Personalized 90-Day Freedom Package

Let’s talk:
I want to work with YOU for 90 days
and help you create a
personalized organic system to move you
forward step-by-step into peace/freedom.

It is true.

I will show you how to take action steps
to free yourself from emotional turmoil!
Strong and capable and creative is who you really are.

Things you should know before we speak…

{please read this}

  1. I only work with people I feel are a good fit and want to move forward in a specific, measurable way. I want us both to be able to see real results. We don’t mess around; we’re focused and don’t have time for shenanigans. If you are ready to hit the ground running, be truthful, work smart and start making intentional changes, you’re probably a great candidate!
  2. When we are finished working together, you should have your own 90-day step-by-step process for the freedom you and I customized to fit YOUR needs. This will be unique for you and will have as much or little as you put into it. We will build it together but its implementation is up to you. I will encourage, challenge and strengthen you but at the end of the day it is up to you to change you.  You will see both successes and failures in your process but when we have completed our time together, it will not be about anything but your journey in personal growth. You will be moving into a BRAVE New You. BRAVERY takes courage and includes learning how to take steps that are at times uncomfortable. I’m here with you! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!
  3. The best way to think of our call is like a doctor’s appointment. I’ll ask you questions about what’s going on in your life. You will be honest with me. I’ll offer my professional advice on your next step and what it could look like for us to work together to meet your growth goals. Listen, if you are looking for some religious nut who is going to bind you up with rules, regulations and a list of do’s or don’ts then I am letting you know right now that I’m NOT that person. I lead you into relationship not religion. God is better than you know and more relational than you think and is NOT mad at you. Just to be clear – the God I know has no intention to throw you under a bus.

    Sound good?

    YES, let's talk about how powerful I am


    Are you interested in working with me? Here is how to get started…

  1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation chat. Click HERE to fill out the contact form.
  2. I will watch for your email. And I will respond to you too. I may send you some additional questions. So, before we hop on the phone, I would like to know a bit about you and what you would like to get out of coaching with me.
  3. Reply to the additional email and answer questions.
  4. We can schedule a time to talk.
  5. At the scheduled time of our chat, we will talk it out. We will use that opportunity to make sure we are the perfect fit before you commit.
  6. The, we will get started. If you decided to work with me, we will have exact steps to get you started. If you decided not to work with me or if we are not a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources if I can to help you get what you need.
  7. If you have additional questions – email me.
Results not guaranteed because you have to show up and do the work.
Trust me, that’s a good thing because that means if you do the work, you will see the results you want.

Sound good?


Emotions will overwhelm you and ruin you unless you renovate them. You ever feel like you just cannot get ahead? You have so many voices in your head that you cannot identify what is True or what is false? Seriously. You can change the overwhelming sense of feeling like nobody loves you or cares for you. I’m just saying that you can govern you and you can validate yourself. It is a definite adventure into yourself and you will be amazed by who you really are…

My dear one, I want to work with you for 90 days and help you create a personalized organic system to move you forward step-by-step into your own freedom. Every person is unique and so it is difficult to guarantee exactly what will be covered in our coaching relationship. However, here are some examples of what we discuss and work through according to your own needs…You are not a cookie cutter person and there is no guarantee we will cover each and every one of these points. Instead, we will cover what is relevant for you and go from there. I’m on your side and want you to experience victory and strength and personal worth with power to move forward.

  • Pinpoint what emotions daily impact you
  • Clarify a negative cycle (something on repeat in your life)
  • Release and remove some emotions
  • Understand unexplainable emotions
  • Identify and process hindering emotions
  • Begin to recognize family dynamics/issues
  • Find tools for your own stability and life
  • Encounter the voice of the One Who created you
  • Turn emotional weakness into strength
  • Be equipped to change how you respond
  • Find out what you are made for
  • Embrace fresh vision for your own freedom
  • You will receive ministry and prayer and a personal growth plan

If you want to dive in deeper –  read onward:

Are you ready to find and embrace your authority in your own atmosphere? I’m ready to help you build a package to freedom that you can use again and again. Let me help you lean into and discover your own original blueprint. If you are ready to learn how powerful and capable you really are … contact me.

Sound good?

Personal Coaching Process

Personal Coaching is designed to help you...

- HEAR personal experiences & testimonies 
- DISCOVER the STRUGGLE with explainable emotions such as fear, 
  resentment, anger, shutting down, betrayal, sadness, offense, 
  paranoia, etc. 
- CLARIFY your emotional Issues 
- EXPLORE the route your mind took in “a” moment so you can locate 
  the root 
- BE EQUIPPED TO IDENTIFY & RELEASE your own hindering emotions 
- EMBRACE fresh vision for your family’s freedom 
- RECEIVE personal prayer 
- UNDERSTAND how to free yourself from family influences 
  & root systems/triggers

Weekly interaction…

  • Most weeks we will start with a teaching on an emotion
  • We prayerfully consider specific solutions while trusting God with the process
  • Transformation comes through the understanding & releasing of  past lies & vows
  • Additional individual sessions can be scheduled with Donna at an additional fee


  • We do not cover every emotion but prayerfully consider the curriculum in context of the participants.
  • Results vary from person to person

About Donna


I am a Certified Life Coach and ordained minister with a passion for helping you identify past emotional cycles that keep you from taking steps of action.

I love helping you find your right mind. I love leading you into Truth.

My strength is helping you understand and receive your personal worth and the own it so nobody can steal it.

I have tools to help you make new decisions – this includes books and online classes.

However, my best option for freedom is for you to enter into a coaching relationship with me. Be transformed! I use various techniques to help address your past so you will turn around to lead yourself into a new future.  Traumatic emotional issues do NOT have to keep you stuck on crazy mode. I help you identify and break cycles that keep you stuck in sabotage.

I want you to experience victory over your past shadows while learning how to love yourself without limits.

Why continue to NOT pursue unfulfilled dreams because of being stuck, worn out or living in emotional cycles?