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Special treasure

You are a special treasure!

Your smile is amazing.

Your eyes pop in that color.

You are doing sooooo good!!

I’m so proud of you.

You are valuable.

You are chosen.

You are on purpose.

You matter.

Your life counts.

I’m glad you’re alive.

I’m thankful to be with you.

You are a breath of beauty.

You are strong.

You are lovely.

Your smile is contagious.

You changed my life.

Your words encourage.

You have great taste.

You are worth it.

You are a special treasure.

Wow! Look at you! Be strengthened friend. You do matter. You do have value. You do count. I’m happy to see you.

Now, look in a mirror and tell yourself ALL of that! Then, do it again but slowly with strong intention – look yourself in the eye with gratitude for you.

Then look the person with you in the eye and say all of the same to them.

Does not take long.

Love yourself. Love others. Share with friends. Tag/Encourage someone today.


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HOPE is another word for confident expectation. Be BOLD FRIEND. Dare to hope again. Dare to NOT GIVE UP. Dare to move forward when your emotions say no I won’t go. Dare to step into tomorrow when all logic says you’re foolish. Dare to trust when all the thoughts inside say you are crazy. HOPE. Confidence. Expectation. Go there. Today. You are not alone. Be BRAVER and I’ll see you out there – in the kingdom – on top of the mountain.Forward to a friend who needs to hope again.

Love, Donna Reiners  
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Ability to Be Still

Ability to be still with Donna ReinersSupport comes and goes so it is important we know how to walk out life without any crutches. Sometimes we need to get quiet and hear our own hearts beat and our own lungs breathe. Being still and quiet with zero distractions to consider life is a good thing. Am I saying do not have friends – absolutely not – I can count how many I have on one hand and I’m thankful for them. However friends cannot fill you up and give you substance. The days have arrived when we must grab hold of the courage to like ourselves just like we are WHILE GOD IS changing us into His likeness. Therefore, be BOLD and let yourself become still – even if its only for 5 minutes a day at first. Then, show yourself RESPECT and remind yourself of His dying value and HIS amazing RESURRECTION for you. Take ACTION and don’t allow the quiet to scare you away. Be VICTORIOUS and move away from past fears into current BRAVERY! Finally, ENCOURAGE yourself and see what God does in your life! As BRAVERY becomes a lifestyle, perhaps our choices will reflect it. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I bravely find myself more often than not, responding to the Ability to be Still with a simple yes and I stop, breathe and thank God I can say yes and stop and breathe.

Until soon – share with a friend –

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She is THAT Mom!

She's That Mom ©Donna ReinersI know a mom I want to talk about today. If you are a mom, then maybe this is you? I mean, she is THAT Mom.

There is a short video at the end!

I see her frequently. I notice she is tireless yet tired. Truthfully, she is exhausted. She is never sick though exposed to sickness all the time – after all – her little darlings are all carriers of the germ kind – cute but germ carrying children. Actually, this mom does get sick but you rarely know it because she is not really allowed to be sick. She goes NOT get sick days!! I have decided she is like a super hero.  Think about it. She is the go to Mama! She rescues the entire family! No one even thinks once that Mama could get sick. NOPE. AND if she IS sick…no one really notices because the clothes still get washed, the dinner still gets cooked, the children still get bathed, the house still gets cleaned and the groceries still get purchased. Did I mention that “she’s that mom” also works full time? In addition, Moms are like God because Mom’s can’t be in bad moods. Seriously, who understands when Mom is in a bad mood? Really. How can you be in a bad mood when that precious one just challenged every single bone in your body? In addition, you have this little thing called time alone. Wait? What is that? Why on earth would any Mom want time away? That precocious little adorable baby is her joy and surely she wants to know every single solitary step of his life from the moment he wakes to the moment he sleeps! The reason she lives! The reason she gets up every single morning. Precious one is her sunshine. Yes. Right. No one gets if she needs some time alone because everyone knows that you can talk to Mom 24/7 without stop and without fail. Even in the bathroom, you can see little fingers crawling underneath the door crying Mama Mama Mama. The reason I think this is like God is because we talk to God all the time with rarely thinking maybe God might have something on His mind to share with us. On Mother’s day, where most would understand it is a day to give the mom the day off…little ones came up to this mom and said they wanted something to eat and although she replied but it’s Mother’s Day….the little boy responded with YES and you’re the MOTHER!! I have a shout out to ALL the moms today who weathered children….or are still weathering them…I congratulate you! OR if you have had the courage to love parents or grandparents in their older years when they become more like children (where you have to clean up after them after meals or change their diapers or help them walk without falling down) then – I put you all in the category of She is THAT Mom!.

PS this could be written about THAT DAD TOO. Just stop and thank God for whoever is this person in your life or WAS that person in your life. If you are alone and feel unwanted or unthanked then YOU thank God for you!! Bless you friend – you are important! You are significant! Special!

I realize many of my readers are single or have no children or have never been a parent – please just appreciate the woman mentioned…have a blessed day!

Until next time my friend – follow me for weekly encouragement!

A short video to encourage you to KEEP HOLDING ON!!



BeBraver ©Donna Reiners

Want to Die?

Want to Die? ©Donna ReinersYou have been on my heart for a long time. I have thought of you often and asked for you to be protected. I do not personally know you but sense you are miserable and have thought of ending your life. My question is, “Do you want to die?”

Somewhere along the line you decided God abandoned you. Love abandoned you. You want help but are terrified say or do anything about it. You don’t know who you can trust. Although you try to hide it – you see the pain each time you look yourself in the mirror. You are not sure how to handle your feelings. On one hand, you feel so exhausted that death is a welcome thought. On the other hand, you want life but feel you need someone to teach you how to live. You may not be able to tell the truth from lies. It might help if someone could help you make decisions….and kind of point you into the right direction. However, it is a wicked mess when  you think no one cares about you because after a while you convince yourself you have decided you no longer care as well. I know you wish you could stop feeling so hopeless, but it is not that simple, is it when you decide you want to die.

First, I just want to say that you do not have to give up. Second, I want to say that everything can be all right.  I would have said will be all right but some of it is up to you. Third, you need to really know that it is okay to have a desire to live. Perhaps you think no one will take time for you. Regardless of how you feel, you are important and someone will make the time. You are breathing and you have purpose you do NOT have to want to die.

Do you even know how to let someone into your private world? Do you even comprehend that you have purpose?

You may not comprehend what God is all about, but He still did what HE did for you. Although you feel you have no reason to live, HE has a reason for you to live. God Himself has a plan for your life. There is still time to find out what it is that HE has for you…even if it is one step at a time and one breath at a time.

Today, I realize we are all here to help one another live out our purpose. I remember a time when I thought about death. All the time. I never put a a razor to my arm or a rope around my neck but I felt alone and I felt desperate. Inside me, I felt like I needed someone to talk to and needed to know someone on the earth cared about me. I needed guidance in a practical way in order to live in the day to day world. I felt so needy. Helpless. Hopeless. It was humbling and I hated it. However, I decided I wanted to live and asked for help. It was not enough to hint that I needed help – some folks miss those cues. I had to be straight forward and to the point. Even then, it took some time but I did receive the guidance I needed to make a new decision and get up on my feet.

I am still learning how to live this life God gave me. It is a challenge but it is clear I have purpose and so do you.

Listen, you must give God opportunity to fulfill your potential. You do not have to continue to live out the lies of your mind. Allow someone to show you how to live in such a way that your feelings do not overwhelm you. It will require a new decision on your part but you can learn how to NOT want to die.

There is a part in the book that says, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Today, decide not to make decisions based on your emotions. I’m sure you agree with me that feelings come and go and can lie. The Father of all of creation does not lie. Trust the process of turning to LIFE as you decide to NOT want to die. Say it with me – I choose life.

Until soon,