Fearless Friday – Seriously. Really. Well, I’ve heard this phrase from anywhere when someone hears that someone gave their kid some strong medicine. Was thinking about how…I NEVER turns into whatEVER I need to do….

if that medicine will help your child or adult walk? Talk? Live longer?? Give them back clarity of mind?

If that medicine will help YOU get out of that wheelchair…go to the bathroom on your own..

It is AMAZING what we WILL do…….in order to give dignity back…and to give life back.

Just want to encourage you to remember that sometimes….it is FEARLESS to take medicine..and the strongest step of faith you can take…….don’t condemn just because they chose a different road than you chose….who knows what you and they might meet in the middle sometime on the same brave road??




Okay. NO MORE GUILT! Let it go! Moms who are doing the best you know how – let it go. Dads who are providing all they can – let it go. Young ones feeling guilty for how your parents fight and feud- it’s not your fault so let it go. Grandparents and parents whose kids have ditched you out of self living, or busyness – there is nothing wrong with you. They are grown now and have had full opportunity to grow enough in their maturity to make room for you. You cannot grow if you don’t let the guilt go. Finally, let self guilt and condemnation go. Then let it go again. Your belief system did not get filled with guilt overnight and it takes time to move out from dark to light. So pick up peace and let it go – take a breath and breathe in slow. Look yourself in the eye and say it’s gonna be okay. Keep pressing on through into what I have to say. You do not yet understand nor yet quite see that my greatest delight is that you turn to Me. So here I am – My arms open wide – here is My hand – come to My side. Come My friend – think – remember – I am Your Love – I’ll blow on your embers.

Love you dear ones!! Donna Reiners