Power of a Feeling


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Have you ever wondered if you can…

FEEL HAPPY—to embrace the day before you.
CONFIDENT—to move forward in who you are.
EXCITED—about your future, not based on feelings?

The answer is…


You can be transformed and make the change from having to put on a happy face to actually being happy.

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will overwhelm you and ruin you unless you renovate them.

Embrace your authority in your own atmosphere. Lean into your original blueprint. Learn how powerful and capable you really are.

What is Emotional Transformation?


About Donna

cropped-fda799db-856c-4824-ba1a-2eb3cd6a6f57.jpegDonna is a Certified Life Coach and ordained minister with a passion for helping others identify past emotional cycles that keep them from taking steps of action. She loves helping others find their right mind.  Her mission is to guide others in understanding their personal worth and address low self-esteem and self-hatred. Where did it come from? Why is it allowed to lead you? She has tools to equip you to make new decisions. Her sweet spot is coaching you one-on-one or in groups so you can discover health in your emotions. She uses various techniques to let you identify your past issues, and then she turns you around to lead yourself into a new future. Traumatic emotional issues do NOT have to keep you stuck on crazy mode. She finds emotional content buried inside so you are able to break repeated cycles that lead you into shutting down.

Donna invests her time coaching so you can experience victory over shadows while learning how to love yourself without limits.

Why continue to be stopped from pursuing your unfulfilled dreams?

How I can Help YOU!!!

I have learned through my training and from countless ministry sessions with individuals, that emotions from your past tend to dictate your reactions to the future. There are various techniques I use that not only allow you to identify the root causes of why you trigger or shut down, but also allow you to release and remove the emotions so that you can lean into a new response and transform your future responses.

During these 8 weeks of group coaching sessions you will learn how to...

- PINPOINT how your emotions daily impact you
- CLARIFY a negative cycle
- RELEASE & REMOVE emotions
- FIND TOOLS for your own sanity and stability
- UNDERSTAND unexplainable emotions
- TURN emotional weakness into STRENGTH
- BE EQUIPPED to change how you respond
- IDENTIFY & PROCESS hindering emotions
- BEGIN TO RECOGNIZE family dynamics
- EMBRACE fresh vision for your own freedom

As part of this program you will receive...
- A personal growth plan
- Ministry & prayer

YOU are worth the fight

Don’t go thru another day feeling trapped and hopeless in the way you feel

Emotions stefano-pollio-365695-unsplash

The truth is our emotions from past traumas and challenging life experiences have stored in our bodies and if not identified, understood and addressed they can impact our future. Often these triggers cause us to sub-consciously reflect the emotions of the past without our consciously knowing that is what is taking place.

Don’t keep getting caught up in the emotions. You can release and remove them…don’t allow your past to dictate your future…

Emotional Transformation 101 is all about you and designed to give you tools and a step-by-step process to help lead you into a new tomorrow.

What makes this unique

Many solutions focus on the mind and many protocols focus on the spirit but the mind-body-spirit connection is important and all three are addressed in our coaching.


Our program is uniquely designed to work on addressing emotions impacting your spirit, soul and body. You can address your thoughts but many times without addressing the emotional frequencies in the body, the triggers are not easily removed and cause us to follow repeating cycles.

Our Group Coaching Process

Many call group coaching a Mastermind...but Donna calls it the 
TOUGH Stuff Series.
She gets real and deals with issues most refuse to talk aloud about.

Tough Stuff Coaching is designed to help you...

- HEAR personal experiences & testimonies 
- DISCOVER the STRUGGLE with explainable emotions such as fear, 
  resentment, anger, shutting down, betrayal, sadness, offense, 
  paranoia, etc. 
- CLARIFY your emotional Issues 
- EXPLORE the route your mind took in “a” moment so you can locate 
  the root 
- BE EQUIPPED TO IDENTIFY & RELEASE your own hindering emotions 
- EMBRACE fresh vision for your family’s freedom 
- RECEIVE personal prayer 
- UNDERSTAND how to free yourself from family influences 
  & root systems/triggers

Weekly interaction…

  • Most weeks we will start with a teaching on an emotion
  • We prayerfully consider specific solutions while trusting God with the process
  • Transformation comes through the understanding & releasing of  past lies & vows
  • Additional individual sessions can be scheduled with Donna at an additional fee


  • We do not cover every emotion but prayerfully consider the curriculum in context of the participants.
  • Results vary from person to person
Emotional Transformation 101 focuses on you, the individual. 
This is a prerequisite for our Emotional Transformation 201 & 301.

These additional programs (ET 201 & ET 301) focus more on...
- Family influences
- Routes & roots of trauma

Here’s What’s Included


The EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION 101 Tough Stuff group coaching experience takes place through 8 weeks of online recorded coaching calls and includes worksheets and emotional assessment surveys. Each week contains fresh material, strategic exercises, personal prayer and creative flow to encourage you in moving forward. We meet for up to two hours and sometimes longer depending on content.

Through these 8 weeks you will craft your own personal growth plan. For instance, if your issue is shutting down – then we come up with a plan for you to step out. Also, you will have daily access to Donna and other leaders through a private coaching Facebook community where you can ask questions, be involved and supported in regular discussion/ prayer with training videos on emotional strength.

EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION 101 Tough Stuff group coaching
8 week online coached program:
Note that each session will take up to 2 hours.

You will be able to access and watch missed videos.


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What others are saying about Donna’s coaching

AnneAnne Kemp
– working with Donna

I was referred to Donna Reiners originally by a friend. After our session, I did not see immediate change. She encouraged me to look for a small nudge instead of some big change. Interestingly, a few months later, I was in a family situation where I usually would be anxious, sad, uncomfortable and stressed. However, I was clear minded, comfortable, completely unstressed and at peace. This was amazing! I had faced these gatherings in the past with nothing but an unhealthy emotional response. In just one session, all of that changed. I can now be around these for dinner or gatherings with zero worry of me leaving upset. What a blessing!

JacobJacob DeHaven
– working with Donna

She’s absolutely understanding for you at what I would describe as an individual level. One time she even picked up on something about me over to that was spot on for example. She has also helped me make sense of stuff and organize my thoughts too. I have recommended her even to people I know personally.

Powerful therapy sessions too!

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This is your unique opportunity to begin to see “real” changes in your emotions. Don’t live another day trapped in allowing feelings of your past to dictate your future.

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