There was a time

IF you can relate – respond with I GET IT! There was a time many years ago when I would not sleep for #fear I would wake up dead.

There was a time many years ago when I blamed #sickness on disease.

There was a time many years ago when I refused relationships for fear that person (whether a man for love or a woman for a friendship) would die and leave me alone.

There was a time many years ago when I agreed with doctors who said I would not live past 30.

There was a time many years ago when I agreed I would die like my mom (Who died when she was 57 and I was 18)

There was a time many years ago when I felt you would not love me if you really got to ‘see’ me.

There was a time when I thought I would disappear into depression.

There was a time when I gave up and wanted to die.There was a time…

There was a time…There was a time…But God.I said, “But God.”Yes, it sometimes required a #fight to survive or just to continue living on this side of the planet.

Yes, it sometimes required my will overriding overwhelming #emotions filled with #darkness and #despair.

Yes, it sometimes required me contending for life I could not yet see. What about you? Maybe you have not had emotional struggles but I certainly did and I bet you know someone who does struggle with severe mood swings or strong conflicts.

But God.I said, “But God.”So, my #friend if you have read until the end, I want you to know that overcoming that which wants to overcome you is worth it.

Knowing That One Who overcame the world and lives inside of you and lives inside of me is worth it.And I’d do it again.

You – don’t you give up and don’t you turn back and don’t you give in to those #death filled thoughts and ideas.

Choose life because Life chose you and you were and are worth choosing.

BUT #God and do I GET IT!! If you know someone struggling to choose life, remind them that life chose them. Feel free to forward or share.



And if nobody has said they love love you today… And remember what Craig says when I feel blue or upset or when I am wondering if I can handle the pressure or pain of the moment – “Tomorrow, the sun will com up and it will be okay and you are okay.”I love you so keep on loving and living.. Donna Reiners

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Death in Disguise

The struggle with thoughts of #death disguised as #grief is real. Turn your thoughts to life even if it’s one inch at a time… it’s possible for light to turn on in a #dark place. Give yourself permission to live. Love-d

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You ever get hit with thoughts that make you crazy? You wonder if it’s you? People around you? You are talking to yourself and answering too? What if it’s not you at all? Check out my short teaching video from my Facebook page –


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PARANOIA – The Power of A Feeling with Donna Reiners

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Donna Reiners – Emotions Coach

Power of Intention

I want to talk about the power of intention. Taking hold of your thoughts… Capturing your thoughts… It’s done intentionally. It is not a random act of kindness. It is an intentional action on the inside of you that captures an ill willed thought and stops it from moving out of you into the space of another human being. If you find yourself entertaining a thought or an idea or an out right curse toward another person… Stop and reconsider. Picture yourself snatching it up with your hands … and throwing it into a trashcan. Cancel that thought. Look at that thought in your mind and put a great big X Mark on top of it. Canceled. Denied. Reject that thought from living inside of you and cancel that thought from going after another person so that it lives inside of them. Intention is powerful. Let’s be intentionally kind toward ourselves and toward others. Love, d #christianity #prayer #splankna #selfhelp #bebraver

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Donna Reiners