Fearless is who you are

Fearless is such a strong word but what if fearless is who you are? I look in the mirror and see a lifetime of fear, timidity, low self esteem, anguish, incompetence and worry. Honestly, it’s only been the last 10 years when I started to see a breakthrough in my thinking. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover that your weaknesses can be your greatest strengths. Feeling I deserved nothing was probably one of the strongest emotions I’ve faced. It’s strange I know. Many suffer from entitlement but mine was a lack of it. Both are equally unhealthy. Demanding it right now is no less dangerous than not caring at all if you ever “reach that …. you fill in the blank.” Some ask why I’m ‘in business’ now or how can I charge for helping people get well mentally and emotionally? Fascinating that they will pay someone else for less change than what I offer. It’s interesting that their context is almost offense as if I have no business charging money for my skillset development. But others do? It took years to unpack the respect for myself so I felt charging anyone was righteous. In the mean time I was content with nothing because I felt I did not deserve more. Ministry sound so much more loving than business. Really? Fear blinds you from inheritance. Fear keeps you bound to lack. The lightbulb continued to go off as I witnessed less respect when I gave away my services versus charged for them. Rarely do people respect what is given to them. I did not see that before but now I get it. What’s this got to do with fearless? I did not charge because I did not love myself enough to feel worthy enough to deserve being paid. Such a fearfully twisted identity. For years I attracted people to me who also felt no worth and therefore were also content with nothing. You won’t pay your bills, feed yourself or your family or have any way to help others when you have nothing. Listen- Bravely love yourself today. Not because you deserve it right this minute but because love is who you really are and it’s love that pushes fear out your door.

Loving yourself will change you, your bloodline and spheres of influence.

When you love you – you can share love with the ones around you. Love- d

Free gift for you.

Stuck in a Parking Lot

Have you ever felt stuck in a parking lot with no way out? You wonder how you got there and try as you do to relocate – it seems every turn brings you back to the same parking place. You wonder what it means and you wonder how long the season will remain. However, more than that, you simply wonder how you ever got stuck in a parking lot.
You cry out but no one seems to hear.
You weep yet no one sees the tears.
Stuck in the parking lot for what feels like years.

Are you in a quandary looking for sin?
Glancing to the past to see where you have been?
Forward you go with no move in sight?
Clearly in life your day is now night…

Thankful you are though some won’t believe
that you can be grateful when feeling bereaved.
You search for solutions to the left and the right.
Your heart knows the answer is in plain sight.

There does come a time when we must face our past
by living in the present yet reaching back to the last
place on the mountain where we stopped to sight see
knowing in time He would call Him to me.
to visit again in the deep one and one
me listening and Him talking is the way it is done.

So, there you sit in the lot, after driving around.
Get out of the car and seek what you’ve found.
Back to living the basics of life but you sound
an ending and beginning with a middle you’re bound.

Have you ever felt an enemy attempt to break into your faith? I sure did tonight. As my tears flowed, I realized my heart has entered into a fresh phase of renovation and proving. How will I fare on this side of the mountain this time? The devil is a liar and his target has been to steal my hope, to kill my future and to destroy my strength. How about you?
So, I’m being BRAVE. Tonight I made fresh assessment and we made plans to implement a fresh strategy. This will require a new BOLDNESS as we look at our goals and reacquaint ourselves with purpose. It will also require a renewed RESPECT for myself and our desire to please God. In pleasing Him, I’ll have to take ACTION in an area of great need. I’m convinced it will bring VICTORY over a specific area in my past. Gaining any victory at all will bring strong ENCOURAGEMENT.

I am personalizing a passage that is becoming very dear to me but instead of just quoting it, I’m going to write from the I point of view. Why don’t you say this with me and let it encourage you?
James 1:2-8-I command joy into my spirit, thought life and physical body. I recognize I’m in a colorful and variegated examination where I am being tested in an area of weakness. I trust You God. I know through this experience that this testing prior to approval will verify my trustworthiness. Thank You that what I believe will produce perseverance. Thank You Father that this endurance will have a genuine mature and absolute result. Thank You that Your desire is that I become entirely healthy. Thank You for calling me to a condition without blemish lacking in nothing. I ask You God for wisdom because You commit to giving it to me generously and without reproach. I ask You LORD without any doubting. I refuse to live double minded, unsettled or unstable in my journey. I refuse to vacillate between opinions but trust Your opinion in life, living and in death and dying. You complete me God and I thank You that as I persevere under trial, You will approve me to receive the crown of life which You have promised.

Let me know if this encourages you – that in itself will encourage me too. Blessings and I pray you too will find your way out from being stuck in a parking lot.

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