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Ability to Be Still

Ability to be still with Donna ReinersSupport comes and goes so it is important we know how to walk out life without any crutches. Sometimes we need to get quiet and hear our own hearts beat and our own lungs breathe. Being still and quiet with zero distractions to consider life is a good thing. Am I saying do not have friends – absolutely not – I can count how many I have on one hand and I’m thankful for them. However friends cannot fill you up and give you substance. The days have arrived when we must grab hold of the courage to like ourselves just like we are WHILE GOD IS changing us into His likeness. Therefore, be BOLD and let yourself become still – even if its only for 5 minutes a day at first. Then, show yourself RESPECT and remind yourself of His dying value and HIS amazing RESURRECTION for you. Take ACTION and don’t allow the quiet to scare you away. Be VICTORIOUS and move away from past fears into current BRAVERY! Finally, ENCOURAGE yourself and see what God does in your life! As BRAVERY becomes a lifestyle, perhaps our choices will reflect it. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I bravely find myself more often than not, responding to the Ability to be Still with a simple yes and I stop, breathe and thank God I can say yes and stop and breathe.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries – we got books galore on the subject. We teach people how to have them, how to keep them and how to teach others how to have and keep them. So, I get it – some people get on your nerves. They push your buttons and they tick you off and you are just sick of it or maybe they are one of those who manipulate and control you with their words of guilt, loneliness and need. So, to keep yourself from getting mad at their obvious blind spot of sin and witchcraft – you employ this amazing BUZZWORD: Boundaries.

Really? So, maybe you just don’t know how to speak the truth in love OR they can’t receive the truth you speak in love. Maybe. I hear you.

OR you just don’t like your buttons pushed. How about that? How about you are so busy pointing the finger to that person or that church or that group or that old person or that young person….wrapping your thoughts about how they dare to try and tell you what to do or manipulate you into visiting them or helping them or whatever……you are soooooooo busy thinking how wrong THEY ARE and how BLIND THEY ARE that you are BLIND TO YOUR OWN WRONG DOING. Oh yea.

I went there. I went there with me first. Now I go there with you.

I have a short video for you to watch before you read my blog……………its a sneak peak into today’s BUZZWORD BOUNDARIES

Back to my ranting – so, this is what I think and you can spit in my eye if you want. I think MOST….maybe not all…but most the time we implement boundaries to protect our own little hot buttons….to protect that area we have walled off as forbidden territory…to protect….to keep our anger in a fortress whereby no one can enter unless they have the magic words (RAPUNZEL LET DOWN YOUR HAIR!)…………OR protect our sadness or mourning or grieving….so as to keep it inside where nobody knows we are in pain. Face it. When we help a person who cannot help themselves and it only brings up emotions of the last time we helped a user…I mean a helpless person….it just makes us think we are being used.

But are we?

SURE WE ARE!!! Jesus was used all the time and you and I are in really good company….HE says to live like HE lived…

If someone brings out the worst in you…………..THEY AIN’T THE ISSUE. If it’s not in you – it won’t come out REGARDLESS OF who they are or what they do to you. IF IT’S IN YOU……………….THEN THAT’S THE REAL DILLY BOB.

So, my advice? Not that you asked for it…but since you did……………when someone makes you mad or sad or you feel manipulated or controlled or guilt ridden???? Instead of cutting them off with your flesh driven protect myself from killing them or myself boundaries and making them the problem or the cause…how about making a fresh observation on your own character and your own issues and your own undealtwith problems?

The real deal is that if you are able to be manipulated – that’s not their bad – that’s yours. The real deal is that if they can cause you to feel guilt or condemnation – that’s not their bad – that is yours. You get to thank GOD HE is revealing to you something about your spirit or soul that would otherwise not be known…had it not for that precious friend who pushed all your flippin buttons.

SELAH. Quit blaming others for what’s inside of you. When you create boundaries just for boundaries sake…ask yourself…are you protecting YOU or protecting that part of you that you don’t want coming out…cause you embarrass yourself when you yell, scream, get angry or frustrated or cry. Listen…we are all in a test. Its the HOPE test. If you are truly HOLDING ONTO PAPA EXPECTANTLY then you won’t blow your lid or protect your rights……….you will instead run to the wilderness and spend time with God the Father and get filled up or REMAIN filled up. HOW ON THIS EARTH DID JESUS stay in relationship with His disciples? HE spent time with the Father…HE slipped away to be with HIM when nobody else was around….HE REMAINED filled so that HE COULD ALWAYS GIVE OUT WHAT HIS DAD WAS DOING AND WHAT HIS DAD WAS SAYING.

Question is – do you want to be like Dad and do the right thing……..or do you want to be like you….and never change.

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Hope Again
HOPE AGAIN ©Donna Reiners

She refuses to leave. She is clinging to me as if I have something to offer her. Does she not understand that I expect nothing good to come from my life? Does Ruth not see that Your hand is against me?

Yet, she begs. She pleads. She says where I go, she will go and where I live, she will live. She says my people will be her people and You will be her God. She says she will die where I die and that she will not leave my side. Ruth believes and has said over and over that I should hope again!

I do not understand why would she want to travel with me? Why doesn’t she return to her own family? I love her – I do – I just do not understand. Maybe it is because I’m so distraught. All God’s goodness has slipped through my fingers.

The truth is that I’m feeling so very old. To make matters worse, I feel so very alone even with Ruth. I admit my despair. I feel without hope. I have zero expectancy. I have zero confidence. It was so hard when You took Elemelech but did You also have to take my sons too? I’m the victim here!! You have rejected me! Have You truly forsaken me? I feel it is more than I can take. I have no hope of a future yet she  clings to me as if everything will be all right. She has hope. She expects. She has a glint in her eyes I admire. I see her willingness to see beyond today. Forgive me. This darkness has taken my attention further from hope than I thought possible. How do I hope again? I realize You did not take my family – I just feel so without purpose now. Who will I care for now? Myself? Is that it? Have I anything to live for?? I’ve nobody to love. What can You do with me, an old widow?? When I left home, I left full of expectancy and confidence of a life to live. Now, here I am coming back empty – I never saw myself as a widow.

In the midst of my affliction, dare I hope again? Is it possible to expect good again? Am I brave enough to be confident again? I used to work and sell and trade and contribute. Show me…how do I live again? How to hope again?

After all, I am returning at the beginning of harvest….

Do you ever feel without hope? There is ONE Who will not condemn you for your honesty. #BEBRAVER Give it all to Him. Take your thoughts of rejection and pain to the One Who has a renewed purpose for you. Do not give in to the darkness that threatens. There IS a new day and HE DOES have something for you. Just wait and see. Hold on. Don’t turn back. Don’t give in. Don’t turn around and don’t look down. Instead, be watchful and see Him on the horizon.  HE will show you how to hope again.

Jesus, I come and I declare I will hope again.

This article composes thoughts from a woman in the Bible (Naomi) regarding her life and her misery as a widow. It includes her unbelief regarding her daughter in law Ruth’s choice to come with her instead of returning home to her own people. I wondered, as I penned this snippet of what the thoughts in her head could have been – if – this is what happens to us as well. Sometimes, it just feels as if we truly have no hope. HOWEVER…….ENTER……JESUS…….LIVING HOPE…….WHO DOES SHOW US HOW TO LIVE AGAIN.

Victim of Hate no more
Donna Reiners