Purpose is HIGHER than Fear


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Tonight, we were watching a movie and it was one of those movies I regularly do not watch. Too much blood. Too much killing. Too much of everything. It was an us against them scenario with little hope for any survivors. Basically, it was a situation where there was a leader who was taken captive and in the building where he was held, there was one trained man who was hidden and came after the men who took the leader captive. I know that was a long sentence. Breathe in and breathe out. Could it be that purpose is higher than fear?

What do I mean? I watched the trained man do whatever he had to do to in order to reach the leader. He was beaten, stabbed, attacked, shot and everything you can think of while on his way to reach the leader. However, this is what I noticed. The man who was trained was focused. He pushed past all his pain and all his calamity and remained focused – his goal? Get the leader out from the clutches of the enemy. He had purpose. Purpose is higher than fear.

I got revelation.

This is the key. Say it again with me – aloud – Purpose is HIGHER than fear.

Purpose is always associated with taking over or having intent. Assignment is short term or long term but is more like a measurable goal to master or complete. So, here is my question regarding assignments and purpose.

What keeps you from moving forward in life? Do you have fear?

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of success? Failure? Are you afraid of pain? Are you afraid of losing? Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid of your job ending? Are you afraid of dying? Are you afraid of living? What are you afraid of?

What is your purpose? Do you have it? Let me tell you that if you cannot think of it – that does not mean you don’t have one. Everyone has purpose and I mean everyone. You must determine yours in order to be successful on this side of heaven. Purpose is different than assignment.

Purpose seems broad but basically it just means to take over and complete your assignment.  That’s right – take authority – take command – be the leader over that project, that idea, that goal – lead that assignment. Perhaps you are overwhelmed. Stop and look yourself in the mirror and start with you. Straighten your shoulders if you can and look yourself in the mirror if you can and hold your head up if you can and say with me, “I am important. I am significant. I am alive on purpose.”Dismiss what keeps you from moving forward and say with me Purpose is higher than fear.

This is the thing – when we know our assignment -we can focus on the steps to fulfilling it. When things get hazy, we can return to the assignment. When things get busy, we can return to the assignment. When we are completely distracted, we can return to assignment. Why? Because the assignment needs to be completed in order for you to have your next assignment….

WHY did he complete his mission?  He kept his focus on the assignment. Let us do the same. He disallowed torment from keeping him from completing his job. Purpose is higher than fear.

#BEBRAVER – GET Purpose.

Pray with me:

Father, I ask for YOU to give me clarity on Your mission and your assignment for my life and the goals I need to complete it. Give me revelation and help me move forward in Jesus name. Let it be.

Until next time!


Still Stuck in a Parking Lot

Surely, I won’t be here long…this is what I would ponder…as I asked myself why on earth was I still stuck in a parking lot.

I am at the end of an odd season. Everything within me wanted to give up and turn back and give in and look down. However, this was new territory for me since my mantra for some time had been just the opposite. I pondered a little bit on how many friends would stick around if I was no longer the go to friendly let me pray for you person who encouraged when life was bleak or dark. It only crossed my mind but let’s me honest now…how many friends have you chosen NOT to hang out with or be friends with WHEN they are not their usual fun self? This may not be you but it is some of you. God wants us to rejoice when others rejoice…but He also wants us to weep when others weep – not condemn, not try to change, not try to hurry them along so they can get with the happy program. But how about you take just a moment out of your day to be their sunshine, lighten their load, give them a word of encouragement, be their spiritual mom, friend or confidant. Are you able or willing to make room for others when they are not who you want them to be in YOUR season of life? Don’t be condemned and don’t be upset. God says it’s okay to go there – after all – honesty is a fabulous place to sit when still stuck in a parking lot.

Encouraging Myself

Thankfully, I’m about to the end of a season where I have been weeping any given moment of the day. Sadness would take me over and I would just cry and cry and then cry some more….and then I would be fine again – until the next wave of sad rolled my way. It was as if I had turned into a Hallmark commercial because I teared up at the strangest moments! I could have thought I was losing my mind but that was not the case. The LORD is my light and my stronghold whether I’m in the dark or in the light. HE still lives in me and through me and does not leave when I’m not on the top of my game. I think that is the challenge with all of us when living out life with one another. It’s easy to be around someone who is a happy camper but a whole new story when their day has turned dark and they need a friend to light a candle for them because they have no strength to even find the matches. Still it’s a beautiful season for me personally because of my relationship with the Lord…its so sweet and so timely and so good. I’ve been sitting in my prayer room listening to some specific lyrics from Merchant Band when they sing, “You are so good – You never leave, like I think You should. You are so kind ….You still give me life. I’ll let You make me, I’ll let You break me, I’ll let You fix me until we’re One.” It’s on repeat until I switch over to another song by Jason Upton when he sings, “Come up here, come up here My beloved” and he sings about John on the Isle of Patmos and his encounter with God. Powerful. In case you don’t know, John was banished to an island because of him being a follower of the Christ. He had to encourage himself in The Lord for many years because in a much stronger way than me, he was definitely stuck in a parking lot.

Enemy of Our Souls

You might ask if I’m feeling sorry for myself – no that’s not it. You might ask if I’m hurting or in pain – no, not as far as I know – but it could be part of it. Frankly, I have a sneaky suspicion that some of the emotions and ideas stem back to earlier in the year. Also, I feel I made some sort of emotional covenant with an ungodly source and this is truly the enemy to my soul right now….granted…yes…God is living and breathing in me and loving me….but some of this emotional duress is due to something other than God drawing me.  Yesterday, I dealt a bit with the enemy of my soul and felt a strong breaking through into my true self. I will tell you that whatever season of life you are in –  if you don’t deal with your emotions, ideas, feelings – they WILL eventually deal with you. So all of that is pretty much why I’m still stuck in a parking lot.

Superwoman Cape

I’ve experienced some loss –  our sister moved to heaven in January of this year. Prior to that we had some friends who decided they were no longer our friends. My sister’s husband also, suddenly passed. We had strong changes as well as several deaths in our church family. In addition, we have had sicknesses in our immediate community. I’ve been taking in one thing at a time like a good soldier 🙂 with rare discussions with myself on how I am handling these shifts and transitions. I laid down my superwoman cape many years ago or so I thought…apparently, I had a spare cape in my closet that I slipped on….and have just been going going going…. Though I’m a spirit being, my human being part of me needs ministry and loving and stopping and considering this thing called life. So, that’s kind of what I sense The Lord doing in me in this particular season. Though it feels very odd and out of sorts to be stuck in a parking lot, I’m cognizant that I have a good Father Who cares for me and is drawing me into His lap. We are reasoning together in this season – Him doing the talking and me doing the weeping – I mean listening. HE is building me back up and encouraging me and strengthening me. Admittedly, I’m thankful HIS love for me is so deep and wide. Though you may not be stuck in a parking lot, I want to encourage you to take deep breaths, look around, breathe again and give yourself a great big HUG from God. HE is never too busy to love on us whether we are on the road or still stuck in a parking lot.


Therefore, it may be time for you to prepare yourself to be BRAVE and #bravetobraver. Get ready to GIRD yourself up with BOLDNESS and realize you CANNOT live in a parking lot. So, have some RESPECT for yourself and get the plan of ACTION you are going to take when it is time to take it. Know it will prove to be a VICTORIOUS move over your past and very ENCOURAGING! God loves you and HE is for you and HE knows who we are and where we are and HE is not in a hurry to be in a hurry. So, I declare over you and me a release from false obligations, false responsibilities and false relationships so that you and I can BE STILL AND KNOW how good HE is and how for us HE really is….

PS………I’m not living here and you should not either – I’m already planning my escape and writing my next word –  LEAVING THE PARKING LOT……..LOL – how about you?

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The Door of Doubt

Have you ever been doubted by a friend? No matter what you do – they doubt your every moved? One minute they tell you they are for you and the next they have so much unbelief towards you – you have to ask yourself why you became friends in the first place? Tough stuff when we have friends who just can’t seem to get it together for us huh? You feel loved one moment and unloved the next? You are not alone. You are in good company. Jesus lived in the midst of betrayal, was rejected and doubted by a friend.

Have you ever allowed yourself to be so close to another human being that you thought they knew you inside and out and then you find out later that they never knew you at all? As a matter of fact you are doubted by a friend who lived out life with you.



You are not alone.

So was Jesus.

I want to talk to you about the reality of living life and loving others until the very end – even when doubted by a friend. Picture Jesus – sitting with his friends at a feast, washing their feet, drinking with them, eating with them, conversing with them and loving them…until the end. Thomas is one that doubted Jesus – have you ever been doubted? Check out this short 3 minute video:

OR click this:


You can read about it yourself in John 12-13 – how Jesus chose not to be offended and how Jesus loved Thomas even though HE KNEW he doubted Him. UNOFFENDABLE!

Maybe you are in a relationship with someone you know doubts you and you know deep inside your gut that at this season of your life – you just want to walk away from them. BUT GOD. To your face – they love you and act as if they will be your friend forever and they believe in you and are for you but then they come out with a statement that throws you for a loop. What do you do with a friend like that? How on earth can you remain unoffended by their actions? What do you do when confronted with the door of doubt?

Can you love them anyway? Can you love them as if they will never hurt you? Can you serve them and honor them in the midst of them not being able to love you with the same love you give them? Can you in fact be unoffendable by their doubt?

This is what Jesus did and it is a hard thing you know – to love – to really love – not with lips but with actions that speak louder than words. It is possible as long as you love with HIS love and forgive with HIS heart and look through that person into the potential of who they will or can become. Otherwise you will have expectations that never are met. Am I saying trust them with your innermost thoughts? Probably not wise to trust one who doubts you that much – however you can love them with HIS love anyway. After all – why do we doubt others – it is because we lack within ourselves something…… confidence…..that rooting and grounding…..IN HIM that keeps us stable – and gives us the fortitude to believe in others. The enemy wants you to hate them. God says love instead. Even when doubted by a friend.

Jesus loved Thomas though Thomas even doubts HE was resurrected. Jesus meets Thomas right where he is and lets Thomas feel the nail print to PROVE it is HIM. Wow. This is how much Jesus loved Thomas.

Sometimes we must be BRAVE and see one another as we are and accept one another right where we are – with imperfections – with doubt – with unbelief. Be BOLD and look doubt in the eye and say though you do not trust me – I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. Have RESPECT for yourself and follow up on whatever it is they doubt you in – maybe they doubt you because you continue to fall through for them and maybe they have reason to doubt. WHOA. Imagine that. So, this time – take ACTION AND follow through and follow up and finish what you started and do the best you can do – not for them but for God.  Be VICTORIOUS over your weakness to feel rejected OR to not finish. ENCOURAGE yourself in the LORD because the bottom line is that they won’t be next to you when you stand in front of the Lord in that great day. So, let them be them and you be you and LOVE until the very end – even if they stand in the door of doubt.

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Who’s going to take care of me when I’m old?

Who's Going to Take care of me when I'm old?

Who's Going to Take care of me when I'm old?Who’s going to take care of me when I’m old? This has been ringing in my mind for years but today is loud in my heart as I carefully handle each worn earring and pendant. Readily I can see her flare for color, design and just down right fun. Our sister was quite something and the nearness of God in her life was awe inspiring. I miss her this day as I look into my garage at the few personal articles that remain after her move to heaven. Medical supplies from the hospital, health products from the nursing home, funky soft stuffed animals, blankets and some new and some old clothing, pictures and memories are what I have left. My household has been kind as I took up both sides of the garage blocking cars from using it as I look through containers. Today is a new day and I DID promise I would have one side of the garage clean and so it is….and my car still sits outside.

The Memorial

Recently, we held a memorial for my sister’s life. Our home church, The Encourager in Houston, TX,  very graciously opened their doors and we had about 75 in attendance to show us their support, hug our necks, listen to our stories and freely mingle with each of us and love us one at a time. We even had friends who drove from out of town and we were very very thankful and encouraged by their presence. Frankly, I was shocked by the folks that ventured out in the cold (here in Texas anything in the 40’s is cold) to bring a meal to share, a card to read and last but not least – a hug. The hugs were the best part of the day.

And Now There are Three

Old. It has a strange ring to it. I’m not sure what to think about it yet. My sister moving to heaven has stirred my heart and made the reality of our bodies inability to live forever very very real to me. Also, just last week, I heard of a woman in her mid forties who suddenly transitioned into the heavens. What do we do with this? Hard to wrap your mind around something so surreal. Then another long time friend contracted a bacteria that ate some of her body so much that gangrene set in and to the husband’s despair, the doctors gave her a zero percent survival rate. Shocking to them both as they had discussed his move to heaven one day due to his own maladies but never talked about hers. Miraculously, she is alive today and her move to her own house again is around the corner. However, her move comes with great adjustments because they had to remove parts of her body in order to allow her life to be preserved. She is learning how to walk, use her opposite hand and unsure of the future in her vocation.Who's Going to Take care of me when I'm old?

What do we do?

What on earth do we do when life takes a turn down an unexpected path? Spouse moves to heaven. Job ends. Sibling dies. Divorce comes to you. Best friend betrays you. Another friend turns away from God. What next? Who is going to take care of me? of her? of you? Interestingly, my friend whose life has been preserved gave me this scripture when we visited recently:

Psalm 73:28 – But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, That I may tell of all Thy works. NAS

The nearness of God…the nearness of God…the words echoed in my spirit as she told me how that one phrase – the nearness of God has been her Alma Mater for many many years. The nearness of God when we are young and the nearness of God when we are old.
HE will care for us my friend – HE is nearer than we understand – our Parent – our Friend – ultimately, HE will be our Caregiver whether we are young or old – HE cares for us. Through another warm individual – friend or family member – God will provide someone to be near to you. For some amazing reason which I do not understand, God allowed me to have the privilege to love my sister even to her last breath. Though it was a strange and fiery moment in time, I’m in awe how he did not allow her to be alone. HE knows our needs better than we know our needs. I would have never chosen me….but God did and so I encourage you to let God choose you for His assignments and let His nearness be your good. Then, you will find His refuge. Tell of His works. Let others know your availability and let His nearness in and through you be refuge for another. No – you cannot be at everyone’s beck and call but HE has a call for you and HE has a call for me and if we will listen and love and let Him have His way, we will invariably find ourselves in His nearness doing His good for those around us.

So we must all make a new decision to trust Him. Be BRAVE! HE has instilled courage into us. Be BOLD and step into relationship with God and with the community around you. Embrace a fresh RESPECT for yourself as you step into His nearness and refuge. Take ACTION this day to be VICTORIOUS over your past! Be ENCOURAGED for God is near – He will never leave you or forsake you from very young to very old. #BEBRAVE

Who is going to take care of me when I’m oldGod will take care of you and me because HE is faithful and so draw near to Him and let His nearness be your good and I will do the same.