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Reserve your seat with full payment by April 16, 2019 for this May/June Tough Stuff Class.

To be considered complete the online application

We only offer this to a limited number of individuals to be part of the group coaching, which utilizes ONLINE Group Zoom Calls. We have day and night calls to accommodate various schedules. However, if a group majority lean into one time or another, we have the freedom to switch the time to serve the greater number. Keep in mind that all our calls are recorded and available for you to view at your convenience if you were unable to make the call.

YES! I want to be part of our Tough Stuff Series – The Power of a Feeling EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION 101 class which includes…

  1. Online Group Training                                                                               Retail Value $792
  2. Guidebook & Training Materials                                                              Retail Value $125
  3. Bonus Items                                                                                                   Retail Value  $25
  4. Membership in Private Coaching Facebook Community                                (Priceless)

Total Retail Value $942
(including all of the bonuses)

One Time Payment of $792

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Two Monthly Payments of $396

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This is your unique opportunity to begin to see “real” changes in your emotions. Don’t live another day trapped in allowing feelings of your past to dictate your future.


Dovetails off the core offer, also adds additional value

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