A deep whisper? A Voice.

There is a whisper deep inside that comes. It is not just any whisper. It is not just any voice. It is not just a lingering stream of thoughts. It’s a deep deep place of trust. It’s a person. It’s truth. It says stay focused. Keep moving. Don’t look back. Whether you are in business for yourself, work for a company, whether you are a man or a woman at home with children, homeschooling, dropping your kids off at school, working at the Dairy Queen, or abused by your spouse… there is a voice to be heard deep within you. It took me years to hear the voice of truth. I shuffled amongst the feet of lies and defeat and stress and worry. Anxiousness claimed my mind. I was deeply controlled by the need of approval. What people thought mattered more than what God or I thought. Don’t give me wrong. I respect authorities and experts. I also respect the mom and the dad and the sister and the friend. I respect the one who lives underneath the bridge and the one who lives in the fancy house. I respect the story behind the pain. Everyone has paid a price to live the life they have chosen whether it be one of riches or poverty. There is a story deep within. But today, I’m hearing more strongly and clearly the deep deep thought of the one who created me from the foundation of the world. That one who knew me before I came to planet earth. And that one I will return to you when my breath is finished here. So sometimes, we walk alone in him. Following him. Listening to him. In partnership with him. In relationship with him. That’s the joy. That’s the adventure. That’s identity. Do you hear it? See it? Have you experienced the one who leads from the deep within.

Donna Reiners, lifecoach,

No premature end

You don’t know how your #story ends so don’t end it prematurely. #coach #life #business #women #author #ISC19



What does spiritual maturity (LOVE) look like when mobilized? Is it practiced in real time kindness toward the soul & body- a hug, dinner, a ride, help to finish projects, wisdom, friendship, a listening ear, a time to process thoughts, baby sitters, elder sitters, medicine, prayer, a helping hand, clothes, gas, food, etc?

Fuel from the Creator

When you pump more in than your tank holds… You know you’re bone dry. Sometimes we feel spiritually impotent yet God gets us where we need to go. Sometimes we feel abandoned and without hope for #change or not ready for anything in front of us yet God has us. Let’s remember that He is our source. He is our fuel. His fuel does not run out just because we feel a certain way. The Creator Who lives inside is greater than our feelings. #spirit #business #fitmoms #fitness #christian #woman #fuel

Keep your joy on

Braver Saturday 

It’s a strong season. 

Let no one steal your joy.


Come to Me

Tenacious Tuesday-COME TO ME!! This is the song I played for my sister over and over as she moved to heaven. Today I’m remembering life. Remembering my sister. Thinking of my sisters here on earth. Time with Him.Time with me.

Peace. Rest. Clarity.

Wisdom. Reassurance. Boldness. Love-d 


Fearless Friday – Seriously. Really. Well, I’ve heard this phrase from anywhere when someone hears that someone gave their kid some strong medicine. Was thinking about how…I NEVER turns into whatEVER I need to do….

if that medicine will help your child or adult walk? Talk? Live longer?? Give them back clarity of mind?

If that medicine will help YOU get out of that wheelchair…go to the bathroom on your own..

It is AMAZING what we WILL do…….in order to give dignity back…and to give life back.

Just want to encourage you to remember that sometimes….it is FEARLESS to take medicine..and the strongest step of faith you can take…….don’t condemn just because they chose a different road than you chose….who knows what you and they might meet in the middle sometime on the same brave road??



Get Moving

Super Saturday

When you don’t know what to do – do not move into confusion. Your pathway will be made clear. So get back on the road and trust that in time it will make sense. Too much time is lost in senseless regret and mourning over the past. Just step out and find out. Confidently give it another go. You won’t know if you don’t go. Just move forwards instead of backwards and you will accomplish much on this side of your lifetime.  

Love, d

Real Life Construction Site

FEARLESS FRIDAY PRESENTS Real life in construction. In process. Progressing. Inspections along the way to insure safety, foundation and structural soundness, interior electrical workings, exterior cosmetics. Building a house not that different than our physical lives. We need accountability with measured results. Regularly. So, my question is, “How is your life working out for you?” WHAT CAN YOU DO TO INSURE FORWARD MOVEMENT? Sometimes all we need are a few minor tweaks. Jot down a couple notes to yourself. Dream.  Let’s GO FOR IT! I love you!! Donna Reiners


I'm MAD ©Donna Reiners

When I realized how much I had been duped, I was sad and then realized, I’M MAD.

Honestly, I do not get angry. It’s a very strange and odd occurrence, and because I’ve trained my heart consistently for over two decades to NOT go there –  imagine my surprise when it crept into me.

I want to encourage you – no matter how much your mind is renewed – you too can be enticed by an enemy to agree with a devilish characteristic and get sidetracked. There are three stages of offense.

First, there is iniquity – your eye latches onto a thought or idea or person and it multiplies and your need for it grows.
Second, there is what is referred to as sin – this is where you are enticed and you begin to “need” whatever it is your eye has latched onto and then all of a sudden it has grown so much that in your mind, you simply must have it. In other words, you think you will die without satisfying this strong urge.
Third, there is what is referred to as transgression. In the old covenant language you were told not to murder (outward action of an inward attitude) but in the new covenant language, Jesus made it clear that you are not even to hate (inward action only unseen by the natural eye.) In addition, old covenant said clearly not to commit adultery (an outward action) but in the new covenant, Jesus says not to lust (inward.) In other words…..that iniquity that was left unchecked moved into sin and then transgression because you ACTED upon it (you had murder in your heart and then you murdered…you had adultery in your heart and then you committed adultery.)

BUT New Covenant…it’s just the opposite – you get to keep your heart right so that you never commit murder OR adultery or…

WOW. You get it?

My anger – I had begun to justify its existence because of how the new testament teaches to be angry but to sin not and how Jesus had righteous anger….you mull that over and then decide its okay to have this “righteous anger”.

Guess what? It is NOT okay that I have any anger….because He makes it clear that our inward heart is as critical as our outward actions.

I want to encourage you today to get your heart right because in God’s eyes….it is as if you committed adultery, murder, whatever….through your thoughts….even if you have not done anything like it in your actions…


Jesus forgave all the way to where the problem began in you – in me and in everyone else on the planet – even those you think should know better.

Don’t get hooked by the very thing you see someone else hooked by…the LORD has taken the iniquity – the beginning of your sin…that turned into transgression – HE has taken this iniquity upon HIMSELF and we are all forgiven.

Listen, I have eyes that see and ears that hear and I’ve been forgiven. The ones I’m angry with don’t have eyes that see their actions as sin and they don’t have ears to hear that their action is sin. So, because I CAN see and because I CAN hear, I am responsible to keep my heart right regardless. You NOR I can allow ourselves to say yes to unrighteousness in our hearts even if we think its a righteous perspective.

Pray with me. I forgive. I let it go. I change my mind and come out of agreement of this hook that tells me it is okay to be angry at anyone for doing anything. I’ve been forgiven. They have been forgiven. I refuse to partner with unforgiveness and refuse to justify any heart attitude that leads me into holding onto my anger. Instead, I’m MADMOVING AFTER DAD. As an act of my will and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I choose His way and not my way. Let it be.


Until next time…and forward to anyone you might feel needs to get MAD.


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