Special treasure

You are a special treasure!

Your smile is amazing.

Your eyes pop in that color.

You are doing sooooo good!!

I’m so proud of you.

You are valuable.

You are chosen.

You are on purpose.

You matter.

Your life counts.

I’m glad you’re alive.

I’m thankful to be with you.

You are a breath of beauty.

You are strong.

You are lovely.

Your smile is contagious.

You changed my life.

Your words encourage.

You have great taste.

You are worth it.

You are a special treasure.

Wow! Look at you! Be strengthened friend. You do matter. You do have value. You do count. I’m happy to see you.

Now, look in a mirror and tell yourself ALL of that! Then, do it again but slowly with strong intention – look yourself in the eye with gratitude for you.

Then look the person with you in the eye and say all of the same to them.

Does not take long.

Love yourself. Love others. Share with friends. Tag/Encourage someone today.


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Kindness Matters

Do know to be KIND to you??



Be Strengthened with KINDNESS for yourself!

Not About You

Wow Wednesday-Sometimes people hurt and their pain is revealed through their treatment of you. Just be kind.

Click to watch NOT ABOUT YOU

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Have a blessed day!



Forgiving is Afoot

Fearless Friday

Forgiving is a choice and rarely a feel good feeling especially when betrayal or dishonor was afoot. All I can say is that Jesus offered a new and better way. If He forgives from the cross – surely we are empowered to forgive after resurrection. Holy Spirit lead us into truth – we choose to follow you into resurrection with others and with ourselves.be fearless and love others and yourself by forgiving. While you forgive say with me- I choose to  be patient and kind with me too. Love-d 

A Memory

A Memory

20150216-NDIP10050I’m with my sister today…and we sat together to play a Scrabble game online and make a memory.

My precious Boo was a wordsmith among wordsmiths at one time. Now, she is good to find a simple one syllable word. It is humbling to sit next to her knowing you are making a memory with her…no…it is not exciting or seemingly challenging but it IS time with her which is precious to me and more exciting and more inviting than watching a program on TV or even playing on social media. Also it was humbling as we both struggled to make words out of the many letters presented to us…Only a little over a year ago our oldest sister moved to heaven. It was hard to imagine not having her to visit and now it is a reality and a memory.

Here I sit next to another sister who was and still is one of my biggest supporters in life and ministry. Our own frailty is clear and our short time on the planet is also just as clear. I just want to encourage you today to look around you – smile that smile – say that kind word – write that encouraging note – say that difficult thank you. One never knows when our own last day will arrive and I can tell you – it is better to have no regrets than to wish you had….and if there is such a thing as a face to face with Jesus….wouldn’t it be better to face Him after a moment of kindness than avoidance of making a memory? SELAH (Think about it.)

Until next time – #BeBraver Be Kind – Be Loving – Be good to eat ….and make a memory.

Here is a video pertinent to the topic – hope you enjoy this short excerpt from  my life: