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Wear Honor

Super Saturday

Honor. Love. Rare. Why? Because of me me me me me me me. It’s simply reality. Wonder what would happen if instead of throwing people under a bus – if we gave them our seat on the bus. Whether your industry is business, health, fitness, writing, retail, government- it’s all made of people. So govern you to a higher standard. Let love for humanity give you the courage to love and honor. 

Be different. Step aside from the me centered you. Wear Honor first. It will look really good on you.  


Stopped by the Storm

Have you ever thought about the life of Judas? I’m referring to the Judas who threw Jesus under a bus. Anyhow, I’m thinking about how Judas ate with Him, spent time with Him, had his feet washed by Him, took communion with Him – lived out life with Him and STILL betrayed Him. How did this happen? And how did Jesus do what seems impossible – in the midst of betrayal – He loved Judas & forgave Judas. Did Jesus know what was inside of his disciple turned rogue?? I think He did – I really do. However, in the midst of a storm of betrayal, Jesus moved into His destiny. He was not stopped by the storm.

What About You?
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Are you in a storm of sabotage, betrayal or the like? Have you been attempting to finish projects that have been weighing you down, just to find everywhere you turn you get stopped in your tracks? Perhaps you are in the process of  taking back your life

In the midst of life happening around you – do you have a vision for you? Do you know what God wants with you? Or are you simply living day by day by day in survival mode? IF you are in survival mode, do you have a plan to implement so that you can move from survival to thriving? Have you been in self sabotage mode? Or is someone else throwing you under a bus? Maybe you have embraced the thoughts of the enemy by accident.  I have had to stop periodically and look objectively into my own private world and make a new decision. Click and read here about something specific I took action on in my private world. Maybe it will help if you have you been stopped by the storm.

Judas. He erred so deeply he could not find a change of mind. He found no relief. He found no peace. He found no remorse. He found no sorrow. He only found his own heart taken captive by the enemy. When it was all said and done – Judas’ thoughts had been so clouded by darkness that he found the only solution to his problem was to hang himself. I do NOT think this was the right move. What about you? Where are your thoughts today? Are they consumed with you? With friends? Sabotage? betrayal? With problems? With crisis? With survival? Somewhere along the way we must get with the man in the mirror and get with God and hear His heart for us. Jesus gave us life on the cross. Judas gave himself over to death and hung himself. He was stopped by the storm.

Listen, life is precious – its not what we do or where we go or the activities we find ourselves in that determine our worth – our worth is found only in Him. His Words to us. His thoughts for us. His ideas inside us. His vision for our lives. God talks about how we can be destroyed without vision. Why? Because with vision comes success! Even Jesus had vision for Jesus! Through that vision, Jesus had vision for the disciples who became His friends. Interestingly, one of them was lured and enticed by temptation and turned from his relationship with Jesus and gave himself to darkness. Look, Jesus had vision while on the planet and called those living out life with Him to fulfill it – to walk out His vision with Him, for Him and ON HIS BEHALF. VISION. HE had it. They caught it. What about you? Click and watch this video to be encouragedFamous Last Words.

From Disciple to Apostle

Then, there was Peter who denied Jesus and could have been caught up with the voices in his head as much as Judas but somewhere along the way, Peter was BRAVE and was BOLD as he said NO to the enemy of his soul. #bravetobraver Somewhere along the way, Peter HAD to be RESPECTFUL to himself and take ACTION and receive forgiveness from his community AND from himself. What about you? How is it that Peter moved into his calling? Peter did not start out as an apostle. HE had to make choices and one of them was to be VICTORIOUS over his past. At first he was a fisherman – who followed a Man Who turned him into a fisher of men. There were some bumps in the road along the way but Peter decided to receive the mantle of Apostle. It was God’s plan for him – an imperfect man – who was given the task to help build the church. Jesus even told Peter that after he was converted and truly became His that he was to strengthen his brothers and sisters – in other words – take a position of ENCOURAGING others to trust Him! Peter bravely moved step by step into his calling, his mantle, his new nature, his new self. He was not stopped by the storm.

Get A Vision For You

I want to encourage you today to get with you and get with God- our Father and get a vision for YOU! Let God convict you! Let God change you! Let God support you and lead you! Let God LOVE you. I believe when Peter was at rock bottom, he may not have even been able to stand had he not had honor for God. When you cannot believe in you – believe in the God Who made you and remember HE believes in you! HE loves you! Honor God! Honor is what love looks like!

HE has an assignment for us! HE has an assignment – VISION! HE has a plan! Jesus carried out the vision of the Father up through His very last moment on earth – from forgiving others to assigning a place for His mom to live with a friend – to assuring eternity in paradise to a fellow on a cross – to calling out to the Father and connecting with Him before He took His final breath. Famous last words that live forever and point the way to living with vision and community. What does God have for you? I promise He DOES have something for you. Reconnect with God. Reconnect with you. Reconnect with community. Do not let another day pass you by! Get a vision for your life beyond the four walls of you! I commit to you that even if you have betrayed or denied God – HE has a plan – God is smart and HE always has a plan and you too will not be stopped by the storm.

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No Freedom Without Confrontation ©Donna Reiners

No Freedom Without Confrontation 1 of 3

No freedom without confrontation©Donna Reiners
BE BRAVE!! ©Donna Reiners

Do you know God desires for you to know Him intimately so that He can be your Provider and Protector? Do you know that God is faithful, and He wants trusting Him to be second nature for you, His daughter, His son? However, sometimes we can live a certain lifestyle for so many years that we have no idea it is not “right thinking” according to the way God thinks. We go about our business in a mindset of doing everything our own way and then wonder why oh why our lives seem to get all fractured and confused. The only way to have His mindset is by following His instructions.

John 8:31-32 …if you abide in My Word (hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them), you are truly My disciples”…and you will know the Truth and the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Praise God, HE is all about helping us think like Him, and He gives us His Truth so that we can begin the process and even stay with the program! He knows we are miserable in our own ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. He knows that we will only feel right about Him and right about ourselves and right about others WHEN we give ourselves over to knowing Him and His Truth. So, He pursues His sons and daughters with His love and conviction and Spirit and continues to attempt to draw us into His Truth day by day.

Pray with me – God, I know that I believe things about myself and others that are just not true – some things are lies that I believe. Help me to know what is true and what is false. Help me to understand what is good and what is evil. I want to live according to good and according to truth and not falsities and evil thinking. So, I open my heart to hearing Your Truth that will make me free from any lies I believe. Amen.

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