We help you meet your goals, have a closer relationships with your own self, and with God. We work with you to help you discover who you are, so you can grow purposeful and productive. It is similar to life coaching. I understand Donna Reiners is not a licensed counselor or medical professional.  We are making no claims to “heal” or “fix” my problem but is using this modality in conjunction with the Holy Spirit to help move me forward in the area(s) of my struggle.

SPLANKNA – Splankna is a modality submitted to the Holy Spirit using a combination of muscle testing to see where the pain is buried, eye movements from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and tapping on meridian points (energy channels.)  Visit the following links for more detailed information:  

Payment – $75 per hr (Individual Sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $110.)

Deposit:  When you book your appointment you pay a $50 deposit to secure your session. This deposit will be applied toward your session and the remaining balance is due at your session. You can pay the remaining balance in cash (exact amount only), check or credit card. If you have to cancel your appointment, the deposit will be applied to your rescheduled appointment. However, we require 2 days notice (48 hours) unless you have a sudden illness or emergency. Text or call Donna @ 281-948-5642

Packages for Splankna – Individual Sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $110.

$150 for 2 hours ($75/hr) $195 for 3 hours ($65/hr)   $300 for 5 hours ($60/hr) 

*For Splankna package pricing please take notice that these are not sessions but rather hours. When you purchase a 3 or 5-hour package you can decide how to divide your hours up in the following ways:

Two Hour Package – Two 1-hour sessions

Three Hour Package — Two 1.5 hour sessions OR three 1 hour sessions.
Five Hour Package —– Two 1.5 hour sessions and two 1 hour sessions OR
five 1 hour sessions.

Additional fees may apply for travel.

Donna Reiners is not a licensed counselor or medical professional and makes no claims to heal you of your problem or issue. Individual Results vary.

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