You ever get hit with thoughts that make you crazy? You wonder if it’s you? People around you? You are talking to yourself and answering too? What if it’s not you at all? Check out my short teaching video from my Facebook page –


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PARANOIA – The Power of A Feeling with Donna Reiners

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Donna Reiners – Emotions Coach

I Could Lose It Today!

Motivated Monday – All day. Tests.

Not my fave.

Today is a bare moment where I’m telling you that I’m choosing not to become an emotional wreck. Oh I could. Really. But what would it do? It would send me over the edge. This is why I choose calm over chaos, peace over pieces and a soft answer over anger. I’m not super woman, I’m not perfect. I too can lose it.

But not today.

No- Not today. 


No More Hesitation

Tenacious Tuesday. No more hesitation. What if it’s NOT a dead end? Seriously!!! It is time to move…out…there….into the unknown area of obedience…that you will have no regrets. This means, you leave the shore. You leave the boat. You leave the city. You leave your house. You get out of bed. You cook a new meal. You buy a new salad dressing. You call a new friend. You like you. No time to start like today my friend. It is a new day Houston……..and every other area of the world. Step into it. Before you Jump in the water check out this short video. Click on me for NO MORE DEADENDS!

Love, d

Its tme for No more hesitation. Go for it. @donnareiners

Another Day

Fearless Friday- Another day. You are alive. It’s amazing! Be ready for what is next!! Be unafraid. Go ahead. Persevere my friend. Step into your real self. You are called to change the world. I call you fearless.

Until next time,


Outside The Box

Motivated Monday-We put ourselves, others and God into a box every day. Someone I trust told me I am outside the box and that I color outside the lines. Then she continued to say that God doesn’t color inside the lines either. If He is willing to be creative why aren’t we? We are made in His image!!

So why do we like it inside a box?  Why? We want to control. Fearful. We don’t trust. 

I admit I’m misunderstood outside the box. I admit my friendships – as in true friends who are there for me and not just be there for them – are few. It’s daring. It’s out there. It causes people to mistake your confidence for arrogance. They mistake your focus for snobbery and your intensity makes them uncomfortable. But at the end of the day – you have to be true to you. Who are you? You will never discover your potential by remaining inside a comfortable perspective. 

My suggestion????

Walk away from the box. Get outside of it. 

You are free.

To be. 



Free them to be outside. Quit controlling others so that you feel safe. Just control you – much less pressure when you stick to your own business. You mom or caregiver- it’s how you do what you do that matters. Give choices instead of ultimatums. Be kind. Be patient. With you and them.

RUN!! Help them run.

Laugh! With yourself and others.

EnJOY!!! You and them. Joy is from the inside and it’s how you get strong. His Joy. In you. Helps you live-

Outside.  The. Box.  

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