Changing my Focus

Braver Wednesday – it’s not as easy as thinking that whatever you think you will get. But what if what you are thinking in the negative will never come to pass? Then you wasted all that precious time thinking dreary dead filled thoughts. Let’s change our focus. Let’s expect something different. Let’s hope for more. Let’s enjoy where we are while on the way to where we are going. Love, D

Prisoner of Hope

John on the island of Patmos.

Banished. Forgotten? No way!

Alone? He had angel friends!!

I’m going to talk about John on January 29 and if you are in the Houston area, we would love to see you!! We will have this gathering in our home 1/29/16 @ 7pm in the Katy area.  See flyer to determine if it’s your cup of tea!!

Blessings- d 


Be Hope

Fearless Friday-Let’s continually surround those we love with our time and effort. Let’s speak to one another our sincere love and appreciation and encourage one another when it is still today to not just give hope but be hope….for a brighter, heavenly…tomorrow whether we are still here on this planet earth breathing breath or we step into heaven after taking our final one.  


Get Up!

Tenacious Tuesday

HOLD ON TO HOPE!!!! This is a word for somebody!!!!! Don’t give up!! Hold onto confidence. Grip expectation. Don’t turn back and don’t look down. Instead, GET UP!!!!  


Ladder of Success 

Truth is that it gets dark sometimes. What do I mean? You’re not sure. It could be hazy. You think you know but along the way you wonder. Listen, just because you have to face the dark doesn’t mean you are not on the right track. There will be light again. Don’t give up my friend, it may be right around the bend. Let the fear go. Your God is in the know. One other possibility is that – maybe – just maybe – you need to turn the light switch on? Or use an app on your phone? Do what you gotta do to be focused as you move forward. See you – out there – I’ll leave the light on for you- love, d 

Expect Again

Tenacious Tuesday

Don’t be afraid to fail.Don’t be afraid to do well.

Believe again.

Expect again.

Go for it again!

Respect yourself again!

Every day is the day to rise again.

Love and believe in you!!!


Crawl Up One More Stair

Motivating Monday

Seriously??!! You want to give up now???? When it took you all that time just to get to the stairs??? YOU CANT GIVE UP NOW!!! You have come wayyyyyy too far!!! Not an option! Say it with me. Turning back is not an option!! If I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. But I’m not quitting. Not today. See you – on the stairway of fulfilling your dream. One step at a time my friend. #momblogger #determined #business 


Pick Up Hope

When Hope is removed, confidence and expectation are removed. Pick up HOPE again. Let HOPE reacquaint you with living. There are still promises left to come forth.stand to your feet! Breathe again! Live again! Love again! Open up your blinds. Go check your mail. Call someone up to say hello. Write yourself an an encouraging  note. Tell yourself that you ARE going to be okay and that you are passing through not standing still.

Get out of giving up and HOPE AGAIN!! Be confident again!Give birth to trust and watch your promises come forth!

TRUST AGAIN! I love you @donnareiners @bravetobraver



HOPE is another word for confident expectation. Be BOLD FRIEND. Dare to hope again. Dare to NOT GIVE UP. Dare to move forward when your emotions say no I won’t go. Dare to step into tomorrow when all logic says you’re foolish. Dare to trust when all the thoughts inside say you are crazy. HOPE. Confidence. Expectation. Go there. Today. You are not alone. Be BRAVER and I’ll see you out there – in the kingdom – on top of the mountain.Forward to a friend who needs to hope again.

Love, Donna Reiners  
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Fire in the Sky

I watched the fire break through the dark expanse in the sky. Black turned to blue as the backdrop for the red orange sight that licked the heavy clouds this morning. First I mindlessly glanced as I drove. Then, I glanced again with more awareness. Was something happening? I felt an unexpected nudge. From heaven? Then, I paid closer attention and allowed myself to watch. Clearly, I was being taken. I gave way to curiosity and then fascination kept me as I felt myself wondering what would happen next?? Was this hope? Expectancy? I remember hosting years of private trust. I remember years of training myself to look at life through the eyes of hope and expectancy. Then something came to dismantle not just my faith but me. It was a slow turn. It was so slow that I did not notice that I was being cooked like a frog in water. My heart had been massaged by a comforting but unforgiving darkness in the lukewarm temperature and now boiling water threatened my existence. How on earth did I get here? I watched fire completely consume the sky. I watched it overcome the clouds. I watched the fire take command and break up the dark dreary sky. Don’t get me wrong – even the dark clouds had had a certain mesmerizing power but it was nothing compared to this all powerful brilliant flame that took the sky and turned into a fiery glassy sky-sea – almost like blown glass of blue and pink and orange and red bubbles. It’s time to break through your clouds. Listen, this is the day you and I have been given. Perhaps today is your day to make a new decision. Maybe you will allow yourself to glance again…to hope again…to trust again…to Love… Maybe you will make your own light in the darkness. If you can’t look into the eyes of fire, then gather your strength and throw off the clothes of discouragement, despair and hopelessness. I’ll see you out there …living again.,,in the kingdom.. #bebraver #lightson #loveyourcity, #instaquote #quoteoftheday #mentalhealth #devotions #faithblogger #proverbs31 #proverbs31ministries #truthfortoday #truth #blogger #philosophy #positivity #possibility #spirituality

Bless you!

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