New Steps

Motivated Monday – Muster up your strength today! Don’t turn back! Don’t give in! Don’t turn around! Move forward. Take a new step and see where God puts your foot down.

Love, d 


Start Again

Motivating Monday

START AGAIN. One more time. Today. Yet again. If you don’t quit…you win.Whether it’s the gym, a project at work or home, a failed relationship, a messy car that needs cleaning, a change in eating- whatever it is – let today be the motivation you need to get back on it. Don’t be afraid. Start again. Pick up your courage and start again. The mercies are new for you. I’ll see you -out there – again. Love, d


STEP in the Water

Motivated Monday

Step in the water. Quit looking at the water. Quit testing the temperature. Quit watching for someone to go with you. STEP INTO THE WATER. Don’t look back. Bring your own peace. Govern. Rule. Be the solution. If you wait for someone else to bring the peace you need then you may wait a lifetime. Stop waiting. Start moving. Trust yourself to trust again. Trust God. Not man. Scale the city. Be the answer!! You got this!