Greatest Distraction

Super Saturday

Daily, we can easily ignore The Person Who cares for us the most. We busy ourselves with other activities. We avoid the quiet. We side step conviction. What are we thinking???? Yet, HE is The One Who can change the hearts and opinions. He needs to be our greatest distraction. Shift your gaze back to Him, let go of what you know is not the Kingdom or His righteousness. If you think what you have now is amazing – imagine what HE has in store?  Love, d


Shift Gears

Fearless Friday

Shift your gear and gaze.The new day break brings a necessary shift in priorities. Some things will move to the back and other matters will move to the front. Neglecting the health in your house must stop. Return to freshly dividing the Words from Him…knowing deep within what’s next..,shifting your gears and your gaze to bring order into order. Love-d