Real and Raw

Motivated Monday – Life is not easy. Challenges. Hardships. Seasons. Memories. 

It’s life.





Yep. That’s life. So God did for us something that none of us deserves. He forgave us. Hard to grasp. We cling to hell as a tool of justice we feel everyone deserves except us…

If in the Houston Texas area we are speaking this month. Craig and I are gonna tell our personal story. Join us.

Love- d


Prisoner of Hope

John on the island of Patmos.

Banished. Forgotten? No way!

Alone? He had angel friends!!

I’m going to talk about John on January 29 and if you are in the Houston area, we would love to see you!! We will have this gathering in our home 1/29/16 @ 7pm in the Katy area.  See flyer to determine if it’s your cup of tea!!

Blessings- d