What if it’s you?

Winning Wednesday- it could be someone has wronged you and you are upset deep inside where no one can see it. Maybe it’s so deep you can’t see it. Maybe it’s you who have wronged another. Friend, remember that you have both been forgiven. #BEBRAVER and Agree with His mercy that triumphed over His judgement – and yours. Love-d 



Tenacious Tuesday’s – it’s a strong decision to not give up but to hold on like a dog to a bone. Refuse the voices of turn back.

Hold onto Truth for yourself and others.

Hold onto life and let death go.

Hold onto the door to the future while the past calls you back…

Stand firm.

Keep your resolve. Refuse to give up!

Don’t let unbelief become your friend. Keep moving and keep hoping,

Be watchful and focused and undistracted.

Break through into your tomorrow.

It will be worth it.

Until soon!


Expect Again

Tenacious Tuesday

Don’t be afraid to fail.Don’t be afraid to do well.

Believe again.

Expect again.

Go for it again!

Respect yourself again!

Every day is the day to rise again.

Love and believe in you!!!