Life Turns Upside Down

Super Saturday – Some years ago, a closer than close friend was diagnosed with a disease called Multiple Sclerosis (M.S). She lives with her sister because the doctors said she could no longer work or drive. All of a sudden, her life was turned upside down. It devastated her to “not be able to do her job.” She took such pride in her work and was very good and respected in the work place. In a way, she got much of her self-worth from her job. After all, she spent at least 8 hours per day in the corporate setting and was paid “to do a good job.”  Can you relate? Now, to be released from those responsibilities and told she was “incapable,” was like throwing ice cubes in her face. Though her mind was slowing, her heart was, and is, still in tact. We sadly watched the changes that took place. Her thinking and reasoning changed, her short-term memory is minimal, her confidence diminished, her attention span dissipated, and her physical and emotional balance went off-kilter. Her caregiver took her to a doctor who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive thinking problems. After a long battery of testing and prodding, he concluded it was “inconclusive” as to whether or not she had M.S. As a matter of fact, the test results showed her B12 to be so deficient that it could have killed her. Furthermore, in a meeting with neurologists and specialists, it was discussed how a severe B12 deficiency mimics the same results as M.S.  It eats away at the Myelin Sheath covering the nerves. The kicker is this – that a B12 deficiency could have been addressed. Could she have begun taking B vitamins?  Perhaps most of her brain could have been preserved? No one knows.  It makes you think though, doesn’t it? Could all or most of the distress she has gone through been avoided by taking a simple B vitamin? So, the effects are irreparable without a miracle. What were the options? Sue the doctors?  Dive into self pity? What do you do when your life appears to be brought to ruin, and then realize you could have stopped the devastation? What do we do when life turns upside down.

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Pick Up Hope

When Hope is removed, confidence and expectation are removed. Pick up HOPE again. Let HOPE reacquaint you with living. There are still promises left to come forth.stand to your feet! Breathe again! Live again! Love again! Open up your blinds. Go check your mail. Call someone up to say hello. Write yourself an an encouraging  note. Tell yourself that you ARE going to be okay and that you are passing through not standing still.

Get out of giving up and HOPE AGAIN!! Be confident again!Give birth to trust and watch your promises come forth!

TRUST AGAIN! I love you @donnareiners @bravetobraver


BeBraver ©Donna Reiners

Want to Die?

Want to Die? ©Donna ReinersYou have been on my heart for a long time. I have thought of you often and asked for you to be protected. I do not personally know you but sense you are miserable and have thought of ending your life. My question is, “Do you want to die?”

Somewhere along the line you decided God abandoned you. Love abandoned you. You want help but are terrified say or do anything about it. You don’t know who you can trust. Although you try to hide it – you see the pain each time you look yourself in the mirror. You are not sure how to handle your feelings. On one hand, you feel so exhausted that death is a welcome thought. On the other hand, you want life but feel you need someone to teach you how to live. You may not be able to tell the truth from lies. It might help if someone could help you make decisions….and kind of point you into the right direction. However, it is a wicked mess when  you think no one cares about you because after a while you convince yourself you have decided you no longer care as well. I know you wish you could stop feeling so hopeless, but it is not that simple, is it when you decide you want to die.

First, I just want to say that you do not have to give up. Second, I want to say that everything can be all right.  I would have said will be all right but some of it is up to you. Third, you need to really know that it is okay to have a desire to live. Perhaps you think no one will take time for you. Regardless of how you feel, you are important and someone will make the time. You are breathing and you have purpose you do NOT have to want to die.

Do you even know how to let someone into your private world? Do you even comprehend that you have purpose?

You may not comprehend what God is all about, but He still did what HE did for you. Although you feel you have no reason to live, HE has a reason for you to live. God Himself has a plan for your life. There is still time to find out what it is that HE has for you…even if it is one step at a time and one breath at a time.

Today, I realize we are all here to help one another live out our purpose. I remember a time when I thought about death. All the time. I never put a a razor to my arm or a rope around my neck but I felt alone and I felt desperate. Inside me, I felt like I needed someone to talk to and needed to know someone on the earth cared about me. I needed guidance in a practical way in order to live in the day to day world. I felt so needy. Helpless. Hopeless. It was humbling and I hated it. However, I decided I wanted to live and asked for help. It was not enough to hint that I needed help – some folks miss those cues. I had to be straight forward and to the point. Even then, it took some time but I did receive the guidance I needed to make a new decision and get up on my feet.

I am still learning how to live this life God gave me. It is a challenge but it is clear I have purpose and so do you.

Listen, you must give God opportunity to fulfill your potential. You do not have to continue to live out the lies of your mind. Allow someone to show you how to live in such a way that your feelings do not overwhelm you. It will require a new decision on your part but you can learn how to NOT want to die.

There is a part in the book that says, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Today, decide not to make decisions based on your emotions. I’m sure you agree with me that feelings come and go and can lie. The Father of all of creation does not lie. Trust the process of turning to LIFE as you decide to NOT want to die. Say it with me – I choose life.

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Darkness Closes In

Darkness Closes In

Darkness Closes In

Such a strange day to witness the darkness closing in over the city while experiencing it in my own soul. What do you do when darkness closes in?

I’ll be honest with you – right this moment – I do not know. So, I’ve turned to my expression when the pen of a ready writer takes over. What does that mean? I write until I’ve processed and come to a conclusion that hopefully helps me and maybe even helps you when darkness closes in.

I’m in a place today where I feel nothing inside except a loneliness and seeping notion that I’m sinking. My mind knows the truth. My heart knows the truth. I know I’m not sinking… yet…it threatens to overcome my day and overcome my joy. Deep inside my bowels, could it be that I’ve not received this joy that rushes in with a steady constant when darkness lures me into captivity?  So, darkness does not come because I’m strong – it comes because I’m weak in an area that it can set its hooks into me. What an ugly thought if I do say so myself. With the sinister cloud hovering around me, I ask Him what to do as the darkness closes in. Have you even raised your voice to God? I did today and I think it is the first time in 22 years. I made a new step of honesty into God today as I was worshiping Him…but what came from my mouth was not worship but frustration. I ask myself and I ask Him why it is I continually come to a place where I feel I can step no more. Why do I come to a place where I feel no presence, no past and no future. Yes, I wrote presence in place of present. Its HIM I need – HIS notions – HIS confidence – HIS ideas – HIS emotions and HIS mindset. Somehow, I find myself here…once again…wondering what have I done wrong? Why do I stumble to the place of a brick wall? Here in this place, I feel I can go no further.   Will I be old and gray when it is no longer an issue and when I am no longer able to lift my head? Oh where can I find comfort when darkness closes in?

Standing in the Gap for you?

Is this you? Are you the one I’m praying for today that has found darkness to be your friend – to be your confidant and your strength? The darkness lies to you with the intent to keep you to itself. Darkness only knows the depth of not belonging…of not being wanted…of not understanding…and of feeling unloved and unlovely. BUT, this is NOT YOU…let me give you a glimpse of God’s love for you that is nestled inside some words I read many years ago. In a time of reading, God opened my eyes to see life from His perspective. HE told me that He had sanctified me and set me apart for Himself. HE told me that once I had been of darkness but because of what HE did (notice it was not me who did it)…because of what HE did – I was cleansed and free to forgive and be forgiven and to love and be loved. What is it that HE did without our help that could be so powerful as to forgive us and give us the power to forgive others?


Simply said, the Father of our planet, of the world and its inhabitants sent His only Son to live a life that we could not live so that we could have a life we did not earn…I say that to you dear friend – you are not of darkness – not because of anything you have done but because of what HE did…HE did something you and I cannot do…HE gave HIMSELF so that you and I can love and be loved first by HIM and then by one another. HE came with HIS marvelous light and shined this light into the world so that we can see the Kingdom of God! I challenge you today to come with me on a journey to love and be loved, to experience the light of the world!  In the video below, I’m praying for you and anyone you may know who is struggling to be free from the dark entanglements from the unseen realm…when darkness closes in.

The scripture where God showed me His heart for me was 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? (this does not mean heaven). Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”


Do you understand the power of this set of words from your Father? HE says HE has set you free and HE says HE has set me free by the name of the LORD Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. Yes, He said if we continue to live in a lifestyle that opposes His freedom, that we will not possess the kingdom of God….here on planet earth…HE is saying HE paid a price for you and me to be free WHILE we were living a WRONG lifestyle. Now that’s some goodness there!! It is Good News what Jesus has done for us precious friend. Let’s pray together, shall we?

John 15:13 – Greater LOVE has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. NAS

This is what God did for us my friend – laid down HIS life for us with  HIS love – HIS charity – HIS benevolence – HIS feast of LOVE. Hope you will join me as we go on a journey into HIS LOVE that freed us from our wrongs…Until next time – Love, Donna Reiners20140215-NDIP10129


Fight For Your Life

Recently, a young and precious friend moved to heaven. I write this in honor of her, her family and how they lived life out with her through this very difficult season. She intentionally planned her move and was greatly loved by her community. She had greatly struggled with physical pain all her life and her literal survival was dependent on continual and regular hospital intervention. She was always in crisis mode because she was always in a fight to live. She grew weary in this challenging bubble of almost dying all the time – pricks and prods by needles, machines, hands and pain medication added to the mix. I am leaving much out for lack of space/time. The young woman got with God and sought His answer and felt like He gave her an answer. She felt His presence with a love and peace to trust Him whether alive on the planet or alive with Him in heaven. Let me break that down for you a little more clearly – she decided no matter what would come her way – she would not be returning to the hospital or seeing any well meaning doctors again. Bottom line? She was done. Admittedly, I struggled with her decision. Family struggled. I was on the outside looking into the private turmoil her family passed through which was far greater and much deeper than the pain I felt. It’s one thing to view from the outside, it’s another to be the one living through it. Have you ever had to fight for your life?

Choose to Die

From the beginning as a new believer, the enemy has challenged my own daily existence. The enemy of my soul has used my body against me numerous times to bring me into death, into emotional calamity, into a place where I was forced to fight in order to remain alive. My sister struggled too – read about it here.  Throughout my lifetime as His, He too has challenged my thoughts, encouraging me to choose life instead of death and to choose blessings instead of curses and to choose love instead of fear. It has been a growing revelation as He and I have lived out life together and has been a deeply penetrating revelation that has held me through darkness and lead me through a pit until I reached light. So, when I learned of her decision to choose to die instead of choosing to continue to live – it took me into a seeking time with my Best Friend. I looked into my own private world of my fight for my own life, her fight for her life and so I ask if you fight for your life?

Whether We Live or Die

During this season of my own questioning and thinking and exploring, I found myself inwardly humbled by her trust in His love and in His reality….quietly and deeply cognizant of the courage it took for her to say no to live on this planet and yes to life in Him- this – the afterlife that many of us never really feel ready to embrace once faced with it one on one. There is a passage in the Holy Book where Paul speaks of his own revelation that whether he lived or died, he belonged to the Lord.  In Paul’s lifetime, he experienced being beaten and left for dead. He was stoned and went hungry.  He was lonely, unsupported, betrayed and so on. He had to learn how to be content whether he had much or little. He even talked at one time about how he knew his time left on the planet was soon and yet, there was no dread at all in his tone. In the midst of all of the challenges and obstacles, he spoke of the love of God being reachable, touchable, and available in the NOW…and not just when it was time for the earthly body suit to give up its assignment. He knew heaven was real. You see, Paul followed the example of Jesus and he lived to die as he surrendered his fight for his own life and instead took up the fight for my life and the fight for your life.

Living The Same As Dying

Let me ask you a question. Could it be that my young friend, who grew weary of the fight to live and the pain that went along with that fight, instead, grabbed hold of His reality? Could it be that He visited her so thoroughly and so intimately that her confidence in the Christ became such that she knew living WAS the same as dying? Could it be she said yes to Him in a way some of us have not? Could it be she got the revelation of the Apostle Paul – that she belonged to Him? I just want to encourage you today to stop and take a long look into the eyes of the One Who died for you and died for me. Ask yourself – are you ready? I’m not asking you to throw in the towel and choose to die. I’m not asking you to join into an agreement with leaving the planet not one day sooner than He desires. BUT, do you have the confidence that if tomorrow your life ended – you would live with Him?

This is not my normal entry. All I can say to you is that I am very challenged by the sacrifice God made on my behalf and on your behalf. HE sacrificed. HE paid the price. HE. HE. HE. HE. HE. He fought for my life and He fought for your life. We can hold no offense with another. Read some lessons here. No one is greater than the other. You may be more mature. You may have a higher authority. You may have an international calling. However, not one of you is greater than me or less than me. You see, we all find entry the same exact way – through the blood of the cross.

BRAVE. We must at one point or another enter into a bravery that is a higher level – a deeper place. Boldly she faced the Father and felt assurance of their relationship. Respectfully, she made a decision she felt was in line with His heart for her. She made a decision and took an action many would not dare to do. She knew she had victory over her past and  now she is encouraged beyond measure by His reality. #bravetobraver @bravetobraver

It is Not Me or You

It is not me.

It is not you.

We must grasp and receive this life in Christ for what it is and for what it is not…

It is about Him.

It is not about me. This is why I forgive and forget and move forward and do not hold grudges or even memories that prevent me from trusting this person or that person. We must not exalt our feelings or our memories over the payment He already paid. His blood. His cross.

It is about what He did and it is NOT about what I do, did or shall do in the future. My works will be measured – I see that.

However, I cannot earn my place in heaven.

HE earned my place.

HE earned your place.

HE earned my young friend’s place.

She received that place.

I am learning to receive the confidence she exuded.

How about you?

Can you receive how He took up the fight for your life?

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