sense. Those emotions can control us and prevent us from moving forward in life. Sure, we work through some of these issues in private but there are times when you just need a kick-start into the next level of peace. You may have solid emotional obstacles that are stopping your progress. For instances, you may have lies you have believed, vows you have made and agreements surrounding issues or circumstances that all define how you respond to life professionally and personally. I lead you through the release of these toxic emotions that were deposited at the height of your trauma. Many times the release of those feelings free you from unwanted cycles and repetitive drama.

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