Simmer time

SIMMER TIME. Are you tired of being on the back of the stove? Have you been waiting for someone else to give you permission to live? It’s time. You’re ready. Take off your own lid. Taste your own soup. Add some salt if you need it. Get off the fearful burner and get moving. Maybe you NEEDED to simmer a while. But now go burn for the world to see His goodness. Simmer time is over and it’s time to eat.

Let The Junk Go

This is the thing. I needed to let the junk go! I thought I knew #forgiveness as an intimate #friend until I saw how unforgiving I had been – toward me. I had forgiven you with seemingly little effort. However, I was guilt ridden from having had trouble forgiving you in the first place! I continued to feel horribly trapped in my own complicated emotions. BUT GOD!! Listen whether you’re at #work, in #business, #womeninbusiness, a #businessowner, #fitness expert, #mom, #dad, #teacher or #gym rat, you can free yourself from the hurt and pain of condemnation. What a #revelation when I realized I was the problem! It was me – not you. So, I let me go from how I wronged you. I needed to love me too. Go ahead. Give yourself some #mercy and #grace. Let your own junk go and let the Joy flow.


It is the day to cut away what keeps you from being the very best you that you can be. Complaining is the strongest avenue of derailing you. This is the year to cut away complaints. Join me in cutting away complaining about you and others. Check out this video for details On how to reform you.

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Blessings and PEACE!!


Guard your insides 

Fearless Friday- what has been placed inside you? Honor? Healing? Abilities? Character? Kindness? Forgiveness?  Love? Let yourself be kept by God. #BEBRAVER and Guard yourself. Stay in agreement with His Spirit instead of your mindset. Love-d 


What if it’s you?

Winning Wednesday- it could be someone has wronged you and you are upset deep inside where no one can see it. Maybe it’s so deep you can’t see it. Maybe it’s you who have wronged another. Friend, remember that you have both been forgiven. #BEBRAVER and Agree with His mercy that triumphed over His judgement – and yours. Love-d 



Super Saturday- Your ease in forgiving others is the evidence that you have forgiven yourself. Love, d 


Divided Heart

Super Saturday-How is your mouth with those you hold dear? If tomorrow does not come with you and that person – how will you handle it? Will you be guilt ridden? Will you be filled with regret? Pain? Condemnation? If that is the case then you are a candidate for a new heart toward not just them but yourself and with God. Don’t go to sleep tonight without righting what has been wronged. Don’t allow yourself to have a divided heart toward yourself or others. EVEN if none of it is your fault.

Love, d 


No Not Ever

Motivated Monday -What happens when life happens and when it is all said and done, you realize looking back that you had a choice? What do YOU do when you realize you could have had control over your circumstance? You were wronged. Do you allow hatred for what occurred to consume your mind? You made the wrong choice. Do you allow what will never be to make you pessimistic? Choices. We live by them and we die by them.  You know what? Sometimes we have happy times and all is well, and we are on cloud nine. Other times we may have deep sorrow and unexplainable hardship. Perhaps we lose a loved one to cancer or pre-mature death? Perhaps a child dies, and it is so painful and confusing and we wonder how something of that nature could happen. Perhaps we stopped feeling anything so long ago that we don’t know how to feel at all. Let me just tell you that if you built up walls of defense, they will keep you from being loved and from being in pain. The twist is that whatever pain you have already experienced will also be trapped within those same walls …that pain will have no way to get out if it is never addressed. We cannot go back. That is so true. But, we can forgive ourselves for the past which has determined our today. We can let go of what has held us in a stand still place in order to allow ourselves to move forward. It is time to never go back…no not ever.

Until soon and much love,


 Forgiveness. Forever.

Tenacious Tuesday

Fearless. Forgiveness. Forever. There’s something to be said about a God Who forgives all your trespasses. Seriously. That’s LOVE. Why don’t you forgive you? Then, how about forgiving others? HE did…So, don’t let darkness keep you – it just creates sickness within you. You can’t live your real life with unforgiving ideas cooped up inside you – it affects your business, health, social life and more. Moving forward requires greater courage. Let it go. Love, d 



I'm MAD ©Donna Reiners

When I realized how much I had been duped, I was sad and then realized, I’M MAD.

Honestly, I do not get angry. It’s a very strange and odd occurrence, and because I’ve trained my heart consistently for over two decades to NOT go there –  imagine my surprise when it crept into me.

I want to encourage you – no matter how much your mind is renewed – you too can be enticed by an enemy to agree with a devilish characteristic and get sidetracked. There are three stages of offense.

First, there is iniquity – your eye latches onto a thought or idea or person and it multiplies and your need for it grows.
Second, there is what is referred to as sin – this is where you are enticed and you begin to “need” whatever it is your eye has latched onto and then all of a sudden it has grown so much that in your mind, you simply must have it. In other words, you think you will die without satisfying this strong urge.
Third, there is what is referred to as transgression. In the old covenant language you were told not to murder (outward action of an inward attitude) but in the new covenant language, Jesus made it clear that you are not even to hate (inward action only unseen by the natural eye.) In addition, old covenant said clearly not to commit adultery (an outward action) but in the new covenant, Jesus says not to lust (inward.) In other words…..that iniquity that was left unchecked moved into sin and then transgression because you ACTED upon it (you had murder in your heart and then you murdered…you had adultery in your heart and then you committed adultery.)

BUT New Covenant…it’s just the opposite – you get to keep your heart right so that you never commit murder OR adultery or…

WOW. You get it?

My anger – I had begun to justify its existence because of how the new testament teaches to be angry but to sin not and how Jesus had righteous anger….you mull that over and then decide its okay to have this “righteous anger”.

Guess what? It is NOT okay that I have any anger….because He makes it clear that our inward heart is as critical as our outward actions.

I want to encourage you today to get your heart right because in God’s eyes….it is as if you committed adultery, murder, whatever….through your thoughts….even if you have not done anything like it in your actions…


Jesus forgave all the way to where the problem began in you – in me and in everyone else on the planet – even those you think should know better.

Don’t get hooked by the very thing you see someone else hooked by…the LORD has taken the iniquity – the beginning of your sin…that turned into transgression – HE has taken this iniquity upon HIMSELF and we are all forgiven.

Listen, I have eyes that see and ears that hear and I’ve been forgiven. The ones I’m angry with don’t have eyes that see their actions as sin and they don’t have ears to hear that their action is sin. So, because I CAN see and because I CAN hear, I am responsible to keep my heart right regardless. You NOR I can allow ourselves to say yes to unrighteousness in our hearts even if we think its a righteous perspective.

Pray with me. I forgive. I let it go. I change my mind and come out of agreement of this hook that tells me it is okay to be angry at anyone for doing anything. I’ve been forgiven. They have been forgiven. I refuse to partner with unforgiveness and refuse to justify any heart attitude that leads me into holding onto my anger. Instead, I’m MADMOVING AFTER DAD. As an act of my will and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I choose His way and not my way. Let it be.


Until next time…and forward to anyone you might feel needs to get MAD.

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