No premature end

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Scars run deep

Braver Saturday -Time may heal but scars run deep. I know a family. The woman told God that their relationship was going on the back burner. That she would pick up her relationship with Him later. The results? Marriage ripped apart. Families and friends ripped apart. Divorce. Is it all fine now? Sure. Time may heal but scars run deep. Sometimes wrecking your own and other people’s lives is avoidable. If we just listen and obey. Be righteous even when it hurts. Even when you are so deep into it that you feel there is no way out. Cry out to Father. He has the solutions. HE has not left you. If you are in rebellion and you still hear His voice then I encourage you to not take advantage of the grace but tune into His righteousness and let him lead you. Who knows? Maybe He has a different or better plan? A byproduct of relationship with Father is you want to please Him. In this place called Grace, is there still obedience? Did Jesus obey so that we did not have to??? Is that really the grace Father has for His children? To do the wrong thing on purpose is still called rebellion even in grace. Kinda like a little kid who is asked to make their bed by their parents. Perhaps disobedience is at times just immaturity? Father has no condemnation but He does have correction that brings direction. Thoughts? Love-d #moms #marriage #church #jesus #death #life #professional #fit #blogger #faith #blog #instablog

Donna Reiners


My Way or the Highway Donna Reiners


My dad grew up knowing nothing but fear, intimidation, lack and limitations. His mom had been married – wait for it – 9 times. When he was a boy, if he left with 3 bullets and a gun – he better bring back a rabbit for each bullet missing and of course….the gun. He could have been on that show Survivor! He joined the Army when he was like 14 or something???? Then, he was found out and kicked out a couple years later. Keep in mind, these were the days of Great Depression. If you don’t know what that is – then just know it was a time of fear, intimidation, lack and limitations. There was little food to be found. There was a lack of jobs. Folks were fearful of not having enough. Then, Dad joined the Navy at I think 16 but was not found out and remained serving 30 years.  His desire to work and eat and support a family found him in WWII, Korean War and some other unnamed wars in other countries nobody could talk about.  Why am I sharing about my dad? Because many of us grew up under the arms of parents from this era – the my way or the highway survivors.

As a kid, when we went to the commissary, it was for a whole bunch of food because it was all my parents knew….lack…They were survivors doing the best they could to live out life the only way they knew how…They are no different than us – we live out as best we can…learning from the mistakes of our parents and hoping we can learn a better way for our kids. YET….who our parents are is part of what makes us up…and in many ways…that’s not so bad is it??

If you look hard enough you can always find something negative. I’m convinced if we will look past what we think is so wrong or wretched about our past, we can find something good. Today, find something good in how you grew up – Be Jesus with your past and look PAST the bad ugly and look into the potential of who they could have been had they been loved properly. Now, look at how you could be if you will LOVE properly. God is good…be more than a survivor…thrive my friend….in LOVE and see if you don’t find out life is better than you thought as you become more than just survivors..

Until next time,