Holidays & Emotions

The holidays can drain you emotionally with memories of the past. But if those emotions lead you into despair, then it’s time to rethink how you respond. Love yourself and love those around you. Don’t take loneliness, depression or sadness into your future. #Emotional truth for every day #life #Share with a friend. Every Day w Donna Mae.

Let The Junk Go

This is the thing. I needed to let the junk go! I thought I knew #forgiveness as an intimate #friend until I saw how unforgiving I had been – toward me. I had forgiven you with seemingly little effort. However, I was guilt ridden from having had trouble forgiving you in the first place! I continued to feel horribly trapped in my own complicated emotions. BUT GOD!! Listen whether you’re at #work, in #business, #womeninbusiness, a #businessowner, #fitness expert, #mom, #dad, #teacher or #gym rat, you can free yourself from the hurt and pain of condemnation. What a #revelation when I realized I was the problem! It was me – not you. So, I let me go from how I wronged you. I needed to love me too. Go ahead. Give yourself some #mercy and #grace. Let your own junk go and let the Joy flow.

There was a time…

IF you can relate – type I GET IT! There was a time many years ago when I would not sleep for #fear I would wake up dead.

There was a time many years ago when I blamed #sickness on disease. There was a time many years ago when I refused relationships for fear they would die and leave me alone.

There was a time many years ago when I agreed with doctors who said I would not live past 30.

There was a time many years ago when I agreed I would die like my mom.

There was a time many years ago when I felt you would not love me if you really got to ‘see’ me.

There was a time when I thought I would disappear into depression.

There was a time when I gave up and wanted to die.

There was a time…

There was a time…

There was a time…

But God.

I said, “But God.”

Yes, it sometimes required a #fight.

Yes, it sometimes required my will overriding overwhelming #emotions filled with #darkness and #despair.

Yes, it required me contending for life I could not yet see.

But God.

I said, “But God.”

So, my #friend if you have read until the end, I want you to know that overcoming that which wants to overcome you is worth it.

Knowing That One Who overcame the world and lives inside of you and lives inside of me is worth it.

And I’d do it again.

You – don’t you give up and don’t you turn back and don’t you give in to those #death filled thoughts and ideas. Choose life because Life chose you and you were and are worth choosing. But #God. I GET IT!! Share so that someone struggling about ‘there was a time’ will choose life. #REPOST Love-d

#coach #life #lifecoach #lifeisbeautiful #live #anxiety #mentalhealth #mental #health #christian #jesus #writer #author #church You are loved – Donna Reiners

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My First Cup

I’m thinking about you as I drink my first cup of #coffee since arriving yesterday in #amsterdam. It’s my day to rest and since it’s cold and overcast, I’m thinking indoors is a perfect #retreat #morning

Little drops of #water tip toe from the #sky onto the square brick sidewalk outside restaurant window. I see the slight breeze whisper to the brown hedge bruised by the winter, recently passed.

As I glean from the #Proverbs, I’m listening to the #languages spoken around me as different cultures eat their #breakfast. Though we are all in one room, I can taste the distance between us. My #Texas heart wants to play musical chairs and let time stop long enough for me to spend a few minutes with each #woman.

I’m confident #love is the common language between us. I hear silent cries in my mind of the ones who would bloom if someone took the time to be kind. I’m also equally confident if we looked one another in the eyes with no words spoken, it would reveal our need for a #smile and a #hug as a reminder of our #significance. I’m finishing my first cup …headed for my second one.

Much love- Until soon @donnareiners with

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We just arrived

We just arrived at the #schiphol airport and our first stop was for #starbuckscoffee, though in my case it was a Cafe Vanilla #Frappuccino. Whether it was from anticipation or the unusually warm atmosphere, sleep had been difficult on our overnight flight from #Texas to #Amsterdam. Regardless, there is excitement in the air as we make our way through the busy #airport to catch the shuttle to our hotel. After a pleasant check in to the Hyatt Place, we are off in an #Uber to explore the city of #Iamsterdam.

Our first cab driver was from Afghanistan and in my usual style I was asking questions to bridge the distance. He was so professional, polite and friendly that I donned him an honorary #Texan. We learned of places to eat, drink and be merry while here before he dropped us off downtown on the familiar streets. After stopping in several souvenir shops for family gifts, finding a drug store for an upset stomach and walking away from the most fantastic #DOGO boot #heels with matching #handbags I could never wear, we found a place to eat.

This hummus was amazing and I’m looking forward to making it when we get home to #Houston.

This is my third time here and I have to admit that I’m fond of the city. From the food, entertainment and transportation, it is predictable, #historic, reasonably priced and diversified. Once you have satisfied your curiosity in the city, you can easily stretch your adventure and explore other neighboring countries. You won’t get bored.

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Come to Me

Tenacious Tuesday-COME TO ME!! This is the song I played for my sister over and over as she moved to heaven. Today I’m remembering life. Remembering my sister. Thinking of my sisters here on earth. Time with Him.Time with me.

Peace. Rest. Clarity.

Wisdom. Reassurance. Boldness. Love-d 


Welcome to Tenacious TUESDAY!

Be clear. The way of light is not confusing, dark, fearful or depressing, Light leads to LOVE and LIFE.We take steps. Sometimes ginormous and sometimes itsy bitsy but we do move forward. Be tenacious in your private focus. You have permission to live again. You have permission to love again.  You have permission to laugh again. You have permission to learn again. You have permission to lean again. You even have permission to lose again because it DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! I love you!! @donnareiners 

Real Life Construction Site

FEARLESS FRIDAY PRESENTS Real life in construction. In process. Progressing. Inspections along the way to insure safety, foundation and structural soundness, interior electrical workings, exterior cosmetics. Building a house not that different than our physical lives. We need accountability with measured results. Regularly. So, my question is, “How is your life working out for you?” WHAT CAN YOU DO TO INSURE FORWARD MOVEMENT? Sometimes all we need are a few minor tweaks. Jot down a couple notes to yourself. Dream.  Let’s GO FOR IT! I love you!! Donna Reiners

Donna Reiners


My Way or the Highway Donna Reiners


My dad grew up knowing nothing but fear, intimidation, lack and limitations. His mom had been married – wait for it – 9 times. When he was a boy, if he left with 3 bullets and a gun – he better bring back a rabbit for each bullet missing and of course….the gun. He could have been on that show Survivor! He joined the Army when he was like 14 or something???? Then, he was found out and kicked out a couple years later. Keep in mind, these were the days of Great Depression. If you don’t know what that is – then just know it was a time of fear, intimidation, lack and limitations. There was little food to be found. There was a lack of jobs. Folks were fearful of not having enough. Then, Dad joined the Navy at I think 16 but was not found out and remained serving 30 years.  His desire to work and eat and support a family found him in WWII, Korean War and some other unnamed wars in other countries nobody could talk about.  Why am I sharing about my dad? Because many of us grew up under the arms of parents from this era – the my way or the highway survivors.

As a kid, when we went to the commissary, it was for a whole bunch of food because it was all my parents knew….lack…They were survivors doing the best they could to live out life the only way they knew how…They are no different than us – we live out as best we can…learning from the mistakes of our parents and hoping we can learn a better way for our kids. YET….who our parents are is part of what makes us up…and in many ways…that’s not so bad is it??

If you look hard enough you can always find something negative. I’m convinced if we will look past what we think is so wrong or wretched about our past, we can find something good. Today, find something good in how you grew up – Be Jesus with your past and look PAST the bad ugly and look into the potential of who they could have been had they been loved properly. Now, look at how you could be if you will LOVE properly. God is good…be more than a survivor…thrive my friend….in LOVE and see if you don’t find out life is better than you thought as you become more than just survivors..

Until next time,



Run Me Over

Run Me Over copyright Donna ReinersSeriously? Are you not looking where you are going? Apparently not. Did you almost run me over?
So, I’m driving down the road on the way to my weekly class and I slowed to allow two moms with their baby strollers cross the road. They are hesitant but get the hint and start to cross when lo and behold a white car whizzes past me as if I’m not even there. The result was almost hitting me AND almost hitting the strollers. I’m like – really????? Is this necessary? I let the stroller mamas past and drive forward with a thought…wouldn’t it be interesting if she is headed where I am headed? It was HAHAHA funny when I saw her white car drive into the same driveway as me! Oh how funny life can me sometimes, don’t you think? It was humorous to me and I commented – you almost ran me off the road! And do you know what she replied? “Oh, was that you?” Oh was that you?!! That’s it?! HA!
Where am I going with this….? I’ll tell you. She was/is oblivious to anything except where SHE WAS HEADED. I’m not sure how different she is from the rest of us and to be honest, it was pretty difficult to be upset even though she did just about run me over.
What do YOU do when someone wants to run you over?
I just want to encourage you today to look where you are going…how are you getting there? Are you running someone over in your zeal to push ahead and finish your race? Just remember, this is not a sprint – it is a marathon. So, be kind along the way. Watch where YOU are going and maybe stop and help someone along the way instead of barging ahead as if your race is the only race that is important. When you stop to get a drink, how about fetching a drink for someone else too? Then, you can rest with a friend while you prepare to head back out …there…where you may just get run over 🙂

Until next time,